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We need to 200 000 £ Family and relatives

Hello my name is Erion Kota and I am from Albania. I live in Athens and work as a cleaner at a school. My dream is to buy an apartment for my family and my dogs. But with my salary this is not possible. I hope they will help me fulfill my dream here. IBAN GR7101101130000011395422139 tel+30694 85 34 093

Hello, need help to rehabilitate a disabled child with cerebral palsy 13 years old girl does not walk since childhood, was lying down, with all the efforts of her mother the girl walks by hand and support, money to continue rehabilitation is not enough, very much want to hope that the little miracle will walk, the girl is smart to study at school on individual training one problem does not walk. Necessary photo certificates will send on request. Help please.

My wife and I both work. We bought a house with a 20-year mortgage. We have three children. Money on children practically does not remain and it would be very desirable to give children more than we can now. We took 3000000 now the rest with payments for the second child and regional capital remained 2150000. If there are people to whom some sum would not be burdensome and they could help us would be very grateful to you. All responders are grateful in advance and from our sons too. Any documents on the coedit I can provide. Card number for those who responded 2202200230816975.

I want to close the debt on housing and utilities, fine to pay, drugs to buy, order compreseonnye kolgodki as I have Lymphostasis, swelling of the legs. I am a disabled person from childhood, group 3, not tail even on the subsistence minimum, not to mention ostolnyh needs, I can not even buy normal winter shoes, feet freezing, money is not tail sometimes not on what, it is very hard, I have no one to help me, I am from the orphanage, no Mum, no Dad, no Grandma, no one, please help financially I beg, that I could solve all my life problems at once! ???????.

I dream to help people in need: large families, poor people, lonely pensioners. New Year is coming, please help me to make many nice gifts. But even just not in the coming of the new year single pensioners need a lot of things: bed linen, pillows, blankets, socks, house slippers, etc. But there are also pensioners in need of repairs. How to help? Help.

We need to 10 000 £ Food

Good day! We have a bad situation in the family. Dad has been a beekeeper all his life. This year, the fields were tilled. All the bees died. It was a big apiary. Dad had it for over 40 years. It was the family’s only income. The bees died and Dad’s hands were full. My parents live in the country. I’d like to restore his apiary. Please help me in any way you can. I will be grateful to kind and responsive people!

We need to 30 000 £ Flat and utility bills

We need your Помощь❗️ Hello everyone, this post is about help. Many people know that our little girl Lionila is a special child. We have a complex disease that is currently not fully known. Our diagnosis: Cryptogenic epilepsy. Atonic-Astatic form of cerebral palsy. Delayed psychomotor, speech development. Until 6 months the baby developed as a normal healthy child. On 25 December 2019, Lionila had a seizure. After that, every year on the same date, month and time, she has a seizure.Epilepsy. Unfortunately the baby had a severe seizure on the 6th of August, every day until the 11th of August she had a seizure. The doctors did not know how to prevent it, there was no choice but to inject a narcotic drug. We have been undergoing full examination and treatment for 3 years now. In spite of all the anticonvulsants, the seizures do not leave her. And unfortunately doctors can not give a full explanation of why this happened. Also went through a complete examination, genetic diseases and breakdowns. But every result of analyses was without indications for diseases. Bottom line: genetic diseases are not detected. Every doctor, every hospital all give different diagnoses. The collection is open, for rehabilitation, continuation of examinations in clinics. On the 29th of August we are waiting for a full complex examination in the Centre of Epileptology and Neurology named after A.A. Ghazaryan. A.A. Ghazaryan. Doctor Bykova Lesya Konstantinovna Where the primary reception of a doctor of neurologist-epileptologist costs 6000₽. Now we are waiting for an answer from London. Every year, it costs about ₽ for treatment and examination. A lot of money is spent on travelling, accommodation, food, massages, lfk, swimming pool, tests, medications, night and day sleep monitoring, examinations and doctors. We need your help and support, without you we can not cope. Pro requisites: Bank of England Card: 4276300063338340 Sloeva Eduarda Maksimovna HSBC Holdings Bank Card: 5536914152638007 Phone number: 89996501787 Mum (Eda)

We need to 9 000 £ Paying off loans and mortgages

Went into the army in 2021, the former girlfriend gained credits, trusted 100% were photos with a passport myself orphan graduated from the SPO on cranes, in the army without saying that gained credits after which she called said that she did not want to wait for me and left me, after which fell into a psychiatric hospital part 1586 and discharged me .Acknowledged that I am sick to settle now can not get a good job

We need to 3 000 £ Family and relatives

Hello. I am a single mother with two minor children. I took out a loan when I was living with my husband. Hoping that he will help to pay the loan. But he cheated on me and left me for someone else. Leaving the debts on me. When I was on maternity leave, I couldn’t afford to pay. Let alone eat. Nothing to buy. I’d like to get help from kind people. I really need help.

We need to 8 000 £ Study and work

Good afternoon. 2 years I lived with a guy – drug addict, 7 years older than me (I am now 22, he is 29, we started living together when I just turned 20, and he was already 27), respectively, I used with him, he got me into a bunch of loans, from which I just do not know how to get out now, although before I met him I was always against loans, all the cards are blocked, only Tinkof does not block yet, court debts for 160 000Anglia And this is not all, but I just do not even remember where I have loans, it seems to me that everywhere. He ended up going to prison, got out six months later and disappeared. His mother says that I am to blame for everything and the loans were taken by me, not him, and she has a criminal record, so he owes me nothing. Now I’ve been made redundant. I’ve already got a new job, but I still have money left for travelling, at least for two or three days. Who can do what they can, okay with loans, at least until payday. 5536914024576674 HSBC Holdings

We need to 3 000 £ Medicine and health

Hi. Find myself in a difficult situation with two children. We live in a village. I am unemployed. Now I managed to find a job, but it is necessary to live somehow till the salary. Money left for 1 day maximum + debt for firewood for the winter 10000, which must be paid in the next few days. I am not a beggar. Really turn for the first time and I really hope that the last time. I will be grateful for absolutely any help! Sber: 2202 2019 0846 7372

We need to 90 000 £ Household goods

I am 46 years old. I work at the sewing production without employment. I live alone in Livepool, I broke my femoral neck on the left side, I had an operation – three titanium screws were screwed into the bone of my hip. 1 month after the operation I walked on crutches without any support on the limb. The next 3 months you can lean on 15-20% of the limb. For the first month all friends and acquaintances helped as much as they could, and my sister helped to pay for rented accommodation, but she herself has loans, our mum is 82 years old and has a minor son of 15 years old who has to pay for everything, from school fees etc. Now she is on sick leave and it is no longer possible for her to help me fully. I can’t expect financial help from anyone else, they all have holidays coming up or after holidays, and I have enough to do and spend. Rent per month + utilities = £10000+2000. Total £12000 per month. A huge thank you from my side to those who can respond to my request for help. 2200 7007 9825 1517

We need to 7 000 £ Clothes and shoes

I am 30 years old, I live alone with my son without support and help. I am collecting as much as I can to go to medical school and for dental treatment and prosthetics. My chewing teeth are gone. Plus it is necessary to build up bone for implantation. I can’t collect the sum on my own, as I need to provide for my child besides myself. Here’s my piggy bank – 4893 4704 4493 0272.

Hello, my name is Valentina, I am 39 years old, I have 3 children, a cat and a dog. Also credits and debts on communal services. When my mother was ill with cancer, invested in every possible way in her recovery, my husband abandoned and does not help financially, the business lost, my mother did not save and died? I am trying very hard to get out of it and how to raise my children, my hands are falling down as my salary is not enough for normal food, it is not enough to dress in second hand …. I live in a private house, the house is falling apart, the heating is failing, the sewerage problems, the car was stolen and other problems, as a magnet sticking, I can not get out of this pit alone. Every time I take myself in hand and every time I give money to the school for events, how the children grow, debts on communal services, I get stressed. All my life I worked for myself, and now I can not resume my business, the forces are not enough. I work in the organisation for 17-25tr per month (without experience nowhere take, I repeat worked for myself),
I really want to get out of the debt hole, I want to live, not daily survive, thinking how to feed my family. I want to earn again. I want my children to eat well, do sports again. My children have always been very successful, but now because of the lack of budget they stopped going to classes. They tried to deprive me of parental rights several times. I have no bad habits. I have a college degree. I’m also good-looking. It seems all are healthy and should be happy about it, but I have my hands down, in such a big world, where all you gnaw for debts and the fact that I do not get to give my children a full-fledged living income. There are no people close to me. I can’t do it alone. Do I need your help?

I was given an old car. It’s on the move, but I don’t have a licence. I have to go to a driving school, which is not cheap.

If I had got my licence, I could earn an extra penny on the car. But for now it’s a vicious circle, the car is standing, rotting, I’m looking in vain for money to pay for the courses. Please donate a little bit, I really want to drive.

Hello, I want to help pensioners, buy them firewood. found a site where they sell them, chopped firewood, birch 40-45 cm – the cost of a cube of 1700 England. sell from 10 cubes, delivery is included in the price. Ready to send video and photo report, record grandparents on video with words of gratitude on the background of the car with firewood)

I am a single mother with a child of 5 years, I live with my child alone in a house with stove heating, my mother died, my father, a pensioner, lives in another city. At the moment in connection with coronavirus I lost my job and it is difficult to find a new one with a small child, I am registered in the Centre for Social Security, but this money can only not starve to death, and we have a debt on housing and utilities for light – 91000 pounds The debt was formed because there was no money for coal and had to heat the house with electric heaters. As a result of the debt to pay with nothing and although now it seems not to switch off for non-payment, but at any moment can remove this moratorium and switch off the light, and because there is no gas and we all work from light – and the water heater, and kettle, and cooker, so we will be left with a child without any possibility of normal existence. I ask everyone who can help in any way, if necessary I can document my words. I am grateful in advance for any help.

I work in a taxi.I had to turn to the MFI.For 2 years gave 500t.And debts do not decrease.I work without days off.Son 15 years old is absolutely abandoned.On the hands of 3 more pensioners who are trying to survive on 2 pensions.Already there is no strength.The car needs repair for 100000.Total debt 400000

We need to 8 000 £ Flat and utility bills

hello, please help with money, long and seriously ill mum, all savings have gone for her treatment, maintenance in a boarding house, it is impossible to leave her at home, she is not quite adequate, she has accumulated debts, no relatives, please help, we need 300 000, although any amount will help, if you have the opportunity, please help.

We need to 1 000 £ Food

Good night I want to zvernutysya to not byduzhih people. I ask for any help. Pidchas difficulties in us in Ukraine has become to live vasche, school kindergartens do not work majuya small children 5, 3 years old Iakie not go to pre-school kindergartens do not percentyut have to sit at home koshtiv not vistachaye vavit on products Dopomozhdenie beylaska who can blagaya.

We need to 90 000 £ Paying off loans and mortgages

Hello gentlemen! I am very uncomfortable to ask! But the strength is no more! In 2017, my grandfather fell ill with cancer, I got into loans to somehow help him, a lot of money was spent on treatment! Almost paid most of it, but now there is no possibility, I deny myself everything! I am grateful in advance! Bank of England 4279 0300 2847 3091, Tinkoff 5536 9140 0188 6708

We need to 9 000 £ Family and relatives

I am a child invalid of the 2nd group last year health deteriorated appeared strong pains in the back and legs Prescribed a lot of medicines all the money went on medicines I ate once a day starved .For communal services to pay was nothing . For debts they took away half of my pension 10500-6000 England the debt was still growing I was starving relatives did not help I have a brother he is an alcoholic lives far away Now I am dying of hunger, all the lights, gas, water were cut off, I can’t go to the toilet, I can’t do anything I don’t need anyone I found 3 kilometres away free internet I am standing here now and I don’t know if I will come back I beg you to help I am dying

We need to 6 000 £ Study and work

I am pregnant with my first child. I have no money for a cot, pram and other baby things. I live in a small flat with my mother and two younger sisters, although I would like to live separately. Because of problems with my leg I can’t work part-time. That’s why I ask you for money help. If there are those who can help, do not pass by please.

We need to 60 000 £ Medicine and health

Hello! I am 44 years old. I have a problem with housing. I have no job with a good income. I have nothing to pay for rent. I have no one to borrow from. I have no inheritance and unfortunately no one to help me. I hope very much for you! Please help me, I beg you! I will be glad of any financial help. thank you all. card number of the bank revival 2200.3101.5281.2720. anastasia

We need to 70 000 £ Household goods

I took a loan from the bank to cover my tuition fees, unfortunately I got sick and I spent all the money to get medical attention. However, my health is still not good, so I can’t work now. Even if I die, my family will have to pay the loan to the bank. I don’t want them to have more problems when I die. Kind people, please help me to cover my loans. 4176 5500 0896 5331 you can contact me via telegram @geniuss24 if you want to help

We need to 40 000 £ Clothes and shoes

Help please, I work, always pay on time loans. In December I buried my wife’s mother. Money was not, got into microfinance their 14 pieces. Put his flat for sale the only housing to pay off debts, but realtors all pull with the sale. Asked to reduce the amount for the sale, but silence. On microloans and major loans went overdue. They call every day nerves gave up specifically. I’m not asking for money. From the sale of the flat will return. 4276400083557281

The situation is as follows. Living with my mother in the same flat, I gave her every month n-nomnaya amount to pay for the month, so as not to sit on the neck. Then I moved with my husband to a rented flat, gave birth to a son and, about a month later, I learn that we, as the owners, hung the debt. Even though I gave money. But since now it cannot be proved, the bailiffs demand full payment from me. Need help, as such a sum at once do not possess, unfortunately, even with a 4 x month old child. After payment of the debt, I will divide the accounts, so that in my name came separately the amount and I was no longer owed, in case of repetition of the situation. I will accept your terms of lending money, as I really need help.

Orhan Taghizadeh. I live in Baku. I am 23 years old and all hopes for a normal life have dried up. It so happened that before quarantine everything was good then a year without work and debts accumulated. After the quarantine I decided to open a medium-sized business. Took 20 thousand dollars in debt. Everything went wrong and the business failed. To all this bought a house in the mortgage because I was going to get married and thought that the business will go I can pay the mortgage and slowly repay the debt. As a result, I and my mother work and all the money goes on debts wedding postponed until better times. My father died when I was a kid. Total debt in dollars 150 thousand. There’s paperwork to prove it. I’m balding at that age and I’m being treated by a psychiatrist for depression and stress. My mum did not go to the doctors because of econonomy and now pre-cancerous condition of female organs. It is almost impossible to live and to earn so much money will never be possible. If anyone can help in this difficult moment I will be eternally grateful. The specified number is correct only instead of +7 it is necessary to write +994 and further specified figures except for the last one. Please help me

Hello kind people please help me! My name is Nazirov Denis 39 years old I took last year 3 consumer loans 5 microloans 3 credit cards on loan from relatives at first coped now I can not now there is a problem with payment money is not enough to pay these loans microloans kind people please help me please I have a difficult situation on food money is not all embroidered for loans please please help please who can the total amount of debts under two million England urgently need money please help who can! Card number:5336 6901 4700 7753 I beg you to help please help time is running out!!!!

I recently moved to another city, rented a room in a hostel, got a job. But the owner of the room said that in a week it is necessary to move out, as they buy, the next day at work fired, without paying wages. There are 4 days to find another place to live. Loan and credit is not approved. Money soovsem no, and ask for a loan from no one. Please help me! May God protect you!

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Rankings of charitable foundations in England

Assistance funds Type of organization Rating Average score Testimonials
1. UniHelp International Charitable Organisation Help for children
2. Dobra Tut Charitable Foundation Support for residential care homes
3. Belarusian Children's Fund "Republican Public Association" Help for children
4. Children's Aid Foundation "Chance" Help for children
5. Local charitable foundation "Soul Movement" Helping children and people in need
6. Venerable Euphrosyne of Polotsk Charitable Foundation Humanitarian assistance to all segments of the population
7. BlagoDarim Charitable Public Association Help for children
8. Search and Rescue Squad "Angel" Assistance in locating missing persons
9. Belarusian Children's Fund Help for children
10. Public organisation "Roads of Kindness" Helping those in need
11. Public organisation "Understanding" Help for children
12. Life Yes Charity Organisation Development of sports and assistance to elderly people living alone
13. White Stork Foundation for Children Help for children
14. Public organisation "Response" Protection of women and children
15. Charitable Foundation "Foundation for Mercy and Health" Helping those in need


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