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Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 90 000 £

I am 46 years old. I work at the sewing production without employment. I live alone in Livepool, I broke my femoral neck on the left side, I had an operation – three titanium screws were screwed into the bone of my hip. 1 month after the operation I walked on crutches without any support on the limb. The next 3 months you can lean on 15-20% of the limb. For the first month all friends and acquaintances helped as much as they could, and my sister helped to pay for rented accommodation, but she herself has loans, our mum is 82 years old and has a minor son of 15 years old who has to pay for everything, from school fees etc. Now she is on sick leave and it is no longer possible for her to help me fully. I can’t expect financial help from anyone else, they all have holidays coming up or after holidays, and I have enough to do and spend. Rent per month + utilities = £10000+2000. Total £12000 per month. A huge thank you from my side to those who can respond to my request for help. 2200 7007 9825 1517

We need to 70 000 £

I took a loan from the bank to cover my tuition fees, unfortunately I got sick and I spent all the money to get medical attention. However, my health is still not good, so I can’t work now. Even if I die, my family will have to pay the loan to the bank. I don’t want them to have more problems when I die. Kind people, please help me to cover my loans. 4176 5500 0896 5331 you can contact me via telegram @geniuss24 if you want to help

We need to 7 000 £

Hello. Please help me, I don’t know what to do. I have got a difficult life situation, debts are choked.I beg you, it is necessary 400 000 t.England, to close them. If it is possible at least how much, someone help please.I am 56 years old, help me no one. Thank you in advance. Here is the card number :4276 2200 1544 1424

We need to 6 000 £

The family needs financial assistance for the purchase of housing. The family does not drink, prosperous, work, but unfortunately on the purchase of housing can not save up. Salary is small, enough from s/w to s/w. Because of mistakes in youth credit is not approved, spoilt Credit history. We hope for kind people who can help us. In e documents on the purchase of housing will be ready to provide.

We need to 80 000 £

I’m 42 years old, higher academic education, a civil service.

My mum was seriously ill, struggled for a long time, had a hard time passing away. I was with her the whole time. After the funeral, I started looking for a job, had an accident, severe fractures. No money to survive a couple of months until I find a job.

I hope for kind hearts, money back as soon as I get back on my feet.

We need to 8 000 £

Hello, I want to share with you my dream to open a shelter for homeless animals. On this idea I was pushed by a case when I watched TV, in the news told about a large number of animals walking on the streets of my city. I decided instead of investing in business to open my own shelter, but my savings were not enough and therefore I want to ask for help here from people whose wealth allows you to help me .
5469 6000 6000 4873 5682 Bank of England.

We need to 15 000 £

Hello dear kind rich people!!!I appeal to you for help!!!Help please close the loan and overdue loans!!!Loans and credits are at the bailiffs and collectors. They demand to pay, I have no opportunity, I am a pensioner, the pension is small. Help who can, at least partially pay. Scare me with the court, block the card, take away the property. I don’t know how to live further, I cry at night, I can’t sleep .I ask for your help and support ..Save me please!!!!!! I don’t know when I will have a white streak, I think there are people who are not indifferent to other people’s misfortune. Need urgent help with money!!!!!My card Bank of Englanda 2202 2002 4849 5531,in advance thank you all who will help. Thank you.

We need to 4 000 £

Good day! My name is Elena, 34 years old. In my life has developed a difficult situation, from which to get out of which I can not get out for 5 months. My mum, in the past was an individual entrepreneur, there was a small shop, the premises were rented. 17 January 2022g. my mother did not become, it turned out a terrible diagnosis, oncology 4 st. Inheritance from my mother, I was left a 2-room flat, worth about 2 000 000. I have three children, one of whom is a disabled child, a diagnosis of cerebral palsy (the child is lying down). We do not have our own housing. I have repeatedly appealed to the bank, with a request to go to me to meet, but, unfortunately, they require payment of loans from me as an heir. Very much I ask All, who somehow can help me and my family to solve this problem. Thank you.

We need to 60 000 £

Good evening! As you realise the very long quarantine has affected all people negatively and I am not an exception. For this reason I want to ask you for help and close finally all my debts to my relatives and friends. I think this is a good opportunity to close debts interest free and without risks for your own budget.

We need to 7 000 £

Recently at my mother’s check-up, she was diagnosed with a neoplasm on her left ovary and a cyst on her right ovary. She needs an operation in the next two months. I am a student myself, took a leave of absence from the institute, due to my mother’s disability. + recently contracted Covid-19, the treatment of which also hit the budget. But my strength is only enough to pay for a rented flat, food and medication. I am desperate. There is no one to ask for help, I even got into some debts. I’m ashamed. The ground is falling away from under my feet.
The year 2020 has decided to test my family and I am afraid that I may not be able to cope. At least give what you can. With a little bit of money and a person can be saved.

We need to 3 000 £

I finally decided to leave my abusive relatives, now I live off volunteers, but they will not always help.I have loans, I need to treat my liver and a cyst, I have borderline disorder, but because of my liver I can not take pills, I am getting worse, sometimes I think that suicide is the only way out, but I try to tolerate, the feeling of hopelessness and do not know how to live on and where to get money.

We need to 6 000 £

I ask for help, last year in the summer because of the illness of the child took microloans, the child has temporal lobe epilepsy, and now I can not get out of the debt hole, because the interest is very high, now the bailiffs are already working, how to be I do not know, please help who can, need 120000
2202201815513979 card number

We need to 6 000 £

Здравствуйте, я живу в поселке Новый Васюган ТоЛондоная область. I want to ask for help for our batyushka. Our batyushka has built a wonderful church, cosy, beautiful all the soul in it put. If you need help does not refuse anyone, and himself for ten years can not finish his house, he has a very large family. We have few rich people in our village, so I decided to write here. I know for sure the world is not without good people. I would like to help a man who does good and asks nothing in return. Everyone should have a home.

We need to 50 000 £

Hello not Kanda did not think that I will have such a situation that I will not be able to solve it here and I ask you to wave at this time is very hard to buy Drava yes and things to move from another city there all winter things remained at work is hard to get a job with transport problems yes and medical kamisiya must pass.please if you can give please 150000.

We need to 2 000 £

Recently learnt about pregnancy, only joy it became for me, and my boyfriend turned round and left. Abortion do not want to do, I’m afraid then without children to stay at all.

I work, but I get crumbs. Help, who has such an opportunity, to prepare for future labour and the appearance of the child. I will save every penny for it.

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