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Gratuitous Financial Assistance to Kano

Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 200 000 ₦

Our organisation has been operating since 2014 and is the FIRST in Ulyanovsk to represent the interests of young people with mental disabilities who have reached adulthood. We have children with oligrophenia of varying degrees of severity, children with Down syndrome, autism and schizophrenia. The main goal of our organisation is complex rehabilitation on mastering the skills of independent living and self-care for people with mental peculiarities. Recently, the space of our Radius Centre has doubled! The Ministry of Family, Demographic Policy and Social Well-being of the Ulyanovsk region gave us additional premises. Unfortunately, they are in a dismal state and therefore we appeal to you. In order to launch the workrooms, which will house the Creative and Craft workshops, we need to carry out cosmetic repairs. In order to organise a major refurbishment of the sensory room and lounge area we need to remove and install flooring. We need to purchase wallpaper, paint, wallpaper glue, Armstrong ceiling tiles, plaster mix and plasterboard. Without your support, friends, we can’t do it!

We need to 40 000 ₦

Came to Abuja from Tajikistan. All my savings were stolen at the railway station, I have no acquaintances, no one can help me. While I am waiting for a transfer from relatives from my homeland, I need something to eat and drink.

I will get registered, officially get a job as a builder, I will have a normal salary, I will definitely get my money back. 2000 will save me for the first time.

We need to 900 000 ₦

My wife and I have been living together for 15 years…we have two children…but recently we have been living with relatives in a 2 room flat….. we with children in one room with two children…last 2 places of work did not give result…condition though in a noose to go…I do not drink…but bad luck here and all…… how to live further do not know.shame…to address.but a cry of the soul! if who will respond will be glad, even advice

We need to 200 000 ₦

Hello. Very much need financial help to repay loans and give debts to people. Caught on the scammers and left with nothing. As always wanted to earn, but it turned out as always. Took loans, borrowed from people, and now creditors call, all need money. And they’re right. I don’t refuse, but my pension isn’t enough. I can’t even pay for a rented flat, which means I could end up on the street. I’m asking for help, I can even pay a little every month. The amount needed is not small. Thank you in advance for your help.

We need to 50 000 ₦

Good day.I am in dire need of better housing conditions, I live with 2 children in a communal flat, in one room.Money from the sale of the room will not be enough to buy a one-room flat even with the account of 2007 0983 8054-card MIR,Access Bank Plc.Help, who can.Thanks in advance, good luck to all.

We need to 300 000 ₦

Good afternoon I want to share with you a little cat with a puffed up belly, well what to do took to myself on a rented flat went to the vet appointed pills and further surgery now I do not know what to do and leave can not and cure expensive help ? who can help ? who can do anything card Sber 5469 0700 1836 6217

We need to 700 000 ₦

Good day to all, my name is Anton, I am 20 years old, I moved to Lagos three months ago to attend university. I tried to start a small business, it failed, after that I got into a lot of trouble. I tried to start a small business, it failed and then I got caught in a scam where I left 30000. All the money was borrowed, now there is huge interest and threats of debt collectors. Total debt 60000, I am not looking for gratuitous help, I ask to borrow until the end of the summer 60 t.r, for the summer I can quietly return this money. In the meantime, in return I can help with various training, tk I am a master of sports in athletics. Thanks in advance! My email detkin45@ Access Bank Plc 4274 3200 4525 8368

We need to 10 000 ₦

Please do not without reimbursable assistance, got into an accident, thank God everyone is alive and well, the culprit myself and caused damage to two more motorists. Unfortunately, I am also with expired insurance. Now I need to pay a large sum of money to the injured motorists and to repair my car, as my work in construction is connected with cars. I can’t get a loan, they don’t give me a loan because I already have one. Maybe there are people who have the ability to lend for 6-8 months 300k naira. All proofs of the above written I can provide.

We need to 250 000 ₦

Good day! I ask for help, as I found myself in a difficult situation.My husband left me alone with a child, just went to the first grade.We live in a rented flat, my money is barely enough for food and travel formed a debt for rented flat, we can with a child to be on the street, please help, while the landlady entered into my situation and gave a delay for a month, that to pay the debt.Help please and God bless you. Card number 5469 0800 1058 5383

We need to 600 000 ₦

Good afternoon, got with the family in a very difficult situation. My husband was left without a job, there was nothing to pay on loans, got into debt and microloans, to close one took another and so on increasing. As a result, there were arrears to pay all the funds are categorically not enough. Banks call, collectors nightmare how to get out of this pit I do not understand! Please, if anyone has the opportunity to help please help!

We need to 400 000 ₦

Hello. My name is Anastasia, I am 23 years old, I bring up one daughter she will be 5 years old in summer. This year will go to school. Not married. I live in Kazakhstan in the village, I work. Salary here is small, I lack. I took a loan to buy some cattle, but in December my grandmother died, I had to sell everything urgently. Now there is no work until May, I have to pay the loan for April and May. Then I’ll get a job and I’ll slowly pay myself. I’ll save for my daughter’s school. It’s just hard for me now, winter, no job, no money. It’s hard for me alone, I’m not asking for mad money, I just need to pay the loan for two months and that’s all. I am a strong woman and not used to asking for help, always did everything myself, and for a woman and a man, just no way out now, had to. I would appreciate the help, maybe even be able to pay back a little later in the summer. Don’t pass it by, because even strong people need support sometimes. Caspi gold card number 4400430120315582 or phone number linked to the card 87783573643

We need to 100 000 ₦

Hello, I live in an old wooden house in the village, which I got from my grandmother. The house is very old (the foundation is cracked, the corridor is cracked and the roof leaks). I would very much like to repair it, but financially I do not bring out, because in the region there is no good work and salary is enough, you can say only for food, not to mention expensive building. materials. Please understand my situation and help financially, who can.

We need to 90 000 ₦

Hello, never asked for help, always all by myself on my shoulders, I do not know who will respond to my problem or not, but still … About six years ago, my dad got into a bad situation, from which the way out was only money, he did not give anywhere credit, I as a daughter, took a loan, it paid Daddy faithfully every month, then he was in an accident and could not pay, so the debt began to accumulate, the bank awarded me all the interest and penalties, at the moment I have arrested all the cards and accounts, to pay nothing, call threaten, well, I do not have the opportunity to pay and Daddy too, myself still not working t. K sit with a child at home, just want to give them this debt and be free, I hope not indifferent people will respond to my problem, I need 198500t.r.r, extra I do not need. Here is the card number 4276 1612 8256 5364 Anokhina O. Yu thank you and God bless you.

We need to 80 000 ₦

Hello, my name is Zarina, I have 4 children, all underage, I bring them up alone, it so happened that I have a debt on electricity after surgery could not work for 6 months, then one thing led to another, in general there was a debt of 315 thousand naira, in the house all on the light, and heating and water from the motor, all from the light. All my requests to Mosenergo to allow me to pay 10000rub for the old every month + new that will be burned I heard categorically no, the light was switched off, and immediately pay the whole amount I can not, I do not have such money, please help me.

We need to 500 000 ₦

I don’t know where to expect a miracle, at least here I will experience happiness.
I need any help now and I am turning to you and not only with the hope that at least someone can help me, I was fired from my job, diagnosed with diabetes and I have a loan that is choking me, there are many people close to me, but few people want to help me and the time is such that few people can. I am looking for help online and hoping that someone will respond and help me, I have a debt of 400 t.r., I am asking for some help to pay off at least something, I hope for your help and hope that someone else will respond to my call for help. I would be very grateful and appreciative for your help and I am ready to even work, please help me.
My Card number
Karimnayra Islamov
My nephew’s card, as mine are all blocked due to loans.
I really need any help now, please kind people help.

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