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Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 8 000 £

Good afternoon. 2 years I lived with a guy – drug addict, 7 years older than me (I am now 22, he is 29, we started living together when I just turned 20, and he was already 27), respectively, I used with him, he got me into a bunch of loans, from which I just do not know how to get out now, although before I met him I was always against loans, all the cards are blocked, only Tinkof does not block yet, court debts for 160 000Anglia And this is not all, but I just do not even remember where I have loans, it seems to me that everywhere. He ended up going to prison, got out six months later and disappeared. His mother says that I am to blame for everything and the loans were taken by me, not him, and she has a criminal record, so he owes me nothing. Now I’ve been made redundant. I’ve already got a new job, but I still have money left for travelling, at least for two or three days. Who can do what they can, okay with loans, at least until payday. 5536914024576674 HSBC Holdings

We need to 6 000 £

I am pregnant with my first child. I have no money for a cot, pram and other baby things. I live in a small flat with my mother and two younger sisters, although I would like to live separately. Because of problems with my leg I can’t work part-time. That’s why I ask you for money help. If there are those who can help, do not pass by please.

We need to 8 000 £

I appeal from despair (( The only housing (a room in a communal apartment) is pledged to the bank. For debts, the bank will simply take it away. It so happened that I was “screwed” by my best friend for money, whom I knew since childhood. I had to pawn a room, and also got into a pile of loans. I don’t know how to live with this burden. The total amount of collateral is 2 million. Plus loans for 600 tonnes. There’s no one to help. No parents. I beg you to help!!!((((

We need to 4 000 £

Help close loans and sleep easy, need 250000Anglia and every day the debt is growing, got on the powermen in the Internet wanted to take a loan from a private person, to repair the car, the money pulled out, driven into debt and nothing not any loan. On the bankruptcy to go not hachu. If you do not help, it is possible loan for 5 years.with gratitude Vitaly.

We need to 15 000 £

Hello everyone. I thank in advance all not indifferent. I urgently need a day. My story is as follows: I am a single mother, worked what is called the uncle, bored, decided to do business and everything at first was good, began to appear more and more customers. But then my customers decided to make a large order, very large. At my supplier of the constant such volumes were not, I had to look for another. An acquaintance who later disappeared, advised me supplier, who eventually screwed me for a large sum. In the end, the buyer filed a police report against me for fraud. There has already been one court, I am facing 6 years in prison, and my daughter will be sent to an orphanage. I tried to apply for loans, but they refuse me, I have nothing to sell. I beg people who are not indifferent, who can help, save me and my daughter. I believe that there are still people who care. I wrote to the police about the supplier who screwed me, nothing is done. The victim’s mother works in the prosecutor’s office.

We need to 70 000 £

Hello dear people, please help me to repair my children’s room and I’m tortured by inspections from the guardianship office and I don’t have enough money for anything but food and clothes, thank God so, and with work now it’s hard to get salaries cut all hope for you at least help me at least how much you can help, don’t turn away, God save you and keep you.

We need to 6 000 £

Diagnosis Ankylosis of joints: hip, knee, elbow.
Hello !!! .My request is quite unusual. Huge request, please help a guy disabled, in 2016 he broke his neck, at the moment he is completely bedridden, except for his head nothing moves, but he is in his right mind and memory. He only communicates via webcam. To be honest, I found out about him through social networks, he is a great person who is even shy to ask for help for rehabilitation. As far as I understand his condition is neglected, because of the fact that there was no money for an instructor who would work with him, an hour of lessons with him costs 760Anglia because of the lack of funds, his joints have stopped moving and he can not be put on a wheelchair. I do not know what can be done in this situation, of course I would like to help him with treatment, so that he could be put on a wheelchair, or help with money for rehabilitation, or some equipment for a more or less comfortable existence. There is no one to take care of him, a social worker visits him sometimes and that’s all. I learnt about his condition quite by chance, this is a man who will never ask for a penny, and so I decided to do it for him. Here is his page in VK where you can see photos before and after and talk to him about his condition, the number of the card sber 4276520045143050 (in the name of Marina Viktorovna K. trustee) For me will be the most huge gift for the New Year if you help him, very much please(((( I am very grateful in advance!!! Ulyanovsk Zavodskoy 29-162 (Zavolzhie)

his number 89021215890 vyber ( on it can communicate, video link)
My number is 89612742142 Marina.

We need to 50 000 £

Hello, my name is Angela, Dear people, I need help please help us, you are our last hope I beg you to help us, I need financial help to pay for a rented flat. The thing is that I happen to be unemployed, I have two children, a girl of 12 years old and a boy of 3 years old, I am very ashamed to ask but I need financial help to pay for a rented flat and utilities and food, there is no food in the house, nothing to feed the children began to eat once a day and for lack of food, please help us to survive in such a difficult time.

We need to 10 000 £

Hello, my name is Polina, I am 18 years old. I can’t write beautifully like some people, and it’s not necessary, the main thing is to bring you information and the essence of my problem. I will try to give you everything in detail. I live in a village in the Vologda region, not so long ago I had a grief, in a car accident killed my mother and three more people in the same car who were travelling in the morning to the farm, to work for 30km from my village. The accident was caused by a drunk driver (who survived) of an oncoming, expensive subaru car. The father of that guy (driver of the foreign car) is a local official, so most likely he will get away with it. About compensation and moral damage, complete silence. My father and my mum are divorced, he doesn’t care about me, he doesn’t want to know me, I don’t know why. Now he lives with a woman in another city. After the death of my mum, I have left schemes animals, which pull me down and huge for me debts within 600tr .Work here is not any. Assistance on loss of the breadwinner, from the state makes 5 with something thousand England. Other income I do not have, this money is catastrophically not enough, neither on animal feed, not myself, not on debts. I ask all not indifferent, help me to cope with the problem that has fallen on me. Your financial help, even if it is insignificant for you, for me will be very useful. Without your support I will not be able to cope. You can find information about the accident on the Internet. Information about me can be seen in Vkontakte: Polina Demidova (surname there mum) Kadnikov. My requisites for help: card Bank of England 5469-1200-1532-5870 Rostoropova Polina Arkadyevna.
As it is said from a world on a thread to a beggar a shirt”. Make the world a kinder place, God bless you!”

We need to 60 000 £

My wife and I are pensioners, we had a fire in our flat. The gas boiler exploded. Good thing my wife wasn’t home. The firemen carried me out. I was in hospital with gas poisoning. The kitchen in the flat was completely burnt out. The whole room is sooty, stinks of smoke. No light, water or heating. Now my wife is sick with pneumonia. Acquaintances have calculated the cost should be somewhere around three hundred fifty-four hundred thousand. If there are kind, responsive people help please. Card Kuban Kreditbank 2200950401212816 , who how much can. All without exception will be grateful.

We need to 40 000 £

The dog has back problems and hind legs do not walk, the doctor said it can be restored, it is necessary to do an MRI and further treatment. The cost of treatment is up to 50000Anglia The sum is not big, but I pay credits and a little bit remains for life, I can show photos and video of my favourite doggy and the direction of doctors, if anyone can help, I ask.

We need to 60 000 £

Good morning or afternoon! I would like to ask for your financial help. My family, in particular my parents are in a very difficult financial situation. They had a rented grocery shop. In the quarantine formed debts to suppliers and shop rent. My parents are trying to pay off their debts themselves, but there is still not enough money. I can’t help, as I am a disabled child. I ask you very much please help my parents. Thank you in advance to all who will respond.

We need to 25 000 £

Good afternoon.
My name is Natalia, I am 33, permanent residence in London. Income from 50 000 to 60 000 (unofficial income).
A year ago by my own stupidity got in touch with MFIs….. the result is clear. When I closed the loan in the Bank of England, I received a proposal for refinancing, but ki is spoilt by MFI, refused, and so almost all banks.
I went to a loan broker. The experience is not the most pleasant, but it is there.
Applied to people who cover themselves as private investors, the result is either to pay for the transfer, for insurance, for acceptance…And in the end, fraudsters.
If you can help me, I agree even at 30% per annum, only if everything would be resolved.

We need to 70 000 £

I write to you with a request for help I have a very difficult financial situation mired in debt, owe banks, I will tell a little about myself, my name is Natalia myself I am from Yekaterinburg, I ask for help from hopelessness. I am in a very deep debt pit, the banks constantly call me and my relatives and friends in front of them already ashamed and do not imagine now how I am with my children to live, on credits is not enough. My husband is divorced because of the constant quarrels and drunkenness. All my salary goes to repay loans and debts, more to earn is not possible, need 500 000Anglia to repay the loans in full, for me it is a huge amount of money, very ashamed, but please help can at least partially 300t.r to pay several loans (credit cards) and make payments. And further it will be easier for me to pay myself.I want to send this message to many people, maybe they will hear me and enter my situation, and maybe even condemn.Yes, I understand for you it is also money, not small, and you earned them with your labour, but I have no one else to turn to, only to such strong people as you. Prosvyazbank 2200 0305 1240 9534. Thank you in advance.

We need to 40 000 £

My family is a large family since 2010.We have four underage children.g we found a discrepancy in the readings of the electricity meter.About what immediately reported to InterRao Oryol power supply company.Half a year nothing happened, we again wrote an application.Then they came to take the meter and issued a bill.We have repeatedly appealed to different authorities that our house of 64 sq.m could not consume so much.But all in vain. Also we were disconnected from the light for two months, switched on after our application (there is a court proceeding – such was the appeal).The court proceedings lasted for two years.Which we lost.During this time we paid a little more than our house consumed (more than was indicated in the receipt).These amounts were not taken into account, the debt only grew.Then we began to pay on the enforcement proceedings to the bailiffs monthly.Also on the InterRAO Oryol power supply company. Today my family with many children was disconnected from the light without agreeing the time and day.Without warning according to the law.Without limiting the consumption as prescribed by law.InterRAO Oryol Power Supply Company has a technical possibility. We have debts under court judgement, currently 126,000. Monthly we pay on the enforcement proceedings to the bailiffs, as well as pay the current costs of the meter.Monthly we report to the social security of the Orlovsky district. Only the debt in the receipt increases with geometric progression (in the receipt 192000). To repay in three months, as InteRAO wants Oryol power supply company, there is no possibility.We fulfil our obligations, but InteRAO apparently has its own laws and does as they please. All documents are available. We can provide them. Please help in the current situation.

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