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Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 30 000 ₦

Hello, my name is Christina, I am 28 years old, I am raising three children (schoolchildren). It so happened that got into a debt hole and the amount with each month is growing, I work in the field of construction, always on business trips, children under the care of a nanny tk parents elderly people and the ability to help no. I have been working in the same place for 6 years, I lost my husband very early, when the youngest was 6 months old, there are no payments. The house is rented. Need money to close the debts and preobrestvoet their own home. Please help from those who are not indifferent. First City Monument Bank Limited 5536913942479383.

We need to 600 000 ₦

Good day who sees and reads these lines. ! Everything in this life has gone wrong, I am no longer young and strength is also not left, as I worked all my life, all sick, with hernias and head tumour, no finances to pass a full examination, tormented forever headaches. Drowned in debts on housing and utilities and loans. The debt is almost 400000 t, I live like on a powder keg. Pension arrested 50% remains 4740nairana life. I can’t work, my back hurts. Please, who can help me, come forward!!! I can provide all the documents from the bailiffs. I think there are still people who appreciate people of age, everyone has a mum, aunt and grandmother…. Thank you kind people.

We need to 10 000 ₦

Hello! Please help me in any way you can. Very much need help in buying winter shoes and down jacket for my son. I am a single mother, we live in a rented flat, money is enough only for rent, housing and utilities and food. My son now walks in last year’s clothes and shoes, but they look shabby, very embarrassing …. I will be glad to any help for my son! My card Access Bank Plc 639002319022511056

We need to 800 000 ₦

I am a Nigerian citizen. I live in Kano. At the time of the rallies in rb, I was fired for the reason that I went to rallies for the people, against violence. After my dismissal, all my properties were seized and I was charged a government debt of million naira. Please help me. I can provide proof of the debt. Card number 5536913978180749

We need to 900 000 ₦

Hello, urgently need your financial help! I have an initial stage of cataract of the left eye, if not to make operation and treatment I can go completely blind, as there is no right eye, please help with funds for the operation and treatment! I will be very grateful for your financial help! The sooner the operation and treatment is done the better it will be for my health, my eyes, otherwise it will be too late and I may go blind. I do not want to remain blind for life. I will be glad to any sum! Access Bank Plc 5228 6005 3030 0799

We need to 500 000 ₦

Help to get out of a difficult situation .My husband and I live in the village .There is nowhere to work is located 40 km from us .We have one pension of the husband for two, and the husband has 4 more loans .-pay correctly .I also have a loan 104 thousand to pay can not as I can not for 2 years as there is no work ., I went on sick leave and then resigned and health at 53 years old with 3 hernias do not find .Husband is disabled on ob.heart attack .As a result, I have i.p on the bills …. Help as you can, as you can Not enough money for medicine and food .In the shop and do not go at all no money .Well saves the vegetable garden but there is only potatoes and etc.Plot is not large arranged on the former swamp .Help please get out of this hell ..that- to live at least on something .Pension I will not see for a long time I am only 53 years old .Further starve no strength .Money can be sent – the card is linked to the phone number .With great respect to our saviour and long life .

We need to 150 000 ₦

I recently moved to the beautiful city of Sochi to start a new life. The beginning was wonderful, but then something went wrong. The whole problem is in me and I realise it very well, but I am not able to solve it on my own. I don’t want to burden anyone with my problems that live exclusively in my head, but I can’t go on like this. I’m tired. I want to move on and I need help with that. I’m not here to pick up “threads from the world”, I’m asking for more than that. Help me get out of the cocoon bound by my sick mind.

We need to 150 000 ₦

I ask you to help raise money for housing for a disabled person of the 2nd group, as he has nowhere to live. My son lives with me in 10 square metres where there is no heating, water, shower, toilet. In winter he freezes, as we heat with a heater, and we save money, because we pay half of our pension for electricity. And electricity is often cut off. 10 years ago, coming from the army, my son suffered an accident in their car, which after work was travelling home, drove a gazelle, and my son was sitting next to the driver, and the main blow came to him. Life was instantly cut short in an instant. As a result, intensive care, coma, skull treponation, crushed pelvis, and fractures of everything that could be broken. The doctors didn’t give a favourable prognosis. They said hang in there, we did everything we could. Hope for a miracle. Yes, a miracle happened, my son came out of the coma after 21 days, but remained disabled for life. He didn’t have time to earn a place to live. He was 25 years old. But nowadays housing is out of the question with his and my pension of 12000 each. Dear wealthy people! Please help him to live in warmth and comfort. Okay I am almost soon 70 years old and I will live in my room not in 10 squares, but my son wants to help. Therefore, I ask, very please enter our difficult situation, and help the sick boy in the acquisition of human conditions. With hope for your help and approval. Zhanna Viktorovna

We need to 500 000 ₦

Dear friends, a reminder that we have a new collection for our boys! We need to collect button phones. Maybe someone has some lying around at home with nothing to do, we will accept (with charger or without, but working!) For all questions contact Babayan Anna If you still have questions or can help financially here is my number (89957223077) Also there is a group VK where there are all the reports (if you need to call you can talk about everything) All the help we collect together with the Tver group of volunteers DOBRO69zv Let’s together help our defenders, together we are strength ? Za our ??? I believe that the world is not without good people.

We need to 60 000 ₦

Hello to all concerned people, I want to ask you to help me to spend gas heating.Firewood is very expensive now at 2200 for one cube.And my daughter and I need for the whole winter 16 cubes of birch wood.I am a single mother, I have a seven-year-old daughter, my daughter’s father left me as soon as he found out about the pregnancy. We have a house of not big squares, but very cold, goes a lot of firewood.For gas we only need to pay 1500-2000 thousand a month.I am on firewood just horror.Maybe someone can help us with my daughter, we will be very grateful and grateful.Card number 2202200986268165 sber.SU Julia.

We need to 70 000 ₦

Please help me, I am a single mother of four sons with many children, I am in a difficult situation with the mortgage I have no money to make a payment on the mortgage. I do not know what to do and where to turn. I am on maternity leave and at the moment I can not go to work child with no one to leave. I understand that if I can not pay, I and my four children will take away the flat because it is pledged to the bank.I very much ask you to consider my appeal all that is required I will provide. Please take pity on my sons I really need your help and compassion now. If necessary, I can even pay you back, but only when I can go to work. I don’t even have anyone to borrow from. Please help me very much please!!!!!

We need to 400 000 ₦

Good day, good man! That’s how … I found myself on the brink… Desperate, work does not bring the desired income , working in – ( loans, mortgage and family maintenance … I can’t get out any more. Please if anyone has the capacity to help me financially so that I can settle my debts and close small loans. Need 230,000 naira.

We need to 100 000 ₦

Hello. My name is Yuri, I worked as a janitor in a small town. Before this time, I did not know that in life everything can change so abruptly, everything was stable, I worked at my job, received my small salary and paid my loan for a room in the dormitory. Anyway, everything was normal. But it happened irreparable, the company where I worked closed. In our town, to find a job is a huge problem, no, I certainly immediately rushed to find a new job, but it is very difficult. And then my ex-wife got sick, but she had no one else to help her, so she turned to me. I helped her for a while, but in the end I ran out of money too. And then came the overdue loan. Please help those people who can do it, I really do not want to stay without my room on the street. It’s very hard to ask, but I guess I have to. Thank you, I will be glad for any help. My card number is 5599 0020 2270 8251. Sincerely, Yuri.

We need to 10 000 ₦

I dream of becoming a psychologist!
I am over 30, since 15 years old life was very difficult, I grew up a lonely child, I achieved everything myself and achieved a lot. Higher education, had my own business. Only in addition to the ups, in life there are also serious falls, and you can overnight lose everything that with great difficulty was earned, finding yourself at an even lower bottom with a huge minus. I have passed this way, having realised that everything was not in vain, I found myself, found my meaning of life! And I ask you to help….
I have a big goal in life. I want to become a psychologist and help people, and in the future to open my own, not big (for 3-5 people) rehabilitation centre. Need money for education (ready to provide details of the training centre, for payment),
Ready to work remotely, to return the debt!
Help me and I will help many and many others!
Thank you!

We need to 150 000 ₦

I have a very difficult and unpleasant situation. I’m out of work. I’m in debt. Credit card debts 740000 naira and debts to people 2000000 naira, totalling 2740000 naira. I can’t pay back such amounts at the moment and people and banks are demanding. My wife works for 15000 naira, I myself take on any kalim, but more than 20000 naira a month does not come out. I have two small children, one is six years old and the other is one and a half years old. Enough money only for food and utilities. Please do not remain indifferent to my situation. Help as much as you can.

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