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Paying off loans and mortgages

Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 9 000 £

Went into the army in 2021, the former girlfriend gained credits, trusted 100% were photos with a passport myself orphan graduated from the SPO on cranes, in the army without saying that gained credits after which she called said that she did not want to wait for me and left me, after which fell into a psychiatric hospital part 1586 and discharged me .Acknowledged that I am sick to settle now can not get a good job

We need to 90 000 £

Hello gentlemen! I am very uncomfortable to ask! But the strength is no more! In 2017, my grandfather fell ill with cancer, I got into loans to somehow help him, a lot of money was spent on treatment! Almost paid most of it, but now there is no possibility, I deny myself everything! I am grateful in advance! Bank of England 4279 0300 2847 3091, Tinkoff 5536 9140 0188 6708

We need to 10 000 £

I ask your help in the beginning of my new life and small business! I am 22 years old and I am from Yakutia. At the age of 1 year my mother left this world and my father could not stand the load and frequent with alcohol. I from an early age was fond of cars and their device. There is not a small experience in working with cars and also their operation. Now I am in a difficult life situation, my employer fired me and attributed to me a debt that I paid from the sale of their only housing (Apartment 3 room). Now I live in a rented flat with my own furniture. And very much need the help of third parties. My father is still drinking but I would like to direct him to another way of life and try to change his life. It is difficult for him to come to terms with his loss, but it is possible. Now he lives in Yakutia, and I am 8 thousand kilometres away from him. I ask for any help from you. I promise to pay back every cent as soon as I can get back on my feet.

We need to 1 000 £

In our time it is difficult financially, I want to help with small things.
This money will go to:
1 Help pensioners (not money, food, medicine, water, gas, etc.)
2 Help homeless animals( food, water, if necessary treatment in veterinary clinics)
3 Cleaning public places(yes, we need money for that too).
Thank you for your attention!

We need to 70 000 £

Hello I appeal nice people to you because myself can not fulfil the dream of the child to help me no one to help me we are with him alone and we have no one else help if you can help my son is very dreaming of the guitar plays only at lessons no more opportunity at home no opportunity to continue learning all thank you who will help any penny 89025485364 Bank of England.

We need to 5 000 £

Hello. I ask for help who can help how much The thing is that my wife is sick, breast lymphoma, further treatment is in London, we have already done three chemistries need the same amount we have savings but I think that they will not be enough. If anyone has the desire and ability to help will be very grateful card number 4279 3000 1852 5949. Thank you

We need to 15 000 £

I need financial help, me with a child abandoned my wife leaving me in a very difficult financial situation, working on 3 jobs I have enough to make current expenses on loans per month in a pinch, I can not do refinancing as it turns out I have a complete double who regularly picks up loans and does not pay them (tired already to deal with wrote a statement to the prosecutor’s office), pre-trial bankruptcy to me to do no one will not do as I work. Very much need financial help. I do not know what to do further. Here I write from despair.

We need to 25 000 £

We want to equip children’s playgrounds, children in the village are growing up without any entertainment, we are trying to equip with our own hands, but it is not quite what the children would like to see. That’s why we ask for help, because we had at least some childhood, we want to make a happy childhood for our children! Here is a map, who can help please, we will be very grateful to you!!! 5228600561429889 Bank of England

We need to 30 000 £

Hello to all who will read this letter I am a disabled person 2gr on tuberculosis I receive a pension 9 000tr, by my stupidity I took a loan but I could not pay it off as I was in hospital due to illness and now the amount of debt is 19 8000tr and in order not to be sued I have to pay in three equal parts, one part and it is 8 600tr I paid it off but I am left without means of existence please if anyone can help please help, I do not ask to help me with a loan I only ask to help to buy food and pay for utilities I have a private house payment is not big but I would not like to have debt there too, my group is not working city is small work to find for me is not possible, please help low everyone bow and God bless my health, card number World Bank England – 2202 2008 9368 4546.

We need to 40 000 £

We need financial assistance in creating a room for classes with disabled children and children with disabilities in a regular school. To create a classroom needs 93500England (24000 – plasterboard wall with a door + installation, 6000 – school small board, 10000 – table and chairs, 15000 – wallpaper, 15000 – laptop, 18500 – good printer) Very much hope to help children.

We need to 60 000 £

Hello, I am a purposeful, responsible, creative guy. But even people like me don’t have enough money for my family’s needs. Money is spent on medicines and food mostly. Very much want to help mum, dad and sister so please help to realise a few goals of life in our difficult time. All in advance will be grateful.

We need to 4 000 £

Hello, my name is Anastasia, I am 27 years old. This is the first time I am making such a request and resorting to the help of such sites. I never thought I would have to, to be honest…. I understand that no one is obliged to help me and all the problems, only mine! But! It so happened that because of the quarantine remained without work, and at home four children who want to eat and during the quarantine too! I am a single mother, from the payment of alimony ex-husband evades, benefits all sorts of receive, but this time they were not enough and to the next is simply not as stretch…. Very much I ask ANY help, how much you are not difficult, please…. 5169 3053 8836 0397

We need to 30 000 £

Hello everyone, yes everyone does rash stupidity, after losing my job I had to take out loans and trickle existing loans, I got a lot of debts, while I found a job ran up 110000 England, these are urgent and I can not cope with them, the other 2 pay and a little left for food, please help, not millions but who can. Hi everyone, everyone does rash stupidity, after losing my job I had to take out loans and trickle existing loans, got a lot of debts, while I found a job ran up 110000 England, it’s urgent and can not cope with them, the other 2 pay and a little left for food, please help, not millions but who can. 5469060019009247 sber 5536913992671467

We need to 5 000 £

Hello. Forgive me for writing to you in despair. We live in Uzbekistan. We are Tatars ourselves. We are resettling in Kazan or Kaliningrad. We’re waiting in line. My husband got a $5,000 penalty at his last job. It’s like he didn’t report where he spent it at the facility. We have a 1-year-old daughter. We live on a $300 salary. My parents inherited a flat. No money at all. Yesterday I had to pay back $5,000 and they wrote a statement to the police. Nothing is documented. But they are high-ranking people there is nothing to prove that the husband did not take the money. They started talking about it back in May. He left his last job in February. We don’t know what to do. If something happens to my husband, I’ll be alone with the child. My parents are retired. Please note our message. We’ve never turned to anyone. We’re just an average family in a bad situation. No work at all right now. My husband works for a construction firm at $300. But the salary is always delayed. Terribly ashamed if someone finds out about our situation. Rumours will reach my parents, they won’t be able to bear it if they find out what is going on in our life

We need to 40 000 £

Good night everyone. I am a mum of three children and I am on maternity leave. I filed for alimony on my husband, and did not have time to start receiving as he in response filed for compensation for jointly acquired property and more children want to take away to not pay alimony. I need a lawyer right away. Please help who can. I’d be happy for any amount. Let it be even 100 England. Please help me. 4274320062037083. I want to live in peace and raise my children.

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