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Flat and utility bills

Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 30 000 £

We need your Помощь❗️ Hello everyone, this post is about help. Many people know that our little girl Lionila is a special child. We have a complex disease that is currently not fully known. Our diagnosis: Cryptogenic epilepsy. Atonic-Astatic form of cerebral palsy. Delayed psychomotor, speech development. Until 6 months the baby developed as a normal healthy child. On 25 December 2019, Lionila had a seizure. After that, every year on the same date, month and time, she has a seizure.Epilepsy. Unfortunately the baby had a severe seizure on the 6th of August, every day until the 11th of August she had a seizure. The doctors did not know how to prevent it, there was no choice but to inject a narcotic drug. We have been undergoing full examination and treatment for 3 years now. In spite of all the anticonvulsants, the seizures do not leave her. And unfortunately doctors can not give a full explanation of why this happened. Also went through a complete examination, genetic diseases and breakdowns. But every result of analyses was without indications for diseases. Bottom line: genetic diseases are not detected. Every doctor, every hospital all give different diagnoses. The collection is open, for rehabilitation, continuation of examinations in clinics. On the 29th of August we are waiting for a full complex examination in the Centre of Epileptology and Neurology named after A.A. Ghazaryan. A.A. Ghazaryan. Doctor Bykova Lesya Konstantinovna Where the primary reception of a doctor of neurologist-epileptologist costs 6000₽. Now we are waiting for an answer from London. Every year, it costs about ₽ for treatment and examination. A lot of money is spent on travelling, accommodation, food, massages, lfk, swimming pool, tests, medications, night and day sleep monitoring, examinations and doctors. We need your help and support, without you we can not cope. Pro requisites: Bank of England Card: 4276300063338340 Sloeva Eduarda Maksimovna HSBC Holdings Bank Card: 5536914152638007 Phone number: 89996501787 Mum (Eda)

We need to 8 000 £

hello, please help with money, long and seriously ill mum, all savings have gone for her treatment, maintenance in a boarding house, it is impossible to leave her at home, she is not quite adequate, she has accumulated debts, no relatives, please help, we need 300 000, although any amount will help, if you have the opportunity, please help.

We need to 20 000 £

Good afternoon. Due to the military special operation in the DNR collapsed business. Creditors put “on the meter”. Even worse, using their patronage connections, they have established (unofficially, as they say “by blat”) a ban on my travelling outside the DNR. And then my husband’s tests confirmed oncology … I’m not even asking for irrevocable financial assistance: – I have a debit card in England with almost the right amount of savings. I’m offering the card as collateral. The card expired in March 2021. I.e. it is necessary to leave to the bank of England, to write the statement on reissue of the card and on withdrawal of the large sum and in 2 weeks to come all to receive. But, since “kind people” have restricted me from travelling outside the DNR, I need to get by with money. I am ready to notarise the receipt of the loan. I ask for help in the amount of 4.5 million Russian rubles. Phone only DNR or Ukrainian MTS via vyber.

We need to 50 000 £

Hello, I have little faith, but I really hope that someone can help me. Not for free. I am a mum of three wonderful kids.parents military at the moment in the one time moving to London stood on the queue for a flat, it was in the late 90’s, in 2010 surprisingly from the queue we were removed and on this door closed .since then only rented housing. The official salary does not allow neither me nor my husband nor my parents to pass on the bank for a such as the bank does not give.dare to ask for help please help me very much, please.but suddenly.You buy a house, it is yours, I every month pay the amount agreed, for 5-6 soon as all pay, the house passes to my children.all officially, through a lawyer or as you want yourself.very hopeful.

We need to 70 000 £

Urgent money help with no cost today to close loans and overdue loans. Loans are three months overdue, interest is accruing, the amount owed is growing. Help please people kind and rich. Pension is small, relatives have their own loans, to help no one. Very big hope for your help kind people. My card Bank of England 2202 2002 4849 5531, help kind people who can, very much hope for your help.

We need to 80 000 £

Hello everyone, I live alone in the village in not working and I go on shobashkami because I finished 9 classes did not go further I live in a private house I have a stove heating no money to buy firewood or food so I decided to turn here I was advised by a girl said that here can help anyone who can help at least for food 5469520015123367 Vladislav Mikhailovich K in advance thank you very much to those who can help and responded just no one else to turn to

We need to 90 000 £

Hello to all my good people.Very much I ask temporary help to me with children.In coronovirus I lost my job,now I work for pennies with which for food is not even enough.I want now to take at least a course and a normal job to rise on legs gradually.Also there is a dream at least stall to open a business to start and gradually rise.That not to sit in poverty. (Before this myself helped people and children sick all the time transferred to the treatment if possible, but now impoverished myself) The world is not without good people I think help Christ for Christ’s sake who can temporarily how many can at least get a little on their feet.I’m tired, just spirit falling from such a life already.More debts these debts for housing and utilities to pay what is nothing.God when it all ends … I will pray for you all.God bless you all health and a peaceful sky above your head.5586200089004631. …I’m WRITING HERE And I’m TREATING Tears….Thank you all in advance.

We need to 80 000 £

Hello, in my life I never thought that I would get into such a situation, I am a mum of 5 children 4 of mine and 1 daughter from my husband’s first marriage lives with us. Now in my family came trouble, I am struggling with poedrakovoy state of the cervix, and here still long-awaited son a year and three months old diagnosed with cerebral palsy, zpmr, zmr requires now constant rehabilitation. I and my family before this grief coped by myself, but now are pressing loans for the amount of 2 million England. Please help to close them!!! From the world on a thread. I realise that it is real, but unfortunately now such a situation in the family that I just do not pull out all. Husband works alone, pulls the family and the mortgage. I ask for help from the bottom of my heart and I believe in miracles. Miracles do happen. Thank you very much to everyone who read to the end. May all the troubles pass you by. 2202203623453422 card number Sber.Elena P.

We need to 20 000 £

Good afternoon! I am Victoria! I am a stupid naive girl! I live with two children.Son 4 years old, daughter 9 months.I have debts on loans 300 t.r.r.I work in the Internet.But on these pennies can not survive.Help to live peacefully.Help to get out of this hell.Loans took a man, trusted.And found myself with these problems alone with 2 children, the man evaporated.All the money goes to repay the debt.Help calmly bring up children, help to breathe a full breath. I want the money that I spend on debt repayment to go to the development and maintenance of my children.My parents have turned away from me.I agree with them that I am the only one to blame.And my children suffer because of this.I understand that it sounds impudent, but if 300 000 people discount 1 ruble, you will make me and my children happy.Thank you all.2202200796600656.

We need to 25 000 £

Hello, kind people!!! help I need a heart operation, but since I have no housing, no permanent registration, no quota!!! two years ago I went to a paid cardiologist, he prescribed treatment, prescribed pills, earlier the pills worked, but now either the body got used to it, or it got worse, but the attacks became frequent, almost every day! I don’t dream of surgery, no one will give me so much money!!! I need at least 1500 for a Holter, 1500 for an appointment, 500 for an ecg!!! to correct the treatment!!! it’s terrible to die at such an age!!! at least some help, maybe I’ll get some money!!! help me, please!!! Bank of England card 4817760136382482.

We need to 60 000 £

My dream is to complete a studio for a rock radio station. To make it a “place of strength” for rock musicians, where you can rehearse, make recordings, conduct radio and video broadcasting. I did a lot of things myself with my own forces and means. The forces and the idea remained, but the personal funds ran out. I rented a room, made repairs, installed sound equipment. There is no profitability yet, but we need to pay the rent. I myself am a father of four children and it is difficult to pull the family and my idea. Need a permanent sponsor to at least cover the rent. 30000 a month. Looking for patrons who are not indifferent to the fate of rock music, as my altruism is not enough.

We need to 2 000 £

Hello! I will not tell about my illnesses, which need money for surgery, I will earn and cope, help only in one! I found myself in a very difficult situation, sick, mired in debts on alimony and loans in the region of 5 thousand dollars. At the beginning of this year I buried my father and was left without support and housing, because the flat in which I am registered and lived in the property of my stepmother and she is currently engaged in the discharge of me. I live in an old house provided by my director, a saintly man but I can’t ask any more from him, he already pays my maintenance and housing. I’m a web programmer, but for some reason I can’t find myself. Became on the queue in the co-operative for housing 40 thousand dollars, to pay 15 years and settlement only in 3-4 years. Help please, ready to sign a contract for development in IT for an extended period of time.

We need to 25 000 £

Hello, I’m asking you to help our family if you can. My wife and I are disabled with cerebral palsy, we live on a pension, which is not enough in addition we need expensive medical drugs to support health you can contact me by phone (but it is better to text because I have slurred speech) to my phone is tied kiwi purse my phone 9371412005 sber bank card 639002569006674367.

We need to 4 000 £

Good afternoon, my name is Juliana, I am 29 years old, I have 2 children, I live alone, I want to open my own business Car Wash, or go to the ozone, for this I need finances, I decided to turn to the site of help, I hope I out of a thousand will hear at least one person and help me to realise not only my dream, but also independently provide for myself and my children … I will be very grateful every amount ?

We need to 10 000 £

Good day! I am very uncomfortable to ask, but there is no other way out.I ask all concerned to help, than you can.A year ago I lost my job, I was living on casual earnings, there is nothing to pay the rent of the house, for several months have not paid, now kicked out.Help not to stay on the street.Just do not know what to do please help any amount I will be infinitely grateful.

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