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Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 7 000 £

I am 30 years old, I live alone with my son without support and help. I am collecting as much as I can to go to medical school and for dental treatment and prosthetics. My chewing teeth are gone. Plus it is necessary to build up bone for implantation. I can’t collect the sum on my own, as I need to provide for my child besides myself. Here’s my piggy bank – 4893 4704 4493 0272.

We need to 40 000 £

Help please, I work, always pay on time loans. In December I buried my wife’s mother. Money was not, got into microfinance their 14 pieces. Put his flat for sale the only housing to pay off debts, but realtors all pull with the sale. Asked to reduce the amount for the sale, but silence. On microloans and major loans went overdue. They call every day nerves gave up specifically. I’m not asking for money. From the sale of the flat will return. 4276400083557281

We need to 8 000 £

Hello, everyone. Forced measure led me to the vastness of the Internet. Small salary and arrests in the bank do not allow to eat normally for a fortnight. Have to wander around friends in search of something tasty. Please help me for food at no cost. Still have to think about food for my cat…. 5161161214314498 Renaissance Bank It’ll be a different name because the site doesn’t recommend giving your real name.

We need to 60 000 £

Hello, my name is Anna, I have two children, it so happened that now we are in a difficult system and have to live only on child allowances and that are delayed for a week, or maybe more.Now it has become very tight, almost ran out of food, nappies for the youngest child.I want to ask for help from you concerned people, please help us to reach the allowances, any amount, to buy at least a little food, to please the children with a tasty dinner, borrow from someone just can not.89649306853. Bank of England.Thank you to each and everyone who will not pass by my request! On the same number is vatsap, will answer any of your questions.

We need to 2 000 £

Good evening, I’m asking for help financially, I really need money. I need to buy my younger daughter winter things, my older daughter to pay for a swimming pool, it is her dream I can not break it we are living so we are worse than nowhere. Help who can, the new year is coming soon, make a miracle for children. Thank you! 5536913820181390

We need to 3 000 £

For a year I have been struggling with my son’s illness. He is a ludomaniac. To date, the amount of debt is almost 800000 thousand! Debts in MFO, borrowed from all acquaintances and friends. I kept silent until I began to receive calls from everywhere. Through acquaintances found a good psychologist, but he is also not cheap. I bring up two sons alone, I have no more strength, tears too, I want to howl from hopelessness….help, all debts have fallen on me…4276 4900 4313 9619

We need to 15 000 £

Beginner master, in the summer after 1 course (I study at the Pedagogical University) graduated from courses in the direction of “Master of nail service”, with the hope that from the second course will combine work with studies, but I can not find a job in my city. Either because of the small experience, or not suitable for a meeting with studies. At parents tense financial condition, and the younger sister learns in school, therefore it would like to earn not only on itself.

We need to 2 000 £

Hi all for the first time I find myself in such a situation that in the pocket zero and us card 49 kopecks, it began with the fact that framed at work their own countrymen, began to dry relationships in the rest also all bad, the credit pay well it’s okay there from the disability pension I deduct, I am 30 years old, how to be and what to do I already do not know, with work dummy all, disabled on the spine, if anyone will help at least something I will be grateful or maybe uikogo proposals work will be any that also thank you card number 4274 3200 6185 3126

We need to 60 000 £

Hello, I don’t know where to turn, I have 2 children and I’m 6 months pregnant, my husband left me, we rented accommodation. Temporary residence registration ends, which means that the children’s allowance will not be, soon it will be necessary to move out of the rented accommodation, and where I can not imagine, I go with tears to the administration, there is no help, my hands are down, please help me.

We need to 25 000 £

Dear people!!! Please, please, I ask for your help!!! I am very ashamed to talk and write about it here, but I see no other way out!!!! I had a loan and I paid everything correctly without delay. But in spring, because of the pandemic, all businesses closed, including mine!!! And I had nothing to pay, as a result of which I was forced to turn to MFIs!!!! Now I work and all the money goes to prolong the loans … Caught in a debt pit from which I can not get out!!!! There is no money left for life and food!!! I really need 200000 for repayment of loans!!!! After repayment, I will be able to file for bankruptcy!!!! I am raising a minor son alone!!!! I ask you, people of kindness help me please!!!!

We need to 70 000 £

Good day to all!
I ask for help from people who have such an opportunity.Because of the disease (psoriasis), do not work, because it is not possible … For medicines there is no money, the flat rented, loans of course gained … in general, the wife pulls all alone …, and further all deeper to the bottom.Very please help … to hold on no more strength.
5203 7380 4661 2668
All the best!”

We need to 5 000 £

Everyone has a dream! Someone was lucky – inheritance, winnings, friends, relatives. They had something to realise their dreams with!!! I’m not crying, no!!! I’m happy for everyone who succeeded, or who is trying. I’m trying, too. I’ve been working my whole life, I can’t be unemployed. I’ve worked all over the country. I worked as a cook, cashier, labourer, postman, milkmaid, assistant foreman, painter, decorator. And my greatest merit is decorative plaster. But no matter how hard I worked, there was always not enough money to save. Something always happened. And now, tragedy has struck!!!!. My husband died. ((You can’t imagine how it feels to lose a close person with whom you have lived for 33 years and 3 years ago my youngest son who was 15 years old passed away (( My husband had a heart attack…). I ask you very much to help me – to realise my dream!!! I want to open a Salon of decorative plasters. At the same time – electrical installation, because my eldest son is an electrician. And he also loves his work. Help us, and we for our part do not mind to share our profits. After all, it’s fair!!!

We need to 50 000 £

Если кто чем может помогите,нечем заплатить за квартиру с этим карантина осталась одна с детьми без работы,если есть возможность кто чем может всего нужно 15.000 нечем заплатить за квартиру с этим карантина осталась одна с детьми без работы,если есть
возможность кто чем может всего нужно 15.000 карта привязана к номеру 89370859338

We need to 1 000 £

I have a standard situation – we lived in a marriage, took loans, paid them off together, now we are divorced, the loans are all on me. My wife doesn’t care at all. I can’t go to court either, because she doesn’t work now and I can’t get anything out of her, as the loan is in my name anyway. It all ended with the fact that I began to call me every day from banks and directly with threats that as soon as possible to pay back the debt. I don’t have that much money at once.

Need 600 thousand England – this is taking into account the fact that there are already overdue payments on the loan, etc.

We need to 50 000 £

Hello… My name is Alex, I have two children, a wife, money became scarce after I lost my job. There is a loan that I am unable to pay. Collectors call my wife on the nerves of the children too well and I work part-time where I have to, but it is not enough. Please help me in any way you can. Respect and bow…

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