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Gratuitous Financial Assistance to Birmingem

Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 2 000 £

Hello, need help to rehabilitate a disabled child with cerebral palsy 13 years old girl does not walk since childhood, was lying down, with all the efforts of her mother the girl walks by hand and support, money to continue rehabilitation is not enough, very much want to hope that the little miracle will walk, the girl is smart to study at school on individual training one problem does not walk. Necessary photo certificates will send on request. Help please.

We need to 40 000 £

I was given an old car. It’s on the move, but I don’t have a licence. I have to go to a driving school, which is not cheap.

If I had got my licence, I could earn an extra penny on the car. But for now it’s a vicious circle, the car is standing, rotting, I’m looking in vain for money to pay for the courses. Please donate a little bit, I really want to drive.

We need to 9 000 £

Orhan Taghizadeh. I live in Baku. I am 23 years old and all hopes for a normal life have dried up. It so happened that before quarantine everything was good then a year without work and debts accumulated. After the quarantine I decided to open a medium-sized business. Took 20 thousand dollars in debt. Everything went wrong and the business failed. To all this bought a house in the mortgage because I was going to get married and thought that the business will go I can pay the mortgage and slowly repay the debt. As a result, I and my mother work and all the money goes on debts wedding postponed until better times. My father died when I was a kid. Total debt in dollars 150 thousand. There’s paperwork to prove it. I’m balding at that age and I’m being treated by a psychiatrist for depression and stress. My mum did not go to the doctors because of econonomy and now pre-cancerous condition of female organs. It is almost impossible to live and to earn so much money will never be possible. If anyone can help in this difficult moment I will be eternally grateful. The specified number is correct only instead of +7 it is necessary to write +994 and further specified figures except for the last one. Please help me

We need to 10 000 £

Hello everyone, my name is Ruslan and I am a disabled person. The thing is that I was hit by a car and I am only 15 years old, I have a poor family and we can’t afford a wheelchair. We are short of 16,000 England. I am home schooled and will be leaving school soon, I want to go to university but I am afraid I can’t because of my situation. I am begging everyone who has no pity to send money, it does not matter what amount of money even 10 England I will be grateful to you and I apologise for the time spent

Bank of England:4279 3806 7339 6901

We need to 7 000 £

My daughter and I live in a dormitory room. It happens to be a difficult situation. Debt on rent almost 10000 England and I have a window in the room completely began to freeze, just covered with ice. Repairmen asked 10000 (the window is large past tenants still made it so) for light I paid the debt. But for now I have no money for the rent and for the repair of the window. Frost will start and it will be very cold. I work at school as a tutor, I don’t get much. But even here half of the bailiffs take away (from the father of the daughter remained credits which on me hang, but here I myself will try to cope, if someone has gratuitous help in drawing up correct documents, so to speak from legal help gratuitous, too will not refuse) I can confirm all my position photo and video. I just would now with debts to settle. It’s about 25000 in total. There’s also the light bill, 1,500. It may sound and not much, but when you have after all the withdrawals from the bailiffs left to live 10-12 thousand a month, at best, and still have to go to work, daughter to school for food at least 50 England. Dress, feed and as I need to look not as a bum as I work in the school with children and side by side with their parents all working day. We have children with cerebral palsy. Helping others, I’m sitting in this stupid debt. All I want to do is pay my rent, fix a window. And if you can, I wouldn’t say no to legal help. I can’t get through to the bailiffs, I’ve already collected all the documents. The bailiffs won’t pick up the phone. I will not upload photos here, I would be ashamed if the parents of my wards see me. I’m doing great at work. ) Although sometimes even walk ) Money is not enough. I’m just afraid that they will switch us off if I don’t pay and frosts will start soon, the window will freeze again and I’ll have to brick it up. If someone can fix the window for free, that’s fine with me. I understand that there I need to foam and change the rubber bands. Although it is possible that something else, well very much freezes in the frost, that even the ice on the ceiling goes. I’ve got any messengers. Number of card HSBC Holdings I have: 5536913860781554 ( it is issued to my sister Anastasia as bailiffs have blocked mine).

We need to 10 000 £

I am a mother of 3 children :13, 9 and 1.5 years …was in a difficult life situation.I live in the SNT in neotapeleyevom house in 13 km from the city .deprived of a car for a trip to the shop for groceries and to school children study in different shifts …shop is far away.Bus goes but not often.Relatives are not.I work but the salary is enough only for the most necessary …need any car serviceable on the axp
I can’t get a loan, I can’t borrow from anyone, please help me, I’m desperate.

We need to 90 000 £

After the birth of the child I began to crumble teeth, you can certainly put free fillings, but here the lost teeth are no longer possible to make free of charge, I am alone bringing up my son, rented accommodation, almost half of my salary is given, that remains spend modestly on food, in the polyclinic counted about 50-70 thousand England, for dental treatment, I can not save up such an amount, the money can be transferred by phone number

We need to 3 000 £

Good afternoon, our names are Alexei and Ludmila. We are a young family. We dream to soon close the mortgage and 2 loans taken for study and repair of the flat. We dream of children, but we can not afford it, because of the debt pit, all the money we earn, we spend on debt repayment. We will be glad to any help, please help us to realise our dream.

We need to 20 000 £

Very much I ask for money help, it so happened that I got into a debt hole and to get out just can not. Hope for nothing, all that I earn I give, I would only exhale and at least how to reduce my debts. If you have the opportunity to help, the way out just do not see. Maybe we can hope for a miracle and someone has the opportunity to help. I am not lazy ka, I work, part-time, but I can not get out.

We need to 1 000 £

Dimitri. Looking for help for someone close to me. A young mum rescued two children from a fire, but the mum was not saved in time. While rescuing the children and trying to get the mum out of the fire she received multiple 1st and 2nd degree body burns, eye and upper respiratory burns, as well as torn veins and multiple shrapnel wounds while smashing out a window as the only escape route. The house burned down with my daughter 2,,5 years old in my arms without shelter and means of normal livelihood was left dear to me. Rescuers reported that they saved two children and a girl of 24 years, and that at the time of their arrival this girl was standing in the street with children bloody they were silent. The ambulance on the way to the hospital twice carried out resuscitation. In England, in a similar situation, they announced a TALOCA and in a day put a hut for the burned and collected everything necessary for life. Here and I am knocking on all doors and maybe you will respond.

We need to 5 000 £

My husband and I have 10 native, minor children, we dream of our own house. We live in a flat, we really want to go to the countryside with children, in the bath. Mortgage we do not give us, very low income. And the loan is 250t.r.r. Maybe someone will find someone who is not indifferent to help. Of course I doubt it, but suddenly and really help!!!?)))))))

We need to 20 000 £

Hello! My name is Yana, I am from a small town, I study at university, my parents try to help me with money, although they barely make ends meet. My mum is ill, but she can’t afford to go to the hospital or even buy medicine. I really want to make a gift to my parents and help them with their situation! Please help in any way you can.

We need to 1 000 £

I’m drowning in a lot of debt, literally. I’m asking for your help and the sooner we can save 60,000 UK the better. I am now working my arse off to get out of this situation, but not even two jobs are enough to get out of this rut somehow. The interest, the debt, the constant calls just makes life impossible. Who was in this situation, perfectly understands me. Let’s help each other.

We need to 10 000 £

Need funds to buy a good house. My husband got sick and everything went to shit. We live in a flat. There’s something here. Shops, hospital, kindergarten. Our house is in a remote village. Where there is no hospital, no pharmacy, no relatives. We have three children. We don’t get any help from the state. They say you have everything you need. We hope for your help.

We need to 7 000 £

I am an English student from Kazakhstan. I went home for the summer and now I can’t go back. I study hard and try to study to the maximum, but now our institution is going to full-time education. I stay on distance learning (as it was in September) Kazakhstan was forgotten and it was hard to get even assignments. I am in hopelessness. I can only get to my studies by plane. The total cost of the cheapest flights is 40000 England. I am from a poor family and we can’t even raise that amount in a year. Please help.

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