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Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 900 000 ₦

It is very necessary to close the overdue loan in the amount of 460 thousand. I spent half a year in hospital due to illness, the bank simply refused to make any concessions, to give holidays, etc. Now, after the illness, it is hard to find a high-paying job to get rid of it. Collectors nightmare every day…. Really asking for any help possible. 4893 4704 0981 2994

We need to 700 000 ₦

It is embarrassing and ashamed to write, but no more nowhere and no one, in connection with the temporary absence of work, nabrala microzaymrv, and to give not by what, now I work all right, but the money to take nowhere, even 10 naira on the card is already help, as they say with the world ponitke. Thank you all in advance. Card number 4276160999817399

We need to 70 000 ₦

Please help with money or give a loan.

I am an ordinary guy, 19 years old, I study on the second year of power university on relay protection.I never thought that I will reach such a situation, but I have to.All my life I was an example for my parents: excellent student, sportsman, never let anyone down.But on the first year I tried to use the services of bookmakers.

We need to 60 000 ₦

I have a very tragic story as after a terrible road accident in which my husband was killed I was left confined to a wheelchair. Now the doctors are giving me hope of being able to walk again, but it takes a lot of investment. I have adult children who have already sold everything they can sell to get the surgery done, but the money is still not enough. I hope very much for your help and for people who are not indifferent to other people’s grief. Thank you very much in advance, who will help.

We need to 800 000 ₦

Hello! Caught in a difficult life situation!!! I live with my husband and 2 small children, it so happened that in July, the IE, where I worked, closed, and on a new job I could not get a job, as there is no possibility of children to drive to the garden and leave them to me with no one. My husband also at this time decided to stop travelling to earn money and started looking for a job closer to home, and all this dragged on for 4 months.So I had to get into debt to the MFI!!! My husband does not know about my debt, I am terribly afraid to tell him, he is a very strict person … I’m afraid will not understand, condemn and all other things. I thought I could pay with my children’s money, but they are not enough even for the interest, because there were arrears. I have already pawned my gold… The debt is growing, and I have nothing to pay with, I am already not sleeping at night, and days crying, my husband does not understand why?! All on hormones I write off, how to tell him I do not know, and will not help in any way, he will say: you took it yourself, you give it back yourself! I’m asking for help. 639 002 11 902 852 7639.

We need to 80 000 ₦

I am visually impaired, my wife is also an invalid. On a pension to buy housing is not possible we need only 1000000naira I appeal to the rich HELP. I do not just ask, but with a return, that is, you give 1 milion and I for 10 years at 10 t.r. ready to pay a month return you this milion. Hear me please HELP me.

We need to 150 000 ₦

Hello, we have a family of 5 people and I am asking you to help us to buy our own house, I have a disabled child, we live in a family house and we do not have enough money for anything, we can barely make ends meet and we cannot afford to pay for it, I would like to get a ruble each, please help us to fulfil our dream, please, PLEASE, thank you for your help, God bless you.

We need to 40 000 ₦

Hello! Due to hard physical work, my arm stopped working. I live in the Voronezh region, the city of Kalach, with my mother, I can not help her yet, there are loans.

Now I need injections, there will be an operation on the elbow joint. Please help to cure my arm, I will be immensely grateful to everyone who will respond.

We need to 600 000 ₦

Kind people, please help me somehow to return to a normal way of life, so that I could receive my salary and not run to the terminal and not to spend it all on interest, on loans, but to go and buy elementary fruit for my children. I found myself in a very difficult situation and all because I did not calculate my strength a little bit.

After the birth of the second child you need even more money, and after the birth of the second child you went into debt. We had not the easiest births and everything went from the maternity hospital. That’s how the debts started and it’s still there today. The cost is 200,000 naira.

We need to 70 000 ₦

“Good afternoon to all who are asking and helping!
I never thought I would type these lines into a search engine: “‘Ask for money…'” But it just so happens to be a reality…..
My story of why I am asking to help my family with money started 5 years ago. I will try to describe our problem in detail, since the rules of the site require it:
5 years ago, our family (me, my husband and my only son by that time 2004y.r.) decided to buy a cottage plot and build a house to be able to go somewhere for weekends, holidays, holidays from Abuja, because in the capital we live in a small flat with my husband’s parents, disabled pensioners, who live in a large room, and we in a small 12sq/m. The dream of having our own cosy nest was very appealing. At the same time, my husband and I both worked and received decent salaries. We decided, did it, bought it. We took 2 loans, one – on the plot 550000,00, the second – on the house 750000,00 (built “”Terem””). With a monthly payment on both loans 60000,00 per month. We were happy with everything. And then begins the whole further story, which led me here(.
Loans we took out 30.04.2015g., and 01.05.2015, literally the next day I was announced at work that the company in which I worked – bankrupt, and closes, and after the May holidays all employees are reduced. I immediately tried to find a job, but at half the pay. I had to live on something … At the same time, I gave myself an instruction to look for a better-paid job, so as not to drown in credit. A month later I found out I was pregnant for the second time. My husband said only one thing – we’re bankrupt! But we decided to go to the end, to continue to build our dacha, pouzhivat belts on the belt, etc. The search for a high-paying job immediately ended – we need to think about the upcoming labour and baby. In the end, I did not even go on maternity leave, and after the birth of my daughter, and the day after discharge, I immediately started my work, good thing I work remotely. All this time we continued to pay 60000.00 loan, + sometimes withdrew money from the credit card Access Bank Plc. It was not always possible to repay the debts on it, from which the interest increased. Sometimes payments per month could go up to 75000.00 in total. And here we coped, clenched our teeth, but pulled their burden, attached to the dacha, the thought of selling always chased away. I will immediately say – we bought a dacha in a quiet forested place, but without electricity in the whole SNT. And to this day there is no electricity there (looking ahead).
Difficulties began when my husband was laid off from work in October 2018. Money for loan repayments became abruptly non-existent. Debt built up for several months. We turned to friends who helped financially by lending 300000.00, secured against our beloved dacha. We paid the debt. At the same time, these same friends took my husband to their work, where he is still working today. His average salary at the moment is 25000 salary + interest from transactions. My salary is also 25000. In addition, I took over the management of our SNT and receive, as chairman 18000, but one-time 1 time a year. I am trying to conduct electricity in the SNT, so that even if we sell our dacha and end the series of loans, it is not for pennies. Without light, except for us “”fools”” no one will buy(
Further, that year there was a pandemic, my husband’s earnings sharply reduced only to a salary, because they banned to work, and on remote work was not possible to move, because the work is associated with travelling. And as for my remote work, I could for all this time to find a high-paying job and go to a decent income, but I have for 3.5 years (was a strong attachment to the child, could not stop) breastfeeding flew all the teeth. I can’t go anywhere with such a “smile”. It is necessary to treat almost every tooth, or rather to change it for some prosthetics and so on, and this at 37 years old(. It’s very expensive.
As a result, during the quarantine period from March to May we were unable to pay our 60000.00 and went into arrears again. Both banks cancelled their contracts with us. But we managed to get them reinstated. On one we even managed to restructure the debt, and we had just the last 3 months to pay. In the end, the debt of 100000,00 was extended for another 10 years, but with a payment of 1200. We sighed. The payment was reduced to 20000,00. We got an allowance in June as low-income people. We are not spenders, we spend money sparingly, children (son is now 16, daughter soon 5 years old) always try to buy necessary things, nutritious food.
But more or less stable situation did not last long. For all this time it was difficult for us to give the debt to friends, but they did not ask, seeing the real earnings of my husband, because they charged him. But 2 years passed, and today in an ultimatum spirit said that it would be time to give the debt, all and at once, 300000.00 until 15 November. And it is again necessary to take a loan. My husband will not be given a loan because he is on the bank’s black list. Whether they will give me a loan, it will be clear only next week. I am very scared that they may refuse me, as husband and wife – husband and wife are the same Satan. If the debt is not paid, my husband will be fired and our dacha will be taken away through the court. If he pays, he will continue to work for them, they will give him a part-time job. What to do? I just about one thought that what we have gained by hard work, sweat and blood, tears, cherished and arranged all these years – just all was in vain ….
I ask everyone who was able to read these lines to the end, help with money, words can not help here. Asking relatives – not an option, all long retired. My grandmother, the great-grandmother of my children is the only one who helps somehow with money, spoils her great-grandchildren as she can. If you need any proof that this story is true – I will provide it.
I want this “”terrible dream””, where we here and there owe everyone money finally ended. I just want to live and enjoy freedom. First of all from credits…
My card number: 4276 3801 0353 3308 Davydova Natalia.
Good luck to everyone!”

We need to 30 000 ₦

Good afternoon everyone!!! About a year ago I took out a loan for consumer purposes I worked for a large company! But in connection with the epidemic of a new coronovirus infection 40% of employees were reduced as remote work to translate not profitable to the enterprise and in these 40% got and me! At the moment I sit without work and the credit is already overdue and transferred to the bailiffs who by all means demand from me this money! All who can help will be very grateful I want to pay the debt and away from me! To all not indifferent who will understand and respond in advance thank you.

We need to 60 000 ₦

Good evening I appeal from despair we are a large family living in the Voronezh region Borisoglebsk got in a difficult life situation at my mother’s leg amputated her pension is not enough for medicines and nappies more disabled child and the family needs to feed my husband has health problems while not working now spring children need to buy things help please help

We need to 60 000 ₦

Hello, my name is Irina.Please help me from Kazakhstan, for expensive opiratsiya my baby, he is 7 months old cancerous tumour, such huge money I can not get the child alone my husband died a year ago.The cost of our opiratsiya 88 thousand dollars, your any help can save the life of my baby.Card 4405639772764203?????????????????

We need to 500 000 ₦

Hello, I have a very difficult situation in life, I work for 700 days in two, to invest in the repair of housing, to live nowhere, the flat in a terrible state, no light no water, the floors are dismantled, save on boards. Please help me with some money, for food, clothes, I do not ask for repairs. I just have no one to whom I could turn. I can provide all the evidence.

We need to 20 000 ₦

PLEASE HELP! We have no father in our family, everything was on his shoulders, now it has become very difficult! Mum has a loan ₽ Which I would like to help her close, but I have for everything ₽ Also he could not because of the disease to finish the repair in the bathroom and kitchen, there is a complete need to put tiles and make the ceiling, as well as the kitchen set to install!!!! I really hope for help to make my mum’s eyes sparkle with happiness again, even after such a loss, because they were married for 25 years, and it is very hard for her as well as for me and my brother to stay without the one, behind whom we were always really like a stone wall!

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