Main Flat and utility bills

Flat and utility bills

Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 300 000 ₦

Hello helpers in realising your dreams. I’m 39 years old. I really want to have a baby. Started to pass the commission on a quota for IVF, and faced a lot of problems, for a year, then one analyses then the second, my hands are down, everywhere some problems. Many analyses are paid, each has its own expiry date. If you help me to collect the necessary amount, I will go to a good clinic without our state and pay, quickly, do IVF. And become a mum. Thank you, if someone will respond.

We need to 80 000 ₦

I am a designer. So my 14 year old computer started dying. The memory’s starting to fill up. In general, the end soon it. And to continue to engage in the design of various scenes I very much as need to practice in general in my life in my favourite business continued. I really hope I can get some help

We need to 200 000 ₦

Hello. We are a young family with 3 children. We are not poor, we have enough money for clothes and food. Our dream is to have a house of our own. Even if it’s small, but it’s our own. For 10 years we have been wandering around rented flats. We are on the waiting list under the programme “young specialist in agro-industrial sphere”. The queue will reach us in 6-8 years, the administration says so. At the same time, in order not to get out of the programme, my husband cannot change his place of work until he receives money for housing and 5 years after that. The salary is small, we have managed to save 470000 naira. We need another 700000 and we will be able to buy a small house.

We need to 500 000 ₦

I am a lonely pensioner, 73 years old. A year and a half ago after a severe and prolonged illness, as a result of a covid, my husband died. I took money in the bank for treatment. Now I am trying to cover the debt by borrowing money, but I can’t do it on my own. I can’t work because of health problems. There is nothing to sell. I ask not indifferent people to help to calculate with debts. I will be grateful for any amount.

We need to 700 000 ₦

Good day to all! I will not lie and moreover lie. I live on means, all necessary is. Including there is a dream, to which I strive with all my might – my own home. I have a main job and a small additional income. But, since it is not possible for me to take a mortgage or a loan, I will save for my dream for a very long time. Important ! ! ! If you have only one opportunity to provide financial support, pass by my advert and help someone who really needs. If any of you do decide to help me in approaching my goal, I will be extremely grateful for any amount. Even 50 naira will be an added incentive and a boost to my belief that I can fulfil my dream.

We need to 800 000 ₦

I wanted to do body repair turned to two organisations in one took the money and disappeared in the other paid and the repair was done incorrectly and lost 150 thousand .I work two jobs without a day off .Now I need to work for another year to gain.And the car is my bread .Help please who can .Thank you very much in advance.Card 5469 4000 3129 7190

We need to 900 000 ₦

Hello, a family of three people, parents and a minor child, fell into a very difficult life situation, they were temporarily provided with housing, but there is no money, absolutely everything burned down, if there is good in this world, I ask you to help financially, who can not spare … Be kind, throw as much as you can on this card 5469980423335013 . ???? very awkward to ask someone, but they have no hope for anything already, people who have been in such a situation can understand heartily.

We need to 800 000 ₦

Hello. I just turned 18. I never thought I’d write this, but I have to. I’ve always had a bad relationship with my parents. Recently we had a big fight and I was literally kicked out of the house. My stepfather is making me look for a job and move out. My mother is not very happy to see me either. I’ve been living at my friend’s house for almost a month and I’m terribly uncomfortable. I found an inexpensive dorm room, but I still don’t have enough money for it. I already have a small amount but it is still less than half. I need to raise another 6000 naira, at least for 2 months accommodation. I will be grateful if you can send me any amount, be it 50, 100 or 10 naira. Here is my email – [email protected] , you can email me here to send me the details.

We need to 200 000 ₦

Well, I do not believe in it I have in general tshestka what is happening in life problems, debts and I would even save 30 thousand to order a car of firewood, I live with my mother, wife and child (we survive), my wife works in the field, my mother is already old with a child sits, and I’m on the construction site working as much as possible on medicine and food, of course want to believe in a small miracle.card sber 5469300895643895.

We need to 250 000 ₦

Good day! I am a single mum, I ask for help from not indifferent people. The fact that I and my daughter do not have their own housing, we live at my mother’s neck, which is on pension. I myself work earnings 15 t.r, of them while payment for day care, clothes, food. (I work on a reduced day, because I take the child from day care. I want me and my daughter to be my own family.

We need to 600 000 ₦

Hello, my name is Vitaly. I am in a difficult situation with my family.I live in a mortgage flat with my wife, son and mum’s flat was taken away by the bank for non-payment of the loan, I could not help, as I am in debt and the mortgage is still weighing.I was made redundant at work, I do part-time work.I am very hopeful for kind people, from the world on a thread as they say))) card 4276 7210 3110 6032

We need to 20 000 ₦

Hello. I was left alone with a child in my arms, I even had to take a leave of absence from university. The father of the child just ran away from responsibility, and from us in principle.

I have no parents, I live with my grandparents. Money is very little. Much goes on medicine, food and utilities. I really want to buy a pram for my son, it is difficult to carry him always in my arms.

We need to 250 000 ₦

After the death of my flatmate (13 years together) from cancer two years ago I found myself on the street. In the process of moving around rented flats I lost my documents. I have been living for a year with a new girlfriend – a disabled person. Found each other two beggars with a difficult life situation. She has a house, but her pension on group 3 (no arm) does not allow to pay the debts of utilities. I have a small freelancer’s income, which is barely enough for food. I can’t get my papers back in order to get a lucrative job. As a result, my lights and gas will soon be cut off for debt (winter). I don’t know what to do – I need to close my housing and utilities payments and find somewhere a small amount of money to make a passport.

The phone is lost (stolen) the same. Remained a modem and a SIM card in it where I receive sms, but I can not answer. Correspondence only by post. Sorry.

We need to 40 000 ₦

Hello kind people, we will be very grateful if you help. Tired of the debt pit, I realise that it is their own fault, but so it happened. We have four children, my husband works alone, is also not young and out of the rare torment pressure-very worried about him.Help who how much can each ruble are glad! 4276 4406 2668 5686 Thank you in advance!

We need to 100 000 ₦

Hello I am a mum of two the moment I can’t work,the youngest is 15 months old,I am in eldest son is 4 years old,he speaks very badly,pronounces just incomprehensible sounds.I am very scared for him.I don’t have the means to take him to private specialists,I consulted doctors and they said it’s not too late to treat husband works alone,the salary is very small,barely enough for food.thank you not indifferent people who can understand us,and help to treat my son! 5169497177138686 kaspi gold card

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