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Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 10 000 £

Good day! We have a bad situation in the family. Dad has been a beekeeper all his life. This year, the fields were tilled. All the bees died. It was a big apiary. Dad had it for over 40 years. It was the family’s only income. The bees died and Dad’s hands were full. My parents live in the country. I’d like to restore his apiary. Please help me in any way you can. I will be grateful to kind and responsive people!

We need to 1 000 £

Good night I want to zvernutysya to not byduzhih people. I ask for any help. Pidchas difficulties in us in Ukraine has become to live vasche, school kindergartens do not work majuya small children 5, 3 years old Iakie not go to pre-school kindergartens do not percentyut have to sit at home koshtiv not vistachaye vavit on products Dopomozhdenie beylaska who can blagaya.

We need to 30 000 £

I took loans to help relatives, there were problems with health, further tried to close them with the help of taking other loans, credit cards, help from those relatives for whose sake I got into a debt hole – no. I am afraid to lose all the little I have, I am ashamed to tell my child that I have no money for any gift for him, because everything goes to loans. Please people, if you have the opportunity to help financially even a little – I will be very grateful. 5521 7526 0896 7431

We need to 1 000 £

Wonderful guys of this site who are indifferent to other people’s grief, usually I myself try to help everyone, but now I myself ask for help from people who care!!!! I have such a misfortune! I live with my child on a rented flat, I am a single mother! Money catastrophically lacking for food and housing payment, and I turned on my foolishness in mfo microcredit organisation, took there the amount of 30000 t.England and now they require 66000 t.England such money I do not have, and still need to feed my son and pay for the flat, banks do not give money, as I have no income! I know that there are good people here! Please help me, please, I’m begging you! ?? Card number 2200020600207940 world card ?

We need to 80 000 £

Help, please, help to pay tuition fees. In the family problems with money, work is not possible. I’m in my 3rd year at university, I can be expelled because of late payment, and I really want to finish my studies, it was difficult for me to enter this university, but I managed and now I can fly out. Please help me to pay my tuition fees!

We need to 30 000 £

At the end of February early March I need to go to work in Poland, but the circumstances are such that now there is not enough money for the trip, need about . Help who can, if you will transfer funds leave your contacts to return you back money, so to speak I need to borrow money. Transfer link

We need to 30 000 £

Dear readers and not indifferent people! Please help, Daddy is seriously ill, need an operation, I am all in credits and no bank does not give credit, friends have no money, please help, as Daddy is fading before my eyes and just can not change anything! If there is even the slightest opportunity to help, please do not pass by the Bank of England 4817760482787060! I will give you everything back.

We need to 3 000 £

Disabled diabetic, I have been ill for a long time. Now there are complications on the liver, the prices for medicines for me not liftable. I have an insulin pump, which needs repair, the cost of such a pleasure about 18 thousand to replace the damaged mechanism. Work is difficult, especially after a few months in hospital. No relatives, so I decided to try to find help on the internet. If anyone cares, please help. Any penny will be very important to me. Thank you. (Bank of England card – 4006 8006 0092 9276 )

We need to 4 000 £

Hello. I am writing to you from the Krasnodar region about help VERY urgently need help. I AM A SINGLE MOTHER, I LIVE IN A RENTED FLAT WITH A DISABLED DAUGHTER. AT THE MOMENT WE HAVE NO MONEY TO BUY FOOD FOR THE CHILD. AND TO BUY MEDICINE. We live in a rented flat, the rent is T.R. I work officially, but my salary is not enough to pay for all expenses, I have a salary of 12,700Anglia we live with a daughter in two. WE HAVE NO-ONE TO HELP US. THE AMOUNT OF MONEY NEEDED FOR TREATMENT IS T.R.P. PLEASE HELP US. WE WILL BE VERY GRATEFUL FOR ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE US. CARD 2200 0202 2913 4111 Please help us.

We need to 15 000 £

I am a student from Kazakhstan. Due to the fault of certain people, whom I considered friends before, I got into a difficult situation. I have loans for the amount of about 200000 tg. Part paid by parents, part by myself. At the old rate it is about 40000 At the study need 9000rb Confirmation of your words can get in a lis 4405639805824057.

We need to 8 000 £

In winter buried my grandfather, a lot of money went to the funeral, finishing the 4th course (the last), before spring I went to the hospital because of intestinal problems, missed 2 exams in the session, retake did not give, was already under preparation, said to take akadem. Came off the budget, and had to look for money to pay for school, parents after the funeral could not help, I’m in the credits, everywhere refused and nabraly sum in MFI. Study is paid, and now I do not understand how to get out of debt. Just the situation of life, the study needed 75 thousand, now the debt with all penalties almost, if anyone can and who is not sorry, these funds, my details for the transfer. 5536914145998898

We need to 2 000 £

Hello.I understand, of course, that you address you people with really real problems, but still decided to turn to you.I do not even have a problem as such.The point is that I dream of an electric guitar.Going to music shops, saw that my dream is not very much and cheap costs, because. k for electric guitar requires, as a minimum, and combo amplifier (ideally guitar amplifier with cabinet), a total of 30-40kys.rub.It is clear that the shops have credits and instalments, but due to my age I refuse … Enlisted on training courses, the teacher says that at the initial stage it is possible to study and without a guitar, but in the future it is already necessary tool, and also advised not to buy a cheap guitar, as at such guitars polohoe quality of manufacture which directly affects the sound, etc., and as a result neither myself nor the guitar. d, and as a result neither myself nor listeners will not get pleasure from the game.After all the video reviews and reviews stopped at the option of guitar SCHECTER SGR C-1 (on the site 17990rub) and combo amplifier LINE 6 SPIDER V20-V30 MK|| (on the same site 17300-25000rub).Help, please, to realise the dream of childhood.

We need to 5 000 £

Hello, my name is Irina, I have two beautiful children, I do not have the opportunity to work yet, but I would like very much, we live in our own flat, in the flat by our own efforts made a good repair in the room, but the money is not enough to finish the repair in the corridor and kitchen (there is not even a normal cooker) in the bathroom and toilet tiles fell off, plus all pay off the loan, which was taken for repairs, now the loan debt has formed, I will be grateful for any help, Thank you? ??? my card number 4377723761785769, I will be grateful for any help, even 1 ruble, thank you for understanding.

We need to 6 000 £

Good evening, I do not believe of course that just anyone responds, and in Instagram wrote and there are many such, and scammers. I found myself in a difficult situation at the moment, it is very inconvenient to ask, well, I do not see the way out yet.I live in rented accommodation, myself alas a year do not work, hearing loss came sharply already 3-4 degree, badly hear, in our small town I with disability of course sent, waiting for viduya see until completely deafened, well more or less coped, my husband worked. Now, unfortunately, my husband hurt his hand, the operation was done, the hand will take a long time to recover, he worked unofficially, of course waved goodbye and no sick leave. I’m trying to get a job, but so far, alas, no one takes, where it is necessary medical examination, alas no money. Help please survive this period, who can.I do not ask for millions, the money is needed for food at least b, not talking about the flat zadrlzhalazhala already 10000, and so much need to de that 1 January do not be on the street … or at least pass a medical examination and get a job, it is also from 5000 … We have a daughter of 10 years old. Tried to take loans, but do not give, credit must, and do not give.I do not know what to do.Parents pensioners and not here, help is not from whom to ask … So I am appealing to you kind people.Help who can!!! I can return everything as I stand on my feet, just do not imagine how to live further!!! My card tinkof, sber alas arrested by bailiffs (((5536 9138 6115 6061)).

We need to 3 000 £

Hello. I am in a difficult life situation. I am not working yet, I am with my husband (my husband was beaten up, fracture of the facial bone, brain injury, loss of vision by 65%). I have been prescribed a lot of medication for 3260₽. My son (4 years old) goes to a kindergarten and has small arrears for the kindergarten. There are no funds even for groceries. Please help who can help as much as possible. We will be glad to any help. All documents confirming (illness of the husband, birth certificate of the son) I provide. 5469400029770380 Catherine. Bank of England. 89851855560 personal number

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