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Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 200 000 £

Hello my name is Erion Kota and I am from Albania. I live in Athens and work as a cleaner at a school. My dream is to buy an apartment for my family and my dogs. But with my salary this is not possible. I hope they will help me fulfill my dream here. IBAN GR7101101130000011395422139 tel+30694 85 34 093

We need to 3 000 £

Hello. I am a single mother with two minor children. I took out a loan when I was living with my husband. Hoping that he will help to pay the loan. But he cheated on me and left me for someone else. Leaving the debts on me. When I was on maternity leave, I couldn’t afford to pay. Let alone eat. Nothing to buy. I’d like to get help from kind people. I really need help.

We need to 9 000 £

I am a child invalid of the 2nd group last year health deteriorated appeared strong pains in the back and legs Prescribed a lot of medicines all the money went on medicines I ate once a day starved .For communal services to pay was nothing . For debts they took away half of my pension 10500-6000 England the debt was still growing I was starving relatives did not help I have a brother he is an alcoholic lives far away Now I am dying of hunger, all the lights, gas, water were cut off, I can’t go to the toilet, I can’t do anything I don’t need anyone I found 3 kilometres away free internet I am standing here now and I don’t know if I will come back I beg you to help I am dying

We need to 4 000 £

Greetings to all who will see this! I am in need of financial help. In 2018 I bought a phone on credit, paid everything. Potlm one day my phone was stolen and I was made redundant at work, I was paying even without working. But then I didn’t have the ability to pay and now I’m being asked for a small amount of money, but it will be hard for me to find it in a week!

We need to 80 000 £

Good afternoon. We are a large family. Two daughters are getting married this spring. In order not to be ashamed in front of the in-laws, we need to spend them decently. We just weaned them in a higher institution, still small to study. We got into loans, which will take a long time to pay off. We ask who can help as much as possible, we will be glad to any sum, relatives will help as much as possible.

We need to 80 000 £

Got into a very difficult situation! My husband was in hospital and I got into microloans. As a result, like a snowball, a very large amount of money has accumulated for us. We can not pay ourselves, because the mortgage and loans, we pay 70% of the total income, for life and so almost not left, and also a child.
5460 0700 1331 5151 Victoria Yurievna P.

We need to 25 000 £

A year ago I did not think that I would ask for help, I helped myself. But now by my naivety or stupidity I fell for the bait of scammers. Now I’m drowning in debt and losing my house. I and my son have only a house, inheritance from my parents, no car, gold, only a house. People, please help me. If I am left without a house, I will never buy it again, because the prices are sky-high. Sama asthmatic with a long history, I work two jobs, my son is a student, himself pays for his studies. Help us no one. At the first request I will provide a contract of pledge in confirmation. I’m not a scammer, I’m just very tired. Help me

We need to 9 000 £

I have a son disabled 1 gr. from childhood. But he is very developed and capable, despite the disease. He is fond of computer games and wants to start his own business. But the pension is small, it is barely enough for medicines and food.

Help your son to open a computer room and a copying department. This will help not only his development, but also everyone who doesn’t have a computer.

We need to 10 000 £

Good day, I live with my family in the Crimean town of Lenino. My husband and I work in the market. Good decent citizens. All timely paid, but here came the time that we can not pay microcredits, as in our village prices for everything has risen, and the salary is mostly people 12000-15000, we have fallen buyer kayak ability, in the Crimea to us small entrepreneurs banks do not want to give loans, and banks we have only two RNKB and Genbank, so we had to turn to microcredits. My husband and I pay about 200 thousandAnglia until today we all paid, we have to date no posts, no arrears, we are the last money there give, I ask not gratuitously help us to pay for all micro-loans, and help us to take a loan on the mainland on good terms and under affordable interest for a long period of time. And not as in our banks under zaoblochny interest and that if you have mfo they do not even want to consider. And we need to take a loan to close all the mfos, and make repairs to the house, the roof leaks. We need 3000000 ml.EnglandTimely payment guaranteed, if we a month such money gave, then if we close microcredits we can at least what tolapalat, and now we do not have left and a penny behind the soul, I’m even afraid to think suddenly, something will happen and help us will be no one. I ask you very much to help us in our request.

We need to 5 000 £

Hello, I have a mortgage (14000) Credit (00) Rent (5000) I live without a husband, two children (13 and 8 years) work alone, no help from where to wait, I work without weekends to earn for the mortgage and credit, in everything have to deny the children. Please help us, who can, we will be grateful for any help, please very please. 5228 6005 8027 2120 Bank of England

We need to 3 000 £

My name is Alexander I am 29 years old I am from Bryanka, Luhansk region. Since childhood I dream to open a mini business options a lot of well on each of my dreams need funds money all the time is not enough I have two children work so kakovy no war we have in Donbass is not known when it will end I will be very grateful for help to me and my family.Please discount who how much can n.k 4276400068631192.

We need to 10 000 £

Hello in October last year my father died and to organise the funeral decided to take money in the bank but not one bank did not approve so had to look for funds and found only in the mfos when I took thought all close quickly but circumstances did not allow to close and paid tok interest but it came to the point that not vidakh was dazh interest to pay and took in others to cover those and for a year has accumulated a lot of interest that are not even able to pay their salary is not enough for payments and life I work alone wife with a child sits and can not work. And constant threats from mfos and colectors do not give to live normally and every day is terrible for the family if anyone can help please be grateful 5469070012090284.

We need to 10 000 £

Hello ! I have not usual request, already as about 10 years I dream about favourite car toyota camry, but possibility to save up no, 2 children, public utilities etc. I work as an ordinary driver, the income is small. I will be sincerely glad if someone will help to fulfil my dream. My name is Eugene. THANK YOU VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE PEOPLE OF KINDNESS.

We need to 7 000 £

My name is Sergei. I have suffered from epilepsy since I was 12 years old, but it’s okay – medicines are given free of charge. 3,5 years ago I was cut down and there is no work on my speciality in our district. I found a job in another city: I have to pass a medical examination, drive to the place of work, rent accommodation + food, I need a smartphone (employer’s requirements). Please help as much as you can (at least 10 England, and that to help). Totally in debt and I don’t want to go under. I’m only 31. Thank you. Bank of England: 2202200110816947 U-Money: 410014209203256

We need to 10 000 £

I am a disabled person of the third group though it and working work can not find work. I want to try earning on the Internet bro I need a new laptop. Your phone I would like to change mine is already ten years old probably. So I ask you to give me a laptop and a phone or give me money to buy one. Thank you in advance

We need to 90 000 £

I am in Donetsk region. There is no normal work. Ask for a piece of bread from no one. Or at least some mouldy breadcrumbs. There are no volunteers. And if there are, they only help refugees and the military. My relatives don’t care about me. I’m asking for help with food. Whoever can. I won’t drink the money. I’ll buy something to eat. At least some bread and potatoes. I will be very grateful. Bank of England card number: 4817 7602 9633 1733 Beneficiary: Anastasia Vasilyevna S.

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