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Gratuitous Financial Assistance to Glazgo

Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 20 000 £

I want to close the debt on housing and utilities, fine to pay, drugs to buy, order compreseonnye kolgodki as I have Lymphostasis, swelling of the legs. I am a disabled person from childhood, group 3, not tail even on the subsistence minimum, not to mention ostolnyh needs, I can not even buy normal winter shoes, feet freezing, money is not tail sometimes not on what, it is very hard, I have no one to help me, I am from the orphanage, no Mum, no Dad, no Grandma, no one, please help financially I beg, that I could solve all my life problems at once! ???????.

We need to 4 000 £

I am a single mother with a child of 5 years, I live with my child alone in a house with stove heating, my mother died, my father, a pensioner, lives in another city. At the moment in connection with coronavirus I lost my job and it is difficult to find a new one with a small child, I am registered in the Centre for Social Security, but this money can only not starve to death, and we have a debt on housing and utilities for light – 91000 pounds The debt was formed because there was no money for coal and had to heat the house with electric heaters. As a result of the debt to pay with nothing and although now it seems not to switch off for non-payment, but at any moment can remove this moratorium and switch off the light, and because there is no gas and we all work from light – and the water heater, and kettle, and cooker, so we will be left with a child without any possibility of normal existence. I ask everyone who can help in any way, if necessary I can document my words. I am grateful in advance for any help.

We need to 90 000 £

I recently moved to another city, rented a room in a hostel, got a job. But the owner of the room said that in a week it is necessary to move out, as they buy, the next day at work fired, without paying wages. There are 4 days to find another place to live. Loan and credit is not approved. Money soovsem no, and ask for a loan from no one. Please help me! May God protect you!

We need to 20 000 £

“Goal 1: To maximise profits through growth in the provision of quality services. This goal has the highest priority, because in order to achieve it, the organisation must invest resources in the development of its strengths under the favourable influence of factors of the external environment and competitive environment. The tourist resort will take a good position in its market segment and this segment will constantly increase, the organisation has a competitive advantage in this segment and therefore its resources invested in the development of production and promotion of the organisation will bring maximum profit. Objective 2: Expand the range of services provided to match the level of confortability with overall affordability of prices. Priority as the investment of resources is made to offset the impact of adverse external environment on the strengths of the organisation. Objective 3: Opportunity to develop a programme to provide free vouchers for large families, orphans. MARKET ANALYSIS: The main mass of visitors are: private enterprises, citizens engaged in tourism, and just those who want to relax from the hectic everyday life. Potential buyers are residents of nearby cities of Primorsky Krai and regions of the Far East, as well as guests from the People’s Republic of China. What we offer: recreation in comfortable wooden houses with all amenities, bathhouse services, as well as boat trips. The main factors of success of the project: – counselling and training on the basics of fishing and fishing; – rental of fishing equipment; – the opportunity to taste fresh sea delicacies (crab, trepang, oysters, etc.) Our competitiveness: flexible pricing policy, a system of discounts for regular customers, efficiency of service. Demand for this type of service in Primorsky Krai is quite high, because everyone wants to rest, and our camp will provide services for a comfortable holiday not far from home. REALISATION OF THE PLAN: To finance this project will need about 23 500 000 England. Payback period of 3-4 years, taking into account reimbursable* assistance up to 5% per annum.
*For return of reimbursable aid, please ask the sender to leave feedback.”

We need to 5 000 £

My name is Mikhail. I am from the city of Samara, I am 29 years old. I am currently working as a sales manager. I am married, I have two children. The younger daughter was born 06.10.2020. I have no criminal record, I have not been brought to administrative responsibility. I got into a difficult situation, namely, I ordered goods for a client, namely beer (our organisation is engaged in this), but the client did not buy it. The specified goods in the warehouse overstayed, and on me hung a debt of 490000 England. At work they said that if I don’t pay this debt, they will fire me on article and plus they will sue me in court. I sold my car and managed to pay 200000 England. Loans are being refused as I am now paying the mortgage. The amount owed is 290000 England. Where to find such a sum now, I do not know. I ask you, if possible, to give me a loan for the specified amount. All documents, receipts, all I will provide. I am very ashamed of this message. Card number 5559493705620210 Alfa Bank. Mail [email protected]

We need to 30 000 £

I feel very bad… I never asked for anything but I found myself in a very difficult situation…. Fraudsters have tricked me into taking out very large loans. It’s horrible. My life has changed from before to after. I don’t know what to do.. Please treat my plea with understanding. I am not a fraud, not a liar. I am a real person with my trouble. Please help me. Please.

We need to 70 000 £

Hello! I ask for free financial assistance. I am a mother of two children. I am on maternity leave. My husband has lost his job for six months. We got into credit debt. I do not ask for help on loans, as it is unlikely that someone will donate 2 000 000Anglia to pay off all debts. My spouse is now employed on a stable salary, but the first receipt will be only in a month and a half.
I ask only 20 000 – 30 000r. to live me and my children until the first salary. We live in a private house. Heating is stove. We are out of firewood, all the boards and unnecessary trees in the vicinity to heat the stove, also exhausted. Without firewood at home is cold and the bath for a long time have not stoked. Firewood is at least 5000Anglia cost 3 cubes. Eldest for food at school to pay urgently need. I do not refuse school meals, because at least during the day the child eats at me normally. But in the evening at home is waiting for him only soup on vegetables, without meat, as there is no money for chicken.
Please help me with money to live for a month and a half. Then I hope we will get into kaleya and slowly improve the situation.
I ask now because there is no money even for bread, no one to borrow from. My parents are pensioners. And there is no point in taking quick loans, as there will be nothing to pay back.
Please help.

We need to 1 000 £

My name is Vasily, I am 26 years old. The problem is funny, but very expensive. Since I have a problem with my teeth. Now it is very expensive, and my ridiculous salary is not enough to make a beautiful smile… You know what prices are now, and what salaries in our country. I’ll never be able to afford that kind of money. I also have a family to take care of, all my salary goes to my family. Unfortunately, I applied to different organisations, but they turned out to be fake and pretended to be sponsors, but in fact they were ordinary swindlers… There are a lot of them nowadays… If I get such an opportunity, I will be very grateful to this person. I will not attach files here, very shameful… I can mail, if necessary…..

We need to 25 000 £

Good afternoon to all concerned people. At present I am in despair, reasonable thoughts are increasingly replaced by suicidal. On the 7th of April my husband was wrongfully detained and the court determined his measure of restraint for the period of investigation of 1 month and 22 days. Despite the available documentary evidence of the absence of corpus delicti and criminal intent, the lawyer could do nothing. There is severe pressure on the investigation. He has no previous convictions, and now he is charged with part 4 of article 159. We lived more than modestly before. And now I am left without any means of subsistence and monthly obligations of 102 000 UK. At the moment I can’t even buy groceries, let alone prepare my child for the first grade – now there is a collection of money to buy workbooks. I also need to pay for the services of a lawyer. So far I have paid only 50% of the cost of the agreement for the month – 35 000. I know the truth is on our side, but until he’s gone, I can’t handle the burden. I sometimes even let thoughts of the baby go and want to go out the window. Out of 102,000, almost 50,000 is rent. I don’t even have enough income to cover them now. I’m begging for help. Just to get through the first month. Now I’ve put my old car up for sale. But there are no bidders, because it’s mortgaged. In a fortnight I’ve lost five kilos, I can’t eat. I’ve lost so much weight that even my size 40 clothes are starting to hang down. God, I’m begging for help. I don’t know which door to knock on. The investigator won’t authorise a visit. My husband’s 51 years old and in poor health. I’m 38, but I have no desire to live. Card number for those able and willing to help 5536 9139 1431 7058.

We need to 60 000 £

Hello. I wanted to ask you for financial help and got into debt, more precisely in microfinance organisations. Now I don’t know how to pay it back. I myself am a serviceman under the contract. The amount of 350 tonnes is needed. Help me if you can.
I’ve already been sued. I don’t want to lose my service. I made a mistake. Collectors are already calling my parents and the Bank of England too. Please, I don’t know what to do….. Help. Please pay attention. The Bank of England has seized the account. The microloans sued and now the debt is in the bailiffs. I’m scared and I’m tired of debts please please help someone.

We need to 40 000 £

I lost my job before the new year because of a disease of the legs employer said that he does not need such an employee treated for half a year did not help spent a lot of money on medicines doctors in the polyclinic so and diagnosis normal did not put, and in January went to a paid polyclinic said bilateral coxarthrosis of the hip joints now no work no health and no money need money for treatment and rehabilitations thank you in advance.

We need to 10 000 £

Got into MFI loans overlapping one to another, now even working on one loan can not pay them on time, because the interest is growing. Please help. What to get rid of debts, now need about 100000 England. I am not a scammer, want to believe want not, because I do not really hope that here really help. My Sber card 4276872071685888. I apologise in advance and thank you very much if anyone can really help.

We need to 9 000 £

Good afternoon. It so happened that my husband left with a 2-year-old son without means of subsistence, and as it turned out he did not pay for utilities, and now they call and threaten to switch off the light for non-payment. At work nowhere to get a job, my son is often sick, in the garden practically does not go, and also because of that temporary residence registration no social payments to me because of this do not pay. And debts for utilities 78tr. I will be insanely grateful for any help, myself ashamed to ask, not used to such. Bank of England 2202201967581709

We need to 8 000 £

My Life took such a turn that I found myself in my 50s with no family, no children, no place of my own, hypertension and bad legs. Trite? I think there are a lot of people like me. You’ll say I drank it, I lost it, it’s my own fault. Yeah, it’s partly my fault. Whatever path you tread, that’s the path you’ll take. However, life itself teaches you how to live. Mistakes, trials, sitting in the mud and blowing bubbles, or get up off your knees and firmly walk on the right path. It is now in my sixth year of not drinking or smoking at all. Despite some difficulties, I managed to regain my driving licence and became a taxi driver. Through some strength, creaking like an old cart, I worked until life threw me a new challenge again. I was deprived of my licence for four months, maybe it’s karma, maybe life turns that way on purpose, I don’t know. Now I am an unlicensed security guard, and to survive and not starve to death, living in a rented corner, I two days walking around the shop, like guarding, and it will be right, micro psychologically affecting the buyers and skunk. And the other two days I’m here as a basket maker, collecting and putting back in place. I feel, soon my legs will come to hell, and hypertension sometimes nerd. And the end of February is still a long time away. I could fall down somewhere and not get up. I want to live a normal life. During these sober years I’ve thought of a lot of things, but there was no money. But there is one dream, a beautiful, golden one. I would like to realise it, the main thing is that I will be of great use to people, if I am a nobody in life. I try through social networks to inform all people about how we live, what we do, and what we need to do to live well and develop as a civilisation, not as a parasitic colony on earth. Here is a quote from the Internet from the alien website:
‘Official recognition of the Earth civilisation, exchange of scientific information with it, as well as its inclusion in the Ring of Reason is not yet allowed because of the aggressiveness of mankind.

We need to 50 000 £

Greetings everyone! Hardly anyone will believe me, because the truth in our time always looks stupid. I believe that there are people with an open and sincere heart (because I am one of them). Please help me. It turned out so that I am alone in the unfamiliar to me city of Krasnodar. I have no housing and means for sustenance. Help who can . Personally, I am very many times helped people all I could, sometimes the last gave I am not bragging, but there were such moments in my life. I believe that I also deserve help in my side, for all my help and kindness to people. My card details:HSBC Holdings Bank 5536914108422092. Beneficiary Maxim V. Take care of yourself and be kinder!

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