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We need to 200 000 $ Family and loved ones

Hello my name is Erion Kota and I am from Albania. I live in Athens and work as a cleaner at a school. My dream is to buy an apartment for my family and my dogs. But with my salary this is not possible. I hope they will help me fulfill my dream here. IBAN GR7101101130000011395422139 tel +30694 85 34 093

We need to 200 000 $ Family and loved ones

Hello! I am not a refugee and I have no serious illnesses. I won’t cry that I have nothing to eat or that my dog ​​is sick. But I have no home and no money. I work, my husband too, but it is impossible to collect or save money. I would really like to have my own apartment, but I can’t buy it. It costs 200,000 euros and I don’t have them 🙁 if you have the opportunity to share a small amount with me, I would be very grateful to you. Thank you very much in advance. My bank account is GR7101101130000011300455356 my name is Panova Lilia. I am from Ukraine. I live in Greece. I work as a groomer. +306982112673

I am a volunteer and help homeless animals. However, it is not always possible to manage everything on my own. Significant amounts of money are needed. I am turning to you for help.

This is not a scam, but real work, which takes all the free time and funds. Unfortunately, very few people are now engaged in such activities. I will be grateful for your help.

Hello. My name is Teymurova Veronika 33goda gSarapul I now have difficult life circumstances I 6 years ago sharply fell ill with the disease systemic lupus erythematosus, but it I develop strange for doctors and scary: a lot of co-diagnoses of destruction of hair and nails fell out and I am constantly lying in the hospital RKDC city of Izhevsk, I come home for a few weeks and again go away because there is a serious struggle for life, often lying with strong, severe exacerbations, I am on a pension is not constant invalid 2 group pension 10 thousand. Most of it goes to the drugs constant and now plus to lie down to pass on the covid paid, because free do a long time, I can not get a job out of the hospital do not take, the diagnosis is heard well or doctors do not allow the more now strong treatment, but you have to live, and on what? I have a family husband he will be 38, but he is 18 years I have epilepsy at work no one with this diagnosis does not consider a disabled person 2group permanent pension 13tys. 2 children son 17 years, daughter 13 years. Because of these problems appear debts on communal services, we live in a private house, in the school at the daughter’s debt, have to borrow to buy products, but it is necessary to give, parents have nothing to help, and my father does not want to help on pension he is after the death of my mother 2years ago.Never asked for help always myself, but here I failed forces and draw not from where. I ask for help of any insignificant even, if anyone can, please HELP, I just want to live, to be happy and that my children did not starve and were clothed. For God’s sake help me during this period and God willing I will recover and I will be fine

Of course I doubt that anyone will help, but we will try with my wife to appeal to rich people! We can not buy our own housing, we really hope that kind people will help us and respond to our request. We are normal ordinary people, we work, but with our salaries is very difficult something to save and save for housing. We ask you to help.

I want to learn to drive. To drive my mom and grandma to hospitals. We do not always get the bus because my health does not allow, and we can not spend money on a cab every time because it is not enough for treatment and cab. Half of the amount I have already collected is not enough just a little bit. I do not get a loan because I do not work officially and my salary does not allow. Who how much can throw on a kiwi purse. I will be grateful even 10 rubles. I know that in our world remained noble people. Help please. Wallet number 89677259521. You can and and just on the phone number and then I will transfer myself to kiwi.

We need to 30 000 $ Apartment and utility payments

Hello everyone, in our family happened accidents, from illness to the death of a loved one in the family circle were loans, and loans taken, on the treatment was all very bad, my father fell ill, had to try to earn more, and pay for the apartment, etc., I understand that I have to work and help, but the loans broke me and broke the interest on them I only had time to pull and look for something new but nothing is not getting, my mother is also sick and I am so ashamed that I can not help my family, collectors already do not give rest? No mood, no money, no food, nothing, help me please?

We need to 10 000 $ Foodstuffs

Hello, we are in a very difficult situation. I ask you to help please who how much can we have no money even for bread we have two children husband works alone I am at home can not find a job in our city. We have a construction site husband receives 16000r. We do not have enough to live with the four of us please help.

We need to 9 000 $ Repayment of loans and mortgages

Hi everyone, my name is Artyom. I am 24 years old. Have a small beautiful daughter Maya 2 years old, and loving wife Olga.
Caught in a difficult financial situation, from debts and loans gained in the most difficult time for us, in connection with a serious illness of a relative. After the quarantine happened and we were on his as well stupidity, namely on my in the debt pit, which has no end. Not a slacker working, as much as possible all the forces to prrkormit the family, but the debts pull their own, kopisyatsya and kopisyatsya. From them collapses the family, please help close debts. All confirmation of debts will send a full list of documents.

We need to 3 000 $ Family and loved ones

I went to a local university, KSTU, for a fee.
Everything was fine. My parents helped pay for it, I had a part-time job.
Last week my grandmother was diagnosed with oncology, all the money began to go to her treatment, I do not pull out to pay for my studies, but I want to study, that would have a good salary in the future and also help others.
Goldman Sachs card number 5536 9139 4668 5217.

We need to 8 000 $ Study and work

I’m an orphan. I have no relatives or guardian. I’m all alone. I have no one to ask for help. Money is a terrible problem. I worked for a while until my health deteriorated and now I have to be hospitalized. Because of my health condition, I have become incapacitated. The state helped while I was in college, I graduated a year ago and by law, I had to go to college to extend my survivor benefits and increased scholarship, but I didn’t make it because of the health problems I have now. And so, for a year I was without payments. I had to work. I worked from time to time, again for health reasons, it was not easy for me, and now it is not easy at all. The thing is that I have a diagnosis made by a doctor in the psycho-neurological dispensary, manifested in a rather severe form. It is difficult to take care of myself elementary, even to cook a meal. Please help with money, please… who can, even a hundred rubles I will be glad, in such a sad situation now….. I would leave my card number here, but unfortunately it is blocked because of an old credit debt. I have a number tied to my kiwi wallet, I will leave it – 89963308232. If you need proof of my situation, I am ready to provide it. Please do not pass by… the refrigerator at home is completely empty, I have not eaten for 3 days…..

We need to 3 000 $ Medicine and health

My name is Vladislav. I am 52 years old. I do not know how to talk nicely. . . Never in my life I have never appealed to anyone and did not ask for anything, but now need help. It turned out so that the source of income in my family sharply decreased. Loan arrears began to form. We took a mortgage on an apartment and several small loans. A child was born, then the second. Relations with relatives are difficult. There is nowhere to go back to, and the loans need to be paid. I don’t drink, quit smoking, sold my car. I tried to work part-time, but no one is satisfied with my work schedule plus children.If there is a job, there is no perspective and a small salary. What do I do? I’m at a standstill. Now the kids are 9 and 10. I try very hard that they would develop for the good, constantly trying that they everywhere where it is possible to keep up, but unfortunately I have financial problems, I am already tired and I am ashamed, and I ask for help. If you are not indifferent I will be glad. The total debt is about very large. If there is a possibility, I will be glad to help in ANY amount, I really hope for any help.

We need to 90 000 $ Household goods

Good afternoon! I never thought that there would come a time when I would need to ask for help. Since I have been working since childhood, since I was 14 years old, I got a labor book. But now I am 49 years old, and nobody takes you anywhere. I ask you to help me in buying a car for work. I can return this amount, formalize as you say. 2200020218494682 Thank you! May help you from above!

We need to 7 000 $ Clothes and shoes

Hello! My name is Natalia, I am married, I am 34 years old and I am a mom of five daughters. My husband works in construction, I am a housewife. We live just riches no, there is a small apartment 16 sq.m. bought on the maternity capital and my mother’s apartment in the barracks in which we zhevye at the moment. The essence of my appeal is housing. We want to build a big house that would be cozy for the girls, but since we will never let ourselves build it we want to ask for your help. Please help us financially to build a house. We will be very happy with every ruble. JPMorgan Chasea card is linked to this number 79231140584.

Hello! The first time I ask for help, .I have three children two sons and a daughter. We live in ToWashington on a rented apartment. I work myself earnings are small, .The owner of the apartment throws out with children said to get out the money is given until the 12th, part of the money is on a new rent still need a part of 7000 tr. If you can help who can how much I will be very grateful. Номер карты,5536/9138/4657/3778

I’m a pretty normal person. I divorced my wife three years ago. Since then I’ve been out of sorts, have a large court debt left on me, paying alimony. I live in a rented apartment, how to make ends meet. The other day accidentally entered the trading exchange, decided to try, I thought I would earn, it will work out( I left there all my savings and still found myself in debt to people. Even have nothing to sell from personal belongings to cover debts, my salary to count on the deadline is not possible, and the amount does not allow. At the time of publication I feel terrible((( there are thoughts of suicide, I can not tell my relatives, they are already very worried about me. I hate myself, how could I only let this happen… Found this site, and had to write here from despair. I just don’t have any other options. Sorry( If anyone has any opportunity, here is the wallet number +79620705400.

It so happens that I do not know how to look like in the modern world. I’m lagging behind, confused. I look in the mirror – a scarecrow. I don’t understand how to dress, I’m not ready to go out at all. I feel I can’t do without a specialist.

I have to start a new life, get a job. Help me pay for a stylist so I can get back to a full-fledged existence.”

Hello, my name is Anastasia. I recently moved from my parents to an independent life, and in order to somehow live normally, because it is difficult to find a job nowadays in the regions, I got loans with a young man, we took them when I was still working, but after I was fired, finances were significantly reduced and it became more difficult to pay. The subsistence minimum, which is for one person, stretched for two more and the cat must be fed. At the moment everything became very bad, I ask for help! I’m looking for work 24/7 and every time I look at the same ads where men are required, I do not take anywhere. This has been going on for about 2 months now. If you have the opportunity to help, here is the card number I will be grateful for your help!!!! 2200 7702 5903 4280

I got into a difficult situation, lost my job, borrowed money from serious people to close loans. Now I have nothing to pay and the interest rate is high. Unlike banks, these people are willing to shell out a lot. Help repay their debt. Remained 250000 from the coronavirus nowhere take to work. Hope for good people 4893 4702 1447 8775

We need to 8 000 $ Apartment and utility payments

I write and ask for help. I got sick, oncology. Detected at stage 4. Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Treatment in Washington is expensive. Not enough. You pay for everything, because there is no propiska, tolkovremennaya registratsiya.we moved from the Tver region, I was still working, we checked out.V, wanted to take a mortgage, but got sick. I quit my job for health reasons. Benefits on the group of disability do not receive, they say on the temporary can not. And large children’s crust in Washington is not valid and my children no benefits and the status of a large family does not have.Can help or borrow, at least how much, I will be grateful. Please help me. My card is 5469 6300 1455 7513. We have already given 2 group of disability. Debts are growing 253000.Documents will provide [email protected].

We need to 1 000 $ Foodstuffs

I have in my life happened such a situation: dialed microloans in large numbers, now there is nothing to pay, there are delinquencies, the amount has run up to 350 000 dollars, collectors threaten and paint the walls in the entrance, where my elderly grandmother lives. The situation is very critical, I live in a small town, where it is impossible to earn such a sum. Please help, who can.

We need to 90 000 $ Repayment of loans and mortgages

I AM DISABLED SINCE CHILDHOOD, I SUFFER FROM CHRONIC DISEASE OF THE ONLY KIDNEY AND URINARY TRACT, I HAVE ENURESIS (DAY AND NIGHT URINARY INCONTINENCE AND I NEED ADULT DIAPERS NUMBER 5, But I can’t buy them myself because a pack of diapers costs more than 2000 dollars and my pension is below the subsistence minimum, I have no other sources of income, so I am asking for help from all people who are not indifferent.

We need to 9 000 $ Family and loved ones

Hello, it happened so that I was left sitting on the neck of my mother and stepfather in the village, with us two of my younger brothers.
I, went to live in the city to my mother’s friend, to earn money. I could not find an apartment, as the town is small, and in most cases rented or daily or family people. I had to leave again in the village, it turned out that the rest of the money I earned I gave my mother to pay off the loan for a washing machine, I wanted to go to work in the local collective farm there said that they would call, and did not call. I’m out of work, out of money, I just want to move to a bigger city, rent an apartment, find a job and live a full life. I don’t want to sit on my neck, in our village there is not even a pharmacy, I have a disease, F20.8 is one of the types of schizophrenia, when I was 15 years old I was in a mental hospital. Sometimes I have epilepsy-like seizures, pressure in the back of my head, tics and sometimes hysterics, the local hospital is not stable, referrals are given only for tests, I need prescriptions for medicines, the certificate from the psychiatric hospital is in the psychiatrist’s office, after I passed the military enlistment. I would like to live normally, without imposing ideas and pressure in the head, as I am engaged in music, well, and here our village loses, as in the creative plan is poorly developed, I would like to collect the group, that my project would become something more than just a project.Help please, I do not ask for millions, just want to establish a life.

We need to 6 000 $ Study and work

Good afternoon, kind people, please help me, I do not know where else I can turn? I urgently need to formalize the house, but finances do not allow, I have a baby, all on her practically goes, no benefits I do not receive, in the family works only mom, the father does not, we are in a family of 4, I, a sister who is still in school, and my daughter….
Mom’s salary is very small 500r a day((( help please, who how much can ???( my card number 5228 6005 4378 4070 sber card mastercard)”

We need to 60 000 $ Medicine and health

I found myself in such a situation that I can not get home and live at the station of another city. I’m from Vologda. I went to Washington for work. As it turned out I became one of those who were simply cheated. As a result, I have no money and can’t get home. I’ve been living at the train station for a week. I’ve been asking for help from passersby. No one wants to even listen. No relatives. I live alone. I don’t even want to eat. I just want to get home. Please who can. Help 5469980471018560

We need to 70 000 $ Household goods

Hello! In my life only once took a consumer loan to buy a refrigerator. It was about ten years ago. All normally paid off. And suddenly, just before the New Year, my card was blocked. All that was on it (more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars) was written off. I started to find out. It turned out that in the summer, according to my data was taken several loans in different banks. Then it turns out there were courts that I did not know about. I wrote a statement to the police. The police said they’ll look into it. They will or won’t find them, they don’t know. My salary is transferred to my payroll card. I had to go on vacation without pay. If you have any questions, I’m ready to answer them. I’m at a complete loss. I don’t know if I can pay back whoever helps me. I have 280,000 on me right now. I do not need a lot of money, I just need to live, while I will deal with the situation. Thank you all in advance. A friend gave me her Citigroup debit card. The number is 5368 2902 5157 3673.

We need to 40 000 $ Clothes and shoes

I am a mother of a special child, my son is 9 years old, does not walk.We took loans for treatment, then that 1 would pay for the other, and so I now have debts 600000, I work only on loans, I am afraid to make at least 1 delay on the loan, as then will not be released in Greece for treatment, where we are expected next year.But also to pay is not able to.Help please. I will pay you back every month, and with %.I do not know what to do.

Please help me to get out of debt. I am a citizen of the CIS, I came to Washington, D.C., to buy an apartment in the mortgage, but as a result I fell on scammers and the initial capital that my relatives gave me gave to scammers. The amount of debt is 872000 dollars, I ask you very much to help me at least partially.2202206335429374 JPMorgan Chase.

I would not have approached you if it were not for my family’s desperate situation. I am 15 years old. I live in Pgt Dzhubga, Krasnodar Krai. My mom and dad work for miserable wages. But I have never needed anything. I have a tablet, computer, phone. A lot of fashionable clothes. I also go to paid classes in many free subjects, I study on 4 and 5. I am a volunteer, I have a lot of diplomas and diplomas. We live in a house at distant relatives, but already in spring we are asked not to release as it is sold. My mother 2 years ago entered the inheritance and we have a little, already in the property, but no money to build a modest house. On the state programs do not count and did not count. My parents are elderly, I am the only long-awaited child. From the state we received 20000 on quarantine, this money was spent on school fees. This is the only money our family received. My mom does not want to take a loan, but we do not give it because we are not solvent. I have nothing to count on! I can only believe in a miracle! Please help me! We only need 700,000 dollars. I will remember your kindness and generosity. Thank you to all the Frost Girls and beautiful snow maidens!

Card number: 4276300011198192

Helping relatives, got into loans and MFIs, and our life is over, began to survive. I am on maternity leave with two children, my husband is a cadet. Money is barely enough for food. On housing and communal services big debts, but it is trifles, in comparison with debts to MFO, earlier simply prolonged, now even this is not pulled, collectors began to call, we wrote statements to the police, they do not act. Bankruptcy can not, debts are less than 300 tons
All relatives and friends turned away. I’m scared for my children, God forbid something happens. Help anyone who can???? at least 10 dollars.

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U.S. Charitable Foundation Ratings

Assistance funds Type of organization Rating Average score Testimonials
1. UniHelp International Charitable Organisation Help for children
2. Dobra Tut Charitable Foundation Support for residential care homes
3. Belarusian Children's Fund "Republican Public Association" Help for children
4. Children's Aid Foundation "Chance" Help for children
5. Local charitable foundation "Soul Movement" Helping children and people in need
6. Venerable Euphrosyne of Polotsk Charitable Foundation Humanitarian assistance to all segments of the population
7. BlagoDarim Charitable Public Association Help for children
8. Search and Rescue Squad "Angel" Assistance in locating missing persons
9. Belarusian Children's Fund Help for children
10. Public organisation "Roads of Kindness" Helping those in need
11. Public organisation "Understanding" Help for children
12. Life Yes Charity Organisation Development of sports and assistance to elderly people living alone
13. White Stork Foundation for Children Help for children
14. Public organisation "Response" Protection of women and children
15. Charitable Foundation "Foundation for Mercy and Health" Helping those in need


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