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Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 70 000 ₦

Good afternoon! I’m divorced from my husband. I am raising a one-year-old son alone. Sometimes it can be difficult, but I have no one to seek support and help. I madly love to cook and Long dream to open a stall with doughnuts “as before” were…not with American donuts…but exactly the Soviet classics, hot, crispy, in icing sugar. There used to be such a stall in our city at the railway station and huge queues would gather for these doughnuts. But now we don’t have such an institution, and having conducted a survey among residents, I became convinced that people miss those warm memories…and not the station shawarma and pies with “kittens”))) I will be glad if you agree to help me a little in this matter! Access Bank card is attached to the phone number. Thank you to every person who cares!

We need to 400 000 ₦

My name is Sima. 1988.
A week ago I was put in hospital with a diagnosis of tuberculosis, the treatment is long, unfortunately I will not get out of here before 6 months. I have a minor epileptic child, she needs examination and treatment, but I can’t do anything, I also have debts, I don’t know where to get money. My parents are elderly, retired. please help me??? my phone number is +79267833165 and my card is on it??? I beg you.

We need to 80 000 ₦

Good afternoon, I ask for help to repair the annex, it so happens that my son and I live alone and I do not have the opportunity to close the cracks that have formed, it is very scary, because at any moment we can just pile up, and we will not be able to leave the house, thank you all who will help, with respect Olga and Dima card number 2200770419927274.

We need to 600 000 ₦

Hello. I am writing from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Ebya village. I am sorry for taking up your time, although you may not read this letter. I’m just very tired of carrying the whole family… my mother has taken a lot of loans, and today I found out that she sent money borrowed from people to fraudsters. I am in despair… I don’t know what to do? I have a growing son, he is 5 years old, my husband was in prison, my father doesn’t work officially, he tries to make money by bringing water to the population and he is the only one who can do it. We are very afraid of father… and we don’t tell that our mum has loans because abusive man. Yesterday he broke his mum’s phone? It doesn’t get any easier. I try to work myself, + part-time if I have a job. I get 24,000 as I work on a contract. There is no social package, I have a lot of debts myself? I thought it would all work out, I went to study at TSU to get out of this hole, when I get a higher education?
Are you my last hope?
4276761117459335 My card number.

We need to 20 000 ₦

Hello, I have a difficult situation. I am a child without parental care, I was under guardianship until I was 18 years old. Everything was fine. My grandmother used to give me the money that the state paid her, i.e. her guardianship money. It was in an account. When I turned 18, I spent the entire amount from there to find my parents, moving all over Nigeria. I found them, my mum turned out to have two other children and they were barely making ends meet and my dad was suffering from alcoholism. Now I live with my mum and working, I give all the money to her. The other day I got a call from the guardian asking me to pay back the whole amount. Within three months. I have to pay it back because it’s rightfully her money. Mine was in a separate account and my grandmother spent it on me, providing all the receipts and papers to the guardian, that is all according to the law. Please help me! I can’t raise that much money. If you need confirmation of words, I am ready to send to the post all the documents that are available.

We need to 30 000 ₦

I’m iznayraB. I’m in a very difficult situation. Because of the debt on the loan can not normally exist. Money sometimes even on food is not enough. The amount of debt 2 300 $. Already began to come bailiffs and describe the furniture in the flat. Technics is already taken away and estimated in kopecks as it is not new.I have small children, I beg for help not indifferent people. Any sum will be grateful.Card number 6711 7700 1668 8181 asb belarksbank.

We need to 150 000 ₦

My computer is old. It lags, overheats, shuts down. It is very difficult to work on it/study/game/sit on the Internet. I’m studying at the institute myself and work part-time. I can’t skip pairs, on this salary about 5k, which does not allow to save. All the money goes on food and payment of travelling expenses, etc.
427655009813 sber

We need to 20 000 ₦

Hello, my name is Konstantin Viktorovich. I live in the town of Pestovo in the Novgorod region. We have a lot of talented and sporty children in our town, but they have nothing to transport them to competitions and excursions. I ask for help in buying a tourist bus to transport children to competitions and excursions in other towns of the Novgorod region. I can’t take a loan myself because the tourist bus is expensive and I can’t get such a sum as there is no security. I can’t take the bus on lease either because the bus must be no older than 10 years and there must be a firm with a turnover of not less than one million naira per month. Help our town so that the children can develop to their full potentials. Since our town is small and there are no big industries, the funding is poor. As I write this I am 50 years old and a driver with over 20 years experience in transporting people and children. And I could transport children myself. Help me in purchasing a tourist bus for a good cause. Thank you.

We need to 600 000 ₦

For a long time already dreaming of a synthesiser, even saved the necessary amount, but with the arrival of quarantine everything went wrong. I was evicted from the rented flat, problems with studies and part-time work began. Money began to be scarce and the accumulated amount had to be used.
If you have the opportunity to help, I ask you to do so. I’m trying to resurrect my dream a little, but so far not quite out.
I thank you in advance!
4274320055566122 card number, Access Bank Plc.

We need to 250 000 ₦

Hello everyone, there is a remote village in the Vologda region. Lives there grandmother Lyusya, a lonely old lady, lives in the village all year round, for the winter there are only 5 residential houses are left, the rest of the Danes until spring are dispersed. The house is old, but warm, we repaired the windows and the cooker. Grandma has a dream of a well and water in the house to not carry buckets. The sum of the question is 45’000rub. Until winter is not much left, we will organise everything and give a full report. Card 4693 9575 5435 1085 Thank you for your attention.

We need to 700 000 ₦

My name is Sophia, and yes, I am probably one of a million people who have tried to forgive money. Unfortunately, I have a lot now for a long time because of taking out loans for treatment for anorexia. And I can’t deal with it. I need about $16,000. I just realise that I will never make that money. Even though I’m trying really hard right now. In order not to be just a beggar, I want to draw you a picture, yes, it’s stupid, but it’s all I can give. I hope you will answer me. I don’t give up hope

We need to 50 000 ₦

Give money for nothing, I am a father of 6 children, 5 daughters and a son, help to collect four in school, on my salary oreste, and things have risen in price, I do not want my daughters to be worse than others, if anyone has such an opportunity, here is the number of my card 2200700107653221, thank you very much in advance for your help!

We need to 500 000 ₦

“I’m 29, have a wife and a daughter. I have never had to ask for help, but now I have to.

Income has dropped dramatically and my family is on the verge of bankruptcy. I took out a mortgage and a small loan. I had to sell my car to pay off my debts.

I tried to work part-time, but even this money is still not enough. I would be very happy to receive any help.

We need to 10 000 ₦

Hello, I am 32 weeks pregnant), I have an older daughter (16 years old, 9th grade) It so happened (if it matters) that I am left on the street, I have no one to turn to, and the state refuses, citing some nonsense. Since I am in a position, I can’t work, I can’t leave my child either, but I have nowhere even to bring him from the maternity hospital and nothing to feed him. I myself do not eat every day, sometimes even have to steal in the shop, that as something to feed my daughter and myself. Pregnancy is difficult, I do not know what to do, but I have to live, I have to raise my children. Please help me.

We need to 500 000 ₦

Hello.I have one of my children is disabled he needs a specialised drug.earlier our state provided.but now they do not want to for 3 months.a month requires 60000t.r.r.for this drug.the money has run out to buy now nothing.without the drug my child’s brain will be destroyed and he will turn into a vegetable! please help at least help for 1 month to prolong his normal life! 60000t.r card number 4276630015729471.pray for you I will.

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