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Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 100 000 ₦

Hello everyone who is reading this, I really need money to pay for my sister’s education, I need 60 thousand, the rest I managed to earn. In general it was necessary 150 thousand. She is studying at KFU in Kazan. Please help me, I can’t earn more. Please, I’m begging you. I’m not cheating, it’s the truth. Please help whoever can.

We need to 10 000 ₦

Hello, help me buy my house, I am a mum of two children, the eldest is 4 years old the youngest is 1 year old. We tried with my husband to take a mortgage, banks refuse because of the small salary. My husband works alone and his salary is ridiculous at just 17000 naira. Because of the crisis, they started paying less salary, I used to work part-time, but I was made redundant. We live on a rented flat and pay 9000 naira for the flat. Help our family. We have maternity capital, but this money can not buy anything.

We need to 300 000 ₦

Hello. I realise that my problem is not a global scale, but still, it may work out. Here’s the thing: I have an auto loan and recently I was dismissed from work on reduction and it turned out so that the payments of any from the bosses I did not achieve. I’m getting deeper and deeper in debt. My wife is working, I am also looking for a job, grabbing for everything. Raising my daughter. I just need money to close my debts, and then I’ll try to cope.

We need to 10 000 ₦

Hello, my name is Venus. I am 42 years old, living in Abuja. I am a single mother. Forgive me for coming to you for help. I’m in a desperate situation. I am not a scammer, but a real person in a difficult situation. Alone bring up a child, alone pay for a rented flat for 8 years, always solved their problems myself, but now I do not know how to be. I wanted to take a mortgage on the flat, but you need a down payment, insurance, etc., and all this needs money. I work alone and of course I will not be able to raise such a large amount of money and plus I am very ill. I really hope for your help.
If you help us, I will pray for you. Do not remain indifferent, please help us in any way you can. My card number MIR RNKB 2200 0202 2186 4640.

We need to 800 000 ₦

Cheated at work, did not pay, feed tomorrow, a week overdue payment for rented accommodation, nowhere to borrow, and sell nothing, if you have the opportunity to help, thank you in advance no more hope, tomorrow if not given, kicked out on the street card is linked to the number Card is linked to the number of the phone Card is linked to the number of the phone Card is linked to the number of the phone sber.

We need to 300 000 ₦

Hello my name is Elia I want to turn to you for help, my husband has become disabled he refused to, cut legs himself can not move can not ride in a wheelchair, I work but receive pennies which are barely enough for food and medicine, we urgently need help please help please help, need money for treatment, we help no one, one hope for your help thank you.

We need to 300 000 ₦

Good afternoon, I am asking for financial assistance to close loans that were taken for a business idea that did not work out. My dream is to move to Sochi and start all over again without debts. At the moment I have not violated any of the obligations undertaken, but in a few days I have to pay the next payments, for which I just do not have money, in the next month I will not be able to pay for housing. All this has a strong impact on my general condition, constant stress, wastes a lot of energy and strength. Please help to get rid of this burden and realise my dream – moving to another city, in which I really want to live without debts, without stress and start to realise myself, to become happy. Thank you.

We need to 30 000 ₦

Good day, at the moment I am on the earnings in Nigeria, it so happened that I have not received my salary. I have two small children at home on the maintenance of my mum, a pensioner. But in the DNR (former Ukraine) the pension is very small. It is necessary to buy coal, firewood, food and clothes for the winter. On 2000t.r. this will not do. I will be very grateful. Card number 5336-6903-7858-3217

We need to 40 000 ₦

Hello. I ask for help in paying for a psychologist. My life situation has turned so that the closest person betrayed me. My world has collapsed and the depression won’t let go. My sleep is disturbed. No desire to eat. Unfortunately, I do not have the financial ability to pay myself a good specialist. If someone has the opportunity to help at least 2-3 sens, I will be very grateful.

We need to 150 000 ₦

Hello. My name is Roma. I won’t write that I’m ashamed or anything like that. I need help, I say at once not gratuitous, We will return everything. My spouse and I have a share in the flat, in which we do not live, (a long story, but if you want I can tell) and if briefly, we have a large family, four children. I took my spouse with three daughters and the fourth was born. We lived first in a flat where 2/3 m2 belongs to one of the daughters, and 1/3 Brother (Sergei) Spouse. We lived with my wife, children, my wife’s mother and her brother. The brother went to the army, came back and did not hurry to look for work, I and my wife worked. My wife’s mum is disabled and retired. I think to tell what it is to pull in our time family, and besides wife’s relatives, I think it is not necessary and so everyone understands, but we coped and not badly. But one day Sergei brought home a bride. (We lived in a 4-room khrushchevka. 54m2 8 people). Brother’s fiancée was the last straw, and had to move out on New Year’s Eve with the children to a rented flat, in it now and we live. Mum died a little over a year ago. in the flat all this time lived Sergei with a friend, and we in the rented and because all there are registered there had to pay the utilities, but unfortunately the funds were not enough to pay for the rented flat and utilities, so accumulated debts. Half a year ago we discussed with my wife’s brother the sale of the flat and since he has a smaller share, he put the condition that we split the money in half or he will not give his consent. There is nowhere to go agreed, and finally found buyers, but there is another problem money from the sale of the flat with the deduction of all debts is not enough to provide the child the same m2, the wife’s official salary is small and I work not officially engaged in repairs and construction, so we do not give mortgages and loans too. And if we do not take advantage of this opportunity now, the flat will continue to accumulate debts, and we pay for a rented flat. I see the return of the money with a small percentage because we are still paying for the lease of the car with a buyout and funds now in the lapping. And also it will be our first purchased home, so we will apply for a refund of 13% of the cost, and this amount will go to repay the debt. ( To be honest I don’t really know how to do all this so I’ll consider any options.)
If anyone has the opportunity. number vatsap +79834012643 .All photos and any interesting information will report with pleasure. Help please NEBEZVOZZZMEDNO.
Thank you in advance. Roman.

We need to 80 000 ₦

KAMCHATKA HELP НАМ‼️ Nikonova (Smischuk) Maria 1991 gr (30 years old) needs financial and prayer help from all kind-hearted. 25 Dec 2020 g was diagnosed with a gl.brain tumour astrocytoma 2st. operated in St. Petersburg. Lost sight in the right eye. Partial memory loss. After 3-4 months MRI showed a new tumour growth. We underwent a second operation. Histology diagnosed grade 3. In spring 2023 we underwent proton therapy in S-P. Started chemotherapy. 25 Oct 2021 MRI showed growth again. Nigerian medicine offers only repeated strong chemotherapy. Decided to continue treatment in Europe as Nigeria cannot help. We need money for treatment, accommodation, food, flight, examination, translator. It is more than 30000 € If you can help financially or support with prayers, our family will be grateful for any help. Reliable information can be found : 1) Chat in Watsap “Help Maria” 89098327575 2) Details of Maria’s parents 1. Card number. Access Bank Plc 4276 3600 1866 4935 LYUBOV NIKONOVA Mobile Bank 89098814725 2. Card number. Access Bank Plc 4274 3200 5516 6444 VIKTOR NIKONOV Mobile bank 89098907155.

We need to 20 000 ₦

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. My name is Ramil, previously never to anyone with this question did not address, just came a very difficult period. My mail is more than 10 years, as my number, which is always in touch. More than 15 years helped people (the elderly in the household and the disabled), keep and rehabilitate animals, both wild and “domestic” and this was previously done without anyone’s help. We maintain a shelter and for him bought an old house (on credit), also built my own house, in which I also keep usually animals on rehabilitation. (he also on credit) Last year I lost my income sharply and accumulated huge debts on payments and now I can stay without everything, in which I invested my strength and soul. I am for honesty, if you have a desire to help in any way, but there will be doubts, always in touch and will provide everything I can, if you need. I will not refuse any help, even moral. In any case, thank you very much, even if you read this message!!!!. I never thought I would do this, but it all came down to the fact that helping others, myself may be without a home and family. Thank you!

We need to 50 000 ₦

I want to go to the university very much I’m trying to find a job but I can’t get a job so I can’t get a schedule to fit my studies and I have problems with the phone I don’t want to take my parents to court because they have a lot of problems of their own Any help will help me For the phone repair 5000 For my studies I spent 26 days travelling to court and I managed to take consent for instalments to slowly and pay for the study but the problem is that for 1 semester I need 33000 but I have only for 1 payment and that 6000 help who can at least how much to close for 1 semester and further I hope that I myself can cope 2202206116439204 (sber)

We need to 60 000 ₦

Good afternoon . I live with my wife and two children in a one-room flat. The place as you understand is not enough. Mortgage approved, but for its receipt must pay many services, such as the contract of sale, legal review, etc. In addition, in connection with the change of work, formed though a small debt hole. Please very much your help

We need to 30 000 ₦

Hi all, the gist of it is as follows: I am an ordinary car mechanic I worked at official service everything was good for a long time I worked in the service and the company collapsed and it started a year there and then there and now I am struggling with what I can, because wherever I go 3m probation period for pennies and then you do not suit us during this time debts t 500000 I sold everything I could but the situation has not changed eternal calls of collectors depress me no strength my wife has left about 3 years ago on the last birthday barely scraped together a daughter for a new phone sdoba and no strength no kah already and what to do about it I do not know myself I am a simple man more than once I have been cheated and thrown for money but I am like naive trying to believe in people and I can give the last money and myself to stay without a penny but help someone else but the point is not that I want to live in peace yes to that I believe that there are still people who can help who can help what can help ? 4048 4150 0012 9268 is the card.

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