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Hi everyone, I am from Yakutsk and I am 26 years old. I myself am a student, the main income is not, so where there is a hack work part-time in his spare time. I have a son, soon he will be a year old. All the money goes only for basic needs (food, nappies). Please help me buy at least a car, no one helps me unfortunately. Here the last year I will study and go to work on a speciality, then I hope it will be all normal. I apologise for any typographical errors. Card number 4276760528000498

Hello. I am in a very difficult situation. I have 5 overdue loans totalling R200,000 with interest. Out of which the loan body is 40,000, not more, and the rest is interest. My relatives are being terrorised every day, they’ve changed their phone numbers, but it doesn’t help. I’m just scared for my family, because I have a child. I’m afraid that he won’t get hurt. Help me to close at least part of the debt. I will be very grateful for such help.

Good day everyone, I want to ask for help to rich well-to-do people. I am in a wheelchair, amputated both lower limbs on 1/3 of the tibia. I am on disability group 2 and receive a minimum pension of 11440 rand. I got loans and debts for prosthetics (I am not an old woman yet and I really wanted to get on my feet), doctors convinced me that it was possible and I believed it, but as it turned out it is not true, I will not be able to stand on prosthetics, the operation was not done correctly. I can’t deal with it and I don’t want to sue. God is their judge. I have a small outbuilding, no heating. The cold weather has already come, I need firewood and coal (it is now very expensive). The yard has fallen apart, it is difficult to pass on a pram. It is necessary to replace the fence and gates, and the outhouse itself needs repair. We need money for medicines, which have also gone up in price. I hope for your help and support. All necessary to confirm my words, I can send (documents, photos, etc.), if you want, you can contact by phone or meet. God bless everyone with health, peace and goodness!

Hello dear friend! We have a bad financial situation. And I wanted to ask you for help. Could you help me with finances in the amount of $ 10,000 or as little as possible. As long as as you can. I am grateful in advance for your understanding. Here is the card number 4249 1703 6251 0038 . I live in Russia with my wife and little son. On December 14, he turns 2 years old. Dear be so kind to help financially. Sincerely, your friend Eugene!

Нужно 30 000 R Family and relatives

Hello, I happened to need money very urgently as I was robbed and had no one to ask for help. I accidentally came across Kviku MFI, which instantly sent 4000 rand to my card after registration. I got excited and bought groceries. When I got home in the evening I was shocked at the amount I owed (6 )! This is a lot of money for me. Please help me to close this loan early. Every day the amount is growing, help me to start living with a clean slate. (YouMoney 410014841564065) Thank you in advance! (VISA 4048025000732589)

Нужно 10 000 R Study and work

Good day to all! I am in a terrible situation, I have fallen into a debt hole from which I cannot get out. I used to be able to pay on loans and credits, now the amount of monthly payments is 5 times more than my income.
Now in every bank and mfos delinquency. Refinancing of course the bank does not give. I do not ask for free help, I ask if someone can help to unite everything and pay monthly adequate amount of money to one person.
Please, help? I do not know how to live on.

Нужно 9 000 R Medicine and health

In February 2023 I received the strongest burns of the body. Two months spent in the burn centre. Now I am going through a period of rehabilitation. Previously worked as a construction worker. Now I can’t work fully. At the dependence of 5 minor children. At the moment I have accumulated debts of about 150,000 rand. Please help whoever can.

Нужно 3 000 R Household goods

People nice people save my family. At the moment the debt is million rand. The amount of debt is my own fault, I have brought my family to such shame and poverty. I am willing to give my life to bring my family back to normalcy. Right now we’re living a miserable existence. I live like in hell, please help anyone who can, please! If anyone can help in any way please send any amount to the card 4276380258156517 any amount will be a huge help in my terrible misfortune!!!! I am grateful in advance for help to all who will respond. God grant you health, good luck and prosperity.

Нужно 8 000 R Clothes and shoes

Hello! I am paying off my car loan but now I am in a very difficult situation, I have been laid off from my job and I have 3 months left to pay 70 000 rand. I wanted to take a taxi but I need a licence to do it I need the original car licence and it’s in the bank so I need help please help me here is the card number 5536 9138 5608 4088

Нужно 3 000 R Flat and utility bills

I really need your help, I am not one of those people who are looking for freebies. I’m in a difficult situation. I am sitting without a penny on the card, I have 3 children, and my husband’s salary is categorically not enough for the whole family, I had to take a loan in mfo. I hoped that I would pay back the loan on time, with the money that were owed to me, but I do not give them to me, ignore all my calls and feed breakfast. I am in despair, as I have no relatives and friends! No one else will help me or lend me money. It is very difficult for me, as my younger daughter of 1,6 years old is fed through a gastrostomy, in order to feed her, we need to buy mixes, purees, to inject a syringe all this little girl directly into the stomach, I do not know where I can go, please help, who can. Kashi left for 24 hours.
Card number: 4274 3200 6270 5564.
I really hope that there will be kind and sympathetic people!

Нужно 90 000 R Food

Good afternoon. I ask for help from all not indifferent, wealthy people. Help me to get rid of the loan, which now weighs on me and other people. 317000 I owe the bank. I do not have my own place, we rent, my child has asthma, at work they began to withhold 50%. We used to live in another region. 7 years ago we moved and only half a year ago we learnt about this situation. After the withholding from the salary we have nothing to live on. I realise that hardly anyone will help, but I hope for help.

Нужно 7 000 R Paying off loans and mortgages

Hello got with the child in trouble, my husband brought us to Krasnodar and left us here, we live with a friend and money for food has already run out, I can not rent a flat here and go home need money, relatives are not, please help to go home tickets dogoriye 4817 7600 3364 8381 for earlier a big thank you to kind people who will not stay away.

Hello. My name is Ivan, I am 32 years old. At the moment I live with my wife and two children in a 2-room flat, bought with the use of mat capital.
Our common dream to live in their own house. And here we found the house in which we would like to live and the mortgage in the bank approved, it remains to make the initial payment. Yes, the owners of the house agreed to wait until we sell the flat. But that’s the rub. Buy our flat people are not in a hurry, and the terms are really pushing, and the owners of the house are already angry. Therefore, kind person reading this post, I appeal to you not even for gratuitous help. Just asking for a loan. To turn to nowhere else. The necessary amount of 850t.r.

We have a small town. In the neighbouring one, where my young man and I have been offered jobs, there are some prospects. We only need 2000 to move.

Maybe someone with a firm footing can help us with this. We want to start a new life sooner, while there are still vacancies for us. Thanks in advance!

Help me please, who can what can, pregnant with 3 child, money is not even on medicine, I live in a house without heating, or at the acquaintances. And soon to give birth, and what to do I do not know. Well, although the older children are still at the ex-husband, but I want to take them and not on what. One is 9 years old, the second is 6. Help me, please. Absa Group Limited 4274320036717356

People please help me pay off my credit cards. I have a debt of 300,000 rand on them. I took them to buy a house and they cut my salary. And now I can’t pay them off, the adjusters call 10 times a day and say I have to pay the full amount. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO I WANTED TO TAKE A CREDIT, but the bank didn’t approve it. I even wanted to kill myself from despair. Who can help please help me, you can even transfer 1 ruble to the phone number 89094271688, the phone is tied to the bank card.

So far I owe R1,000,000 of which R65,000 on utility bills, 450. 000 on loans and 480. 000 in cash shortages at work. I’m sitting here bragging my head off, I’m working but not enough to pay off my debts. Even 2mes.ago was born long-awaited daughter I am so ashamed now in front of her, that the age I have such that people go up, and I am on the contrary rolling in the bottom. Although salaries were from 15.000 to 96.000 and I do not understand how fell into the pit. If it is not difficult for someone to help me, I will be grateful to the end of my days….. It was so hard to write this…

How hard was it to write this?

Нужно 8 000 R Family and relatives

Hello!!! A father of two children is writing to you. I was looking at a website where rich people help people in need…. I have a very bad situation, I got into a financial hole, no money, I try to work for a living. I am officially at work, but the company has no money to pay the workers, so I’m sitting at home, my head is broken, what to do I don’t know…. My wife is going to be hospitalised for surgery to cut out her thyroid. I need money. I am a mere mortal and there are thousands of them, but trying for one chance out of a million to get out of the financial pit I think there is…. I’m praying for you to help me. I can’t afford 800000tr. I am not a fraud, not a thief and not a cheat, but a simple peasant who is trying to survive….. Regards Alexey…

Нужно 1 000 R Study and work

Please! Good people! Help!!! Who can. I am alone with my son, I have no place of my own, we are wandering around rented flats, I work part-time, as my health does not allow me to work on a permanent basis, I need treatment. Can not pay for housing, need money for clothes and food, medicines. I have to pay the rent. I can not afford even fruit for my child to buy. Respond kind people! I will be grateful and thankful for any help. I will pray for you! My son and I requisites 5336 6901 8432 3469

Нужно 90 000 R Medicine and health

Hello, everyone. I’m in a difficult life situation. As if today myself with everything coped with everything and in general before that did not ask anyone for anything. I work and get a salary, but critically lacking finances. Also got into an accident, and lost an additional source of income (moonlighting in a taxi). Kumo is not difficult and certainly will not hit your wallet. Please help! 4276310047886470 sber

Нужно 9 000 R Household goods

Good afternoon, I dream of regaining my freedom of mind. I, the mum of 2 children, all my life I live trying to improve their living conditions, as my time lived on rented flats, earnings are not bad. Took two mortgages, and here all would be nothing, but it all started, repair, this and that. Now all the ideas are completed. But. Got into debt and now I do not sleep at night, I do not know how to relieve myself, how to close it all. The mortgage is a burden. But it does not pull, but the debts that I have racked up for the sake of this happiness people are very pressed on the conscience. The debt is not big about 400 000, but where to take them I do not know. Credit is not given. People constantly ask to delay the return, thank God they are great friends, but this is not the case. So my conscience torments me, where to take, where to find and how to get out of it,
Istria is probably popular, but I know one thing. “Who if not me will help my children?”

Нужно 6 000 R Clothes and shoes

Good afternoon everyone. I got into a difficult situation. Like many in our country, took loans in banks. That would help relatives, that would pay off the debt on housing and utilities, buy furniture, make repairs. At first I paid, everything was fine. But, there came a period when the former stopped paying alimony, my mother began to delay wages, and my father lost his job because of drunkenness. And I started to pull everything and everyone alone. And my job didn’t go so well because of the virus, shifts were cut. I couldn’t pay any more. I started borrowing from friends. The debts grew. And I didn’t have the strength anymore. And I don’t. I’m back in arrears again. My son wants a bicycle, but I can’t buy one. I filed for bankruptcy, but I don’t have enough money. To bring the case to court as soon as possible, I need 85,000. I don’t have it. People I know are claiming debts. Total despair. If you have the opportunity, help, at least something. My son and I would be grateful. I’m raising him alone.

Нужно 60 000 R Flat and utility bills

I am a student, I study in medical school, with work while problems, I owe for housing, I want to eat, until the documents are signed and I get a job, until the salary I will not live, I will either be thrown out of housing and I will be expelled or die of hunger parents do not help, since I do not live with them for a long time and they are not going to help please help, I can not do this, I will be very grateful 4584 4329 9556 1587

Нужно 70 000 R Food

Hello, I want to appeal to people can help me preobresti overlock 4 threads, my dream I am a seamstress 5 razgrada sewing machine I have, but there is no overlock, I want to work at home because I live in the farm work as such is not, the garden to 16, help preobresti please.Thanks in advance, here is the number of the card 2200770262127857.

Нужно 40 000 R Paying off loans and mortgages

Hello, I am the current owner of a business that I inherited after my mother died! Due to the pandemic, the business took a big hit and lost another part time job! I am broke and am currently looking for a new part-time job! Once in a lifetime, I’d like to give my uncle a present and pay off his arrears. Also, my grandmother became ill and became half-blind, and weakened that sometimes it is difficult for her to do banal things herself, and have to help her, as well as need medication every month for 500r. Help, who can! We need to survive, at least half a year! I do not like to ask for help, but in this case I need it and without it without it….

Hello my name is Galya I am a mum of five children I got in a difficult situation, at the moment I am on sick leave for the third month money is not enough sick leave is paid but only enough for a flat, for kindergarten to pay nothing for food money is not, debts to pay nothing please help us we will be very grateful to you….

After the sale of a three-room flat in Kazan, it so happened the money turned out to be at the the moment my daughter and I live on my disability pension, housing rent.We really need specialists, my daughter Zprrr is not getting along with the school, and they are not exactly cheap.And we also really need winter clothes and shoes, if anyone will respond I will be very grateful.

Good day! I am a student of medical university. Honestly speaking with health everything is in order. In my free time I work, I am not lazy. But you understand. How much they pay students. Enough to pay for accommodation and clothes. I really want an iPhone. That’s what I’m asking for money for. Help with a ruble. It does not matter how much) Thank you.

I’m begging you, please help me. Just a little bit. I have no more strength, I want to die. To free my family from this nightmare. I can’t bear to see my illness bring my mum and dad to tears, to the brink. I’m only 16 years old and I can’t go to work now. All the money goes to my medication. There is nothing left, nothing at all. No groceries, no rent to pay, no nappies or food for my younger brothers. And all because it’s all my fault, I got sick. My illness has taken everything away from us. Please, I’m not asking for more for rehab. We can’t find that much money anyway. But I’m asking you to help just a little bit to buy food and nutrition for the kids. I’m begging you to help us survive. I’m asking from me, not from my parents. I want to help them just a little bit. I want to make it a little easier for them. Just a little bit. Please, someone please come forward. I’m writing and crying, I really can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry.
You can help by sending a donation to
Absa Group Limited phone number tied to the card +79063114766.
Gazprombank card number 4874156476769901

Hello, I am ashamed to write and ask for money but I have no choice. My name is Alyona and I am 19 years old, after a big fight with my parents I was kicked out of my house and refused to pay the rest of my tuition fees, I am now living in a hostel because there is no room in the hostel and I am trying to pay my debts of 70 thousand rand which I borrowed from people to pay my tuition fees. I am trying to find a job but I have no success, I have almost no money left even for food. Now I am selling things that I could take from home but they are very few and not expensive. Please help me with any amount you can… I want to start living normally Kiwi +79121791047 as well as you can Absa Group Limited 2202206195180638 is the card number of the girl from whom I borrowed money.

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South Africa's charitable foundation rankings

Фонды помощи Тип организации Рейтинг Средняя оценка Отзывы
1. UniHelp International Charitable Organisation Help for children
2. Dobra Tut Charitable Foundation Support for residential care homes
3. Belarusian Children's Fund "Republican Public Association" Help for children
4. Children's Aid Foundation "Chance" Help for children
5. Local charitable foundation "Soul Movement" Helping children and people in need
6. Venerable Euphrosyne of Polotsk Charitable Foundation Humanitarian assistance to all segments of the population
7. BlagoDarim Charitable Public Association Help for children
8. Search and Rescue Squad "Angel" Assistance in locating missing persons
9. Belarusian Children's Fund Help for children
10. Public organisation "Roads of Kindness" Helping those in need
11. Public organisation "Understanding" Help for children
12. Life Yes Charity Organisation Development of sports and assistance to elderly people living alone
13. White Stork Foundation for Children Help for children
14. Public organisation "Response" Protection of women and children
15. Charitable Foundation "Foundation for Mercy and Health" Helping those in need


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