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Gratuitous Financial Assistance to London

Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 20 000 £

Hello, my name is Valentina, I am 39 years old, I have 3 children, a cat and a dog. Also credits and debts on communal services. When my mother was ill with cancer, invested in every possible way in her recovery, my husband abandoned and does not help financially, the business lost, my mother did not save and died? I am trying very hard to get out of it and how to raise my children, my hands are falling down as my salary is not enough for normal food, it is not enough to dress in second hand …. I live in a private house, the house is falling apart, the heating is failing, the sewerage problems, the car was stolen and other problems, as a magnet sticking, I can not get out of this pit alone. Every time I take myself in hand and every time I give money to the school for events, how the children grow, debts on communal services, I get stressed. All my life I worked for myself, and now I can not resume my business, the forces are not enough. I work in the organisation for 17-25tr per month (without experience nowhere take, I repeat worked for myself),
I really want to get out of the debt hole, I want to live, not daily survive, thinking how to feed my family. I want to earn again. I want my children to eat well, do sports again. My children have always been very successful, but now because of the lack of budget they stopped going to classes. They tried to deprive me of parental rights several times. I have no bad habits. I have a college degree. I’m also good-looking. It seems all are healthy and should be happy about it, but I have my hands down, in such a big world, where all you gnaw for debts and the fact that I do not get to give my children a full-fledged living income. There are no people close to me. I can’t do it alone. Do I need your help?

We need to 25 000 £

The situation is as follows. Living with my mother in the same flat, I gave her every month n-nomnaya amount to pay for the month, so as not to sit on the neck. Then I moved with my husband to a rented flat, gave birth to a son and, about a month later, I learn that we, as the owners, hung the debt. Even though I gave money. But since now it cannot be proved, the bailiffs demand full payment from me. Need help, as such a sum at once do not possess, unfortunately, even with a 4 x month old child. After payment of the debt, I will divide the accounts, so that in my name came separately the amount and I was no longer owed, in case of repetition of the situation. I will accept your terms of lending money, as I really need help.

We need to 7 000 £

Hello Dear. I am a mother of three children with many children. My name is Irina. I want to open my own business, to improve the financial condition of my family. I work, but at the moment I am on maternity leave. Earned money is not enough, and much thought, I decided to open a small business, starting with a small: shop Thai products in our city. There is also a business plan for the construction of country houses and on the detling centre, but I understand that my demands are too high and therefore I will start with a request for help to open a shop. I need material means. The sum of 400000 England. I can give in instalments once a month. All social networks in the open access. Messengers are all available 89025156501

We need to 80 000 £

Hello I am a single mother of three children recently I have a lot of problems and I do not have enough money to rent a house and for new things for children please help who can help me who can I have no one else to ask raditel’s I have no grandfather at home I just do not know who else to turn to last Hope on you kind people ))))

We need to 5 000 £

I got into a very difficult situation, I got in touch with fraudsters who pretended to be a brokerage company, I wanted to make money, they talked to me like a sick person, I took out loans, one of them against the security of a flat, in the end I only deposited money, and there was no withdrawal, in the end they all milked me out, I was left through their fault without a job, without money and soon without a flat, I regret that I got involved, but again I wanted to earn money, I didn’t realise how I got into loans, now the banks are choking me, calling me, I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to live, I don’t know if we will be thrown out on the street with my son, I don’t know, I appealed to the police, they don’t think it’s a fraud, help me if it’s possible, I’ve never taken so many loans, I’m shaking all over, it’s like I’m mesmerised.

We need to 1 000 £

Hello everyone! My name is Arina. I’m asking for help to buy a house. I’m pulling my children alone. I can’t expect help from anyone. I can’t afford to rent. Salary is small, barely on rent and groceries enough. I’m doing the best I can. We dream of having our own house. And communal less, and a vegetable garden of their own. Please help who does not care about the situation. The house has already looked for, but the funds are not. I will be grateful for any amount 5368290249385883

We need to 9 000 £

I have a new addition to my family. We live in a communal flat. The neighbours are such that in a terrible dream I do not want to imagine. In such conditions with a child is simply unbearable.

Especially the common areas. To move out, we’re 500,000 England dollars short. My husband and I are trying, but so far it is only a dream. We will accept help from wealthy people who are familiar with this situation.

We need to 25 000 £

I’m saving up money for a laptop for my studies. I’m studying at the technical school in the 1st year. There are moments when you need a laptop you have to go to the computer club for what would be typed and find material and much more. Sometimes it is closed and I have to come without assignments to the pairs. Sometimes you don’t even have money to go to the computer club to do important assignments. A friend recommended this site and decided to try it. Thank you very much who will help.

We need to 6 000 £

During the quarantine, my husband was fired from his job, we got into loans. We gave them back, always on time, with a huge interest, but one day life changed to before and after and we owed more than 300000tr. There is nothing to pay back, creditors, collectors threaten to rape, to plant all sorts of substances and to damage property.

We need to 2 000 £

Hello help please who can help please I have 2 small children housing is not rented I do not work because the child is small help please help please weighs the credit husband left us we need for firewood and coal to collect please help I know that there are in our time kind people number Caspian 4400430081671825.

We need to 40 000 £

Good luck to everyone! Started building a country house for our family, while we live with our parents, mortgage and loans can not afford, so we build on the available finances. In consequence of which we have been building for 3 years. But to live like this is already unbearable, we need to live separately. In the house left to do the internal finishing and communications, need 4 millionAnglia We want to take this amount for 10 years without interest, just faster to finish the house and move out of my parents.

We need to 20 000 £

Good afternoon

I offer you to participate as a business partner or sponsor, in my author’s project and bringing it together to a higher level on mutually favourable terms, which I am ready to discuss at your interest.
1) Development of the author Galimovskogo non-standard direction in forging and opening in London, author’s blacksmith shop and shop, (premium – budget options )
2) construction direction, not large metal constructions
3) and the possible holding of a family-musical blacksmith show of blacksmiths Galimovs.
project term by agreement
return of the invested funds by agreement with you, in the future 50/50 or your option
Financial resources will be used: purchase of equipment, material for the work, rent of premises for the workshop, rent of housing for the family, lifting for the launch of the project, moving the family and transporting equipment from the city of Pereslavl Zalessky in London, immigrants from the LNR family.
The founder of Galimov style, I invented, non-standard technology of processing forged stainless steel and wood pine, welding, texture, colour, new terminology, smooth transition from metal to other materials, does not require painting, his work from layouts and sketches brought to samples and collections, analogues in the world to date there are no, which was born in England in London.
Incrustation works: stone, wood, glass, leather, textiles, author’s interior items, furniture, flowerpots, braziers, candlesticks, ashtrays, key holders, forged paintings, self-hangers, horns, shoe boxes with three-dimensional forged paintings, bathtubs, toilets, forged souvenir-jewellery (rings, pendants, plaques, buttons) non-standard: Galimovskie, forged: aquariums, chess tables, chairs, volumetric mirrors with interior items, lanterns (mini volumetric) different themes + moto-auto fittings coat of arms. Author’s non-standard wrought iron safes for valuables and weapons in interior items, mini volumetric different themes with Galimov locks, author’s protection of the steering wheel pedal from theft. Pictures forged (graphics in forged frame) with coffers in velvet, collections (mini – volumetric Forged samovars, dishes, mugs, glasses, with pictures forged, collections of mini volumetric Forged amulets, calendars cognitive with removable forged pictures, letters, numbers for adults and children Forged books with leather pages.
During this time, has developed its own recognisable style, participated in exhibitions in the cities of London, Vladivostok, Nizhny Novgorod, the Lithuanian Embassy in London, shot programmes (STS, Galileo, ) (Domashniy, Odin Doma,) (Tv Volga, ) (Vesti 24 Volga) for the first time in the world: forged from stainless steel forged samovar for 20 litres, volumetric mirrors Biker, Hunting, Gas, works are in museums in private collections in England and the West, participated in the manufacture of theatrical scenery for performances, feature films

Now I have: CV and financial calculations of the project, the main tool for work, photo-video material,
Need: Premises 50-100 square metres in London.
I would be grateful if we can continue to develop our direction together.

We need to 8 000 £

Добрый день всем неравнодушным людям. Прошу помощи о закрытии кредитов. Сумма нужна 500 тыс. Раньше платила кредит без просрочек, сейчас сократили на работе и денег не хватает,чтоб оплачивать кредит. Есть маленький ребёнок, не хватает денег элементарно на еду и одежду. Всем неравнодушным людям помогите пожалуйста 4276 1609 6200 2516 Банк Англии Всем заранее спасибо.

We need to 30 000 £

I am a student, not long ago I found myself in a difficult situation – I really need financial help. I can’t ask my parents.

My mum is ill and all the money is spent on treatment. I appeal for help to people who can share as much as they can. Urgently need to pay off debts.

I can work – I can help with cleaning. I can also paint.

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