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Paying off loans and mortgages

Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 90 000 ₦

Hello! Please help., very in an unpleasant situation with my son 6 years, the father does not need found another I have no housing mother left me without a flat in 16 years, rent a place for seven thousand, garden 2500, loans 5000zaima call one 48t second 30t, please help!!!! I’m working as a nanny, 16t I’m receiving unreal, it’s like a curse, I’m hoping to get out of the house for the first time, please help, I’ve never asked anyone!!! Access Bank Plc 4276500034076172

We need to 900 000 ₦

I live in Krasnodar in a rented flat. I’m engaged in animal retention. Problems began with the spring of this year. Now I can not pay the debt on the flat 40000. The owner of the flat urgently requires payment for the position. I have nowhere to get this money. And to go please collect this amount. 4584432970727021 alfa bank

We need to 100 000 ₦

Caught in a difficult life situation had to turn to MFI, there was a failure in the work, one loan overlapped the other and here it is a dead end. Banks do not credit, despite the official income and white wages, because the micro loan is the first stop-factor. Do not ask gratuitously, just a loan for 3-4 months, of course for a fee….

We need to 10 000 ₦

Hello dear readers. My name is Natalia, I am 26 years old, I graduated from a children’s home, I have a special education, I work, rent a rented room, but the money is not enough for anything. I can not afford to dress beautifully or take something tasty to eat.
From the state I am entitled to housing, but it is not. I have already spent money on lawyers to me as soon as possible to get my 33 square metres. I won the court, but still no results. And I have to live somehow. I survive from penny to penny. And here to dress and shoes can say nothing Help please who can. I know that the world is not without good people.

We need to 700 000 ₦

Worked 2 months for an unscrupulous employer who has not yet paid anything. The court and labour inspection is a long and costainomnoe, in the end had to urgently leave for a new reliable job. Now on probation everything is normal, but the resources for food / travel is not left. I’m still a month away from payday. I’m very embarrassed but would still be incredibly happy for any support: 2202200633948912.

We need to 50 000 ₦

I ask for help…
There is a misfortune in our family…My aunt (Pogorelovskaya Lidia) has been diagnosed with breast cancer….. At this stage it is still possible to perform surgery and undergo treatment. Treatment should start within 2 weeks! The cost of treatment is 2,000,000 naira
But unfortunately, this amount is very big for our family and we have no way to raise it.
Please help us in any way you can! Every Naira is very important! To confirm the reliability of the information I provide documents. Also the information can be confirmed by phone: +79782159676 (Anastasia).
Money can be transferred to the card or by phone number:
CARD NUMBER – 4817 7602 2650 8681

We need to 150 000 ₦

Good afternoon. My name is Elena, I live in a small town in Oabujaoi region. It so happened that at work began to delay my salary constantly and had to get into the neighbourhood, I really ask you to help financially to close everything and that no one threatened me and my family, please, I need 100,000 naira for everything, I beg you.

We need to 250 000 ₦

A few years ago I had a nervous breakdown because of the loss of a close relative, since then I can not live and work normally, I had to stop treatment for lack of money. Yes and debts have accumulated, now to heap more and constant calls and letters with demands to repay the debt(((( The amount is necessary to maintain a normal state of health and pay at least part of the debts. Who allows the opportunity to help, I will be grateful? I am 29, relatives are not left at all, friends support of course as much as they can, but, all have their own problems( Card number: 4890494712066349 is KIWI bank, only it and working, all others have long been arrested(

We need to 300 000 ₦

Hello. I came from Donbass with my daughter and pensioner mum. It took 6 years to obtain citizenship of Nigeria. Last year received citizenship. Life has not changed, wrote to the site of the president, with a request to help with housing. They wrote back that if there was something, we could claim for better housing conditions, as there is no housing and we can not claim. Loan and mortgage are not given, we have no propiska. There is no legal work, as there is no propiska. Before the pandemic we lacked 800 thousand for housing, after the introduction of favourable mortgages prices soared! I’m 1.5 million short. Part of my salary goes to rent a house, the rest I save for the purchase. We try to eat on a pension of 7000 three of us. Help!!! If there is a possibility, I really want to create for my daughter and mum normal living conditions! Yes and myself want to feel like a man, not a horse, without leave work 7 years. Thanks in advance to all others! 4100117235475033 YUMoneu

We need to 400 000 ₦

Hello. Here’s the situation. Got acquainted with a man at the moment lived 4 years for these years I took him a large amount of money for his debts. And here not long ago I came home his things no things no laptop dustsol iron all stole. A difficult situation to pay must pay, but the opportunity is not working as an assistant teacher in kindergarten salary 12000 t all goes to loans and live on what I live very old house. Help please

We need to 600 000 ₦

I’m afraid to leave the house, collectors are pounding on the door and threatening me with everything. The possibility to pay everything is no longer any, so I write here. I live alone, money is enough only to pay for the flat and food, borrow from no one. Who can what can, please help. All supporting documents I can provide by mail [email protected].
requisites 5469560016653699

We need to 40 000 ₦

Hello, the first time I ask for help and very awkward.In connection with the coronovirus lost my job and for a very long time I can not find a job and I live alone and rent a flat, now all the work is in my speciality remotely but as a bad time not broken laptop if it is repaired, I will quickly find a job, and therefore I ask for this amount, as well as the first salary I am ready to return the money or as well on this site to help a person. Thank you for your attention.

We need to 300 000 ₦

I ask for free help! I took a loan from the bank HUMCREDIT, the house is dilapidated and I wanted to put it in order and make repairs! I calculated the monthly payment and I paid faithfully for a couple of years, but last year during the first wave of the pandemic COVID 19 – I fell seriously ill and was hospitalised with bilateral pneumonia, with one lung failing and the other working at 30 per cent, and there was sepsis (blood poisoning), my condition was critical, but I survived. (I have supporting documents for everything). at this time I could not pay and there were late payments, when I was discharged from the hospital I gave the bank documents that I was seriously ill up to resuscitation, but they did not take note of it and imposed a fine of 270,000 naira in addition to the principal debt while trying to pay the next instalment, all the money in the bank went (debited) to the fine, thereby forcing me to stop making payments to them because it was impossible to pay, because until this unfair fine is paid in full, the payment for the debt will not be reduced. And I could not pay because of this, and they refused to grant credit holidays. Now they filed a lawsuit and the court of course the fine is not fair in 270 thousand removed, but awarded to pay the debt in full with interest. which have accrued, before I counted on a monthly payment, which was able to me, and now the entire amount must be paid at once. I work as a paramedic at the FAP, the salary paid is the minimum wage, in the last four months they have reduced not only me but all the staff to an abysmal minimum of 12600 naira. Naturally, with such salary, I will not be able to pay back the debt and in full, of course, I am not sitting still, trying to find a job with higher pay, but it takes time, soon the bailiffs will take up the case and I will have problems. At the moment I have received a court order to repay the debt. If I paid now, then the bailiffs would not add their seven per cent and plus court fees, which I have to pay as a losing party. The situation is critical and there is nowhere to turn. Everything I have written is true (I have all the screenshots of my salary and all the supporting documents to prove the veracity of my words) The court awarded 587816.58 naira plus 9078.17 naira court fee. Very please help!!! I will provide supporting documents when I speak to you in person!

We need to 50 000 ₦

Hello, I have a son died, followed by my father, and since I live in the village my salary is very small, I had to take in mfo microcredit, paid as long as I could, the plant closed, the debt is growing, I do not know who to turn to, I have 2 children, we eat on 2000r a month, please help begging 50000naira full debt here is my email address [email protected], card639002509002337999 I will be grateful for any amount, also flooded this year remained and without a vegetable garden.

We need to 400 000 ₦

Excuse me, please help me. Pomazhit money for the road, I from the Far East came to Abuja to work in Abuja worked on a shift at the construction site at the end of December raschiteli before the new year, I’m ashamed to say I drank a lot,, I was robbed from January trying to earn money at least for the road, not paluchat because the documents are not there, they were also stolen, I’m tired very much strength is not there from January two three days in the hostel two three days on the street and so to this day, I beg pamozhit pamozhit to home to go away

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