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Hello everyone. My wife and I took a mortgage for a flat both work hard and take work over and above the norm, but with the rise in prices for utilities and groceries begin to not sprovlatsyaetsya with loans and mortgages plus a daughter now goes to school is very difficult to pull it all, especially in our small town called Zima please all who have the opportunity not to pass by the total amount of 800 000 peso. Thank you!!!

Hello help please who can help please. I am from Kazakhstan, I have 2 small children, I have no housing, I rent, I don’t work because the child is small, the second one is 6 months old. My husband left us I have a loan. Help please nasobirat on firewood and coal to collect please I know that there are in our time kind people number Caspian 4400430081671825 thank you zanonie

Нужно 200 000 ₱ Gratuitous Financial Assistance to Davao

I am ashamed to ask. But here I am life puts me on my knees. I can’t recover from the coronavirus. But I’m still alive. Thank God. I was laid up for six months. Didn’t work. Can’t get a job now. I’ve got debts. I can’t pay my own debts anymore. I can’t pay my rent either. I have a daughter. It’s just the two of us. My daughter’s graduating from high school this year. She dreams of going to school. About graduation…. And what can I give a child. When I can’t get up. Every day I believe that something will change. It’ll get easier. I’m writing here out of desperation. My debt today is 112,000. But I’ll be grateful for every peso. I want to believe in good. ? Here’s my card 2202200440372033

Нужно 30 000 ₱ Gratuitous Financial Assistance to Cebu

Good afternoon. Difficult life situation, leaves me no choice to turn to kind people for help … I want to finally finish the improvement of the house in the village. And the financial situation does not allow it. My wife has a difficult situation with pregnancy, the first-born at the age of 33 … I try to solve all financial issues related to pregnancy at once. There is no housing, no mortgage to take, because immediately sit in a puddle … Very much waiting for help… Respectfully Vladimir.

Нужно 300 000 ₱ Flat and utility bills

Good day, please help, I need to raise 1,000,000 million pesos to close my debt. Of this amount, I have found 320,000p, leaving 680,000p.
The situation is as follows:
In July 2019, our family had to take out a loan of 400,000r, this money was needed for the police to drop the charges against me, they wanted to convict me illegally in a crime I did not commit and to make a co-defendant of a person, my girlfriend, who also had nothing to do with crime. So, we tried to apply to banks but we were refused everywhere, then we turned to the investor took 400 000 pesos on the pledge of property, the property was the only flat in which live my mother, grandmother 81 years old and grandfather 80 years old, my mother is 55 years old. For the first half of the year we paid the loan faithfully and there were no problems, but after the new year my mother and I lost our jobs and we had problems with the payment. Our payment was 20.000r per month and this amount went only to repay interest (5% per month), the principal debt remained unchanged. After problems with payments, the debt began to grow, pensions were increasing, and when it reached 700.000 the investor applied to the court, with a request to sell our only home to pay off the debt. That’s when I realised that we had to do something or we’d just be left on the street. Our one-room flat is far from the centre and its value is maximum 1.400.000r.
I turned to a law firm, the director of which was my old acquaintance, he recently opened this firm and said that he could solve my problem. As I knew this person I trusted him completely. He offered me to restructure all my debts through arbitration. Since it was my only chance, I agreed.
Everything went according to plan, at the end of February there was to be a meeting at which I would make a payment schedule and I would pay my debts without interest in instalments and the flat would stay with me.
In December he repeatedly told me that we had kept the flat for you and that you just had to wait until February and then start paying. I was madly happy and breathed out a full chest as I was sure that my relatives would not be left on the street, I myself live in a rented flat.
And that week he told me that they had something went wrong and it is necessary to find about a million pesos to close all the debts, it is necessary to buy the flat in the amount of 680.000 pesos, the deadline is 24 February, otherwise it will be sold through auction. According to the law, the only housing can not be taken away, but our contract with the investor was concluded on the principle of a mortgage loan and the housing was the guarantor of payment and it was encumbered through the MFC.
I very much ask all not indifferent who can help, give 680.000 in a loan or gratuitously, I do not need money for something, I do not ask just to close the loan, I ask to help close this debt so that my parents are not left on the street, I very urgently need help, I am willing on any terms to take this money, please help.
It is possible to me personally in hands n what not even to transfer, it is possible to transfer to the account of the investor.
In personal communication I can document every word I say and provide all the necessary evidence. I believe that there are people in the world for whom it is a small amount of money and they are ready to help please hear me I pray to God for help and all pray help me and my family.

Нужно 100 000 ₱ Food

20-year-old Harutyun needs our support to overcome his illness.
In 2007, two years after his father’s death, 7-year-old Harutyun fell and suffered a serious brain injury, after which his life changed completely.
To overcome the severe effects of the stroke, Harutyun’s mother, who was single-handedly raising her two sons, left with the child for treatment in the Philippines, where in 2012 he was diagnosed with focal epilepsy with disintegrating synchronised focal-focal-bilateral instructions.
Harutyun has recently experienced a relapse of the disease, which is manifested by frequent recurrences of fainting and memory and, when alone, trauma.
Today, Harutyun is still in the Philippines. He needs an expensive examination, then surgery in Bulgaria. According to preliminary estimates, the surgery requires 3 million pesos or $40,000.
Harutyun’s mum cannot pay for her son’s surgery, she needs our help.
Harutyun’s mum is a close friend of mine. Everyone who knows this family is fighting for them with all their strength, as they are bright and pure people.
All the documents are on the mum’s instagram page.
We ask you from the bottom of our hearts, help the young guy to live!
Also very much need the help of bloggers.

Нужно 90 000 ₱ Paying off loans and mortgages

Hello, I am in a difficult situation…There is a house unfinished without floor windows, water and stove, and I can’t live in it…I bought it on the accumulation of years, I wanted to make repairs and live, I rent a flat with my daughter 18l.There was a good job, the owner closed the shop went abroad, I found a job, but the salary is small, with the rise in prices money is not enough for anything. I teach my daughter this is finance, pay for everything.Rent a flat …Thought that I will buy a house and repair rough while I do move in and start living slowly everything will do …But now just in despair, I ask for help, the amount will save luba, need money to buy a board on the floor ceiling, pipes for water supply, a lot of things …I will be glad to any help …Hands down ….

Нужно 30 000 ₱ Family and relatives

Please help, in 2015 I was in a terrible accident, broke my back and got a severe fracture of the right arm – torn ligaments and nerves! The back restored, put 4 artificial vertebrae but the arm has not worked to the end, works at 20%, you need to do expensive surgery 2750000peso – such money my family does not have, my parents on pension do not work and I became disabled at work do not take because the right hand does not work completely! Please help who can, there is almost no hope left, I am not a fraudster can contact me, I will confirm everything and prove if necessary, thank you in advance, let your loved ones take care of you! Card BDOa 2202200605068129

Нужно 80 000 ₱ Study and work

Hello. I do not know who to turn to. There were life difficulties urgently needed money to pay for medicines. Dialed loans, now I can not give as the salary is very small. Need a total of 1100000 pesos. All the money has been stolen Whoever can help me please. I don’t know what to do. I work for pennies, I have nothing to pay back. Here’s the card number 5398770068355871
Whoever can help me please. I don’t know what to do. I work for pennies, I have nothing to pay back. Here is the card number 5398770068355871

Нужно 30 000 ₱ Medicine and health

It is very shameful to ask for help from wealthy people, but life has pushed me to it.I can not pay credits as our family has the status of many children.I work on 2 jobs but I can not pay them.Kind people help if it is possible.I would rather pay money to a person without interest and could even return.Or I can offer my help in exchange of monetary physical. I am not a fraudster and can prove it in any way.Banks do not make concessions.I thought to take a large loan and cover the current but alas do not give banks.I ask for help for the sake of the family.From the salary does not remain on life all goes to interest.I can even in video chat talk to a person who can help,or personally meet.I will be glad to any help.(Thank you).

Нужно 900 000 ₱ Household goods

My mum is very keen to have a dacha. She lives in a military town. There is nature around, a forest. And there are dacha plots nearby, she always dreams of having a dacha when she walks, to spend time there, to grow crops. But the pension is not enough, my salary is not big. If there are people who can help in realising the dream, ❤️. Card number 2200290555944447

Нужно 70 000 ₱ Clothes and shoes

Hello Married, 2 children. The eldest is 15, the youngest is 4. We live with my mother-in-law in a two room flat. Our room is 12 square metres. We sleep on top of each other. It’s become unbearable to live at home. We fight. There is no possibility to take a mortgage, no income. If there are still rich people, please help. I believe in miracles.

I ask you to help me financially to buy medicines.I am 57 years old.In February I underwent surgery on the spine. I had two herniated discs removed and a crack in the Manila I had an operation under the OMC .but my recovery is very slow.before the operation I was working and had some savings.but since I am not taken to work for health reasons I found myself in a very difficult situation. .my pension is small .I am from Stavropol region .And pensions are not big in our country .And the medicines that I need for recovery are very expensive .I am sorry I am very ashamed to appeal if there is a possibility to help me on medicines .the cost of my medicines for a month .my phone and my telegram +7925 1824198 .epicress I can send to your mail and my photo .

Good day, please help me! Very much in need! I am 68 years old. The gas boiler exploded in the house, I decided to install a new one. There was no money, the bank refused. To borrow from someone was not possible, I know that my acquaintances people with small income. The bank refused in the measure of age, mfos did not refuse. I took out a loan, but I couldn’t close it. When it was not possible to pay the ad link took more. It was madness:, but it was the only way out. Now I’m trapped. I’m in arrears. It’s hard to live from moral pressure and hopelessness. The people I went to, they just scolded me and that’s it. I can’t take it anymore. I tried my best. With great gratitude I will accept any help. Please, whoever has the opportunity, help me! I can document my misfortune! I can barely live. Took to correct my problem all available methods. It did not solve the problem. From the side of the mfos began moral pressure. It is very difficult for me HELP!

Hello, my name is Sergey, I am 19 years old, I am from Kaliningrad and I am an orphan! Because of the lack of family and friends I don’t know how to live! I really want to enter the theatre university, but now I have no money even for food, no roof over my head! Lately I started to get disappointed in life because I am in a stupor and I don’t understand everything! I hope there is help here)

Hello to everyone who can help me and my son I am a single mother who was left without a job and without means of subsistence, I have no job I do not have to live and survive a couple of times there is not even money for bread can not pay for light and gas I am afraid that soon cut off will be left without anything to borrow money can not because otradit will be nothing please help us please who can.

Нужно 90 000 ₱ Gratuitous Financial Assistance to Cebu

Hello! My name is Sergei. I am 28 years old. Please give money without return! I really need your help now! Please help, please, for charity. Ochenent ridiculous situation with me adventured: Called from abroad, reported that I allegedly won on paid questionnaires a large sum of money, called me a male manager, nothing particularly demanded, said that will only need my bank card number to withdraw funds, well, I and reported! As a result: – Hacked the old card, apparently fraudsters and withdrew my 350000 pesos all to a penny, I do not know how to be and what to do! I don’t know how to look my parents in the eye, they are not even aware of it yet! …… I got a new card, not BDO now, but Halva SovComBank. But I don’t know what to do with the money! I don’t know how to tell my parents! In a panic, all on edge! Help, please! My new card 5536 0925 8666 7023 (Help on this new card by transferring money, please! What you can! At least 200 – 300 thousand and that would be a plus for me!). Now I have no savings at all, which I collected for 10 years! Help me to recover, please! I just do not know what to do and how to be! I would like to recover only my lost 350 thousand pesos and that’s it, I don’t even need anything else! It’s just a shame, I’ve been saving, saving, saving for 10 years, and then this happens! Of course, I was a fool myself, I should have at least started a savings book! I didn’t want to keep it in cash either, I had it on my card and kept it! Before that, there were no withdrawals until all this happened! Help, kind people!

Нужно 80 000 ₱ Flat and utility bills

Hello! Please help me. A cry for help…I am a single mother, I live in a rented flat with my disabled daughter. I work officially, but my salary of 8000 t.r. is not enough to pay for rented accommodation and treatment of my daughter. The child has cerebral palsy, requires urgent unscheduled surgery on the legs. Please help us in this assistance, we appointed surgery in Manila, the amount needed t.r. Help us kind people, we will be grateful for any help you can give… Card 2200 0202 2606 7306. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.

Нужно 10 000 ₱ Food

My name is Anastasia. I am not a scammer, I have never been her, but a simple person who got into a difficult life situation, who is trying to do everything possible and impossible to start living happily and give a happy childhood to my child. I am ready to take the amount at % to pay monthly, because I am down, I am in a desperate situation.

I have never done such a thing and did not ask for help, but I am downcast, because I do not see the light, every day I get up and think where to take the money. Yes, I know it’s my own fault. I have always been against loans and debts, but life has ordered otherwise. For more than 10 years I had to fight for my flat with the local administration (my father made a mess of things), as a result, I got into loans / debts, because I had to pay for lawyers, but except for words from them, I got nothing. Where only did not apply, but all in vain, money take – do not help, my mother was reduced from work in 2017, as a result, was forced to help her, as she was not in the financial situation to pay for everything herself, and I have a stable job and earnings. In the end, all the courts lost, I can say I was thrown out on the street, then still, with a 6 month old child. Before maternity twisted / paid, then maternity, but still survived as I could, worked until the birth and a day after the birth. I ran into a lot of scammers. Then the pandemic did its job, cut the salary, dismissal. I worked part-time where there was an opportunity to pay everything faster, but all in vain, you pay min. payment, and the debt is not reduced + in some banks % robbery (when I took loans, did not think about it). Yes, I know that I am guilty myself, but I do everything possible and impossible to solve the problems and forget. Now I work, but because of the situation with coronavirus orders are not, absolutely, the salary per month about 13-15 thousand (of which about 7-8 thousand goes to utilities and day care). I want to close all financial. problems and forget for life, what is credit. Throw away all credit cards, enjoy life with my daughter and do not think about the fact that tomorrow is another day of payment, and the money is not enough for it, get up in the morning and breathe a full breath. I have managed to close one credit card for 25,000 pesos, but that is not enough for a happy life. I work as much as I can now and where I can (my child is 2.5 years old), my husband’s salary goes to pay the mortgage, car and house maintenance. I am trying to get out of the situation and get things going, but there is no opportunity, debts take away everything I manage to earn. Because of this apathy, depression, mental and physical fatigue, I do not sleep normally, constantly on caffeine, on the verge of going out the window. Amount of monthly payments on loans, over 45,000 pesos + debts to friends + MFIs. Total amount owed on loans, credit cards, MFIs and acquaintances to date – 2,769,290 pesos 58 pennies. Tried to refinance loans to reduce the payment burden, but the banks refuse because of the heavy financial burden + co-borrower in the mortgage. At the moment there are arrears on loans, as I just do not have anything to pay them, on the card 85peso left, began calls from the departments of collection. I live in total despair, I try to at least try to fix everything to get my life back, but it’s really very hard. To be honest, sometimes bad thoughts creep into my head, but I live for my daughter and my mum, I can’t afford this. I want to live, not to survive, to help my mum, to please the child, myself, my mum and child to go to the sea for the first time in my life, and not all the money to pay off loans to send. I apologise for the rambling, but it’s just a cry of the soul!!!! I will be grateful if you can provide any help, even half of the amount will save me!!!! Happiness, health to you and your family.

I very much ask you to respond to my pain, sadness, my cry of the soul. I have always helped people myself, but I found myself in a difficult situation, there is nowhere to wait for help! I realise that I am not alone with the problem of loans, but it turned out as it happened. I gave myself a promise that after closing the loans, debts always will live within my means, in life will not get into this bondage, also after closing all credit obligations and debts I promise to send a report that the money went to the case. I beg you, help me, I have no more strength, every day I think about opening the window and go out, my daughter stops me, my mum!

Thank you for listening. I really hope you can help!

Нужно 90 000 ₱ Family and relatives

My request is that I need financial resources to build a shelter for homeless animals, every year where I live (in a small township) homeless dogs puppies are becoming more and more, it’s a pity to see them in the cold and hunger without their homes and no one’s support, according to calculations need the amount of 400 thousand pesos, for the purchase of materials and the construction of the shelter, who is not indifferent to this situation card details BDO 5228600594192363 , any help our team will be glad.

Нужно 900 000 ₱ Paying off loans and mortgages

Good afternoon. The problem is that as it turned out I lost a lot of money playing online casino. And now I can’t get out of debt. I owe my friends and acquaintances and banks too. My wages are only enough to pay my debts in instalments. Besides, I have a wife and a child. My wife doesn’t know anything and I’m scared if she finds out. It’s a very dangerous situation. I’m afraid of ruining my family. I’m asking for help from those who will understand me, everyone is understandable. I know I’m guilty and I realise it, so I promise to pay back the amount I need in instalments to people who need help. And when I return the full amount, I will not forget about the good deeds and will continue…. I ask for forgiveness and help from those who understand me and can help me. I need 500000 pesona card 4276160965179063. Thank you again.

Нужно 60 000 ₱ Study and work

Hello, I am a pensioner born in 1959, I appeal to you for help. Please help me to get out of debt bondage. I do not live, but exist, my pension today is only 7300 pesos a month and this has been going on for six months. I have debts to banks and MFIs were with the bailiffs, deducted 25% of the pension, then transferred them to the FIU and began to deduct 50%, reduce the % can not, they explain that they do not have such powers. Now there is also a debt for utilities, I can not fully pay 4500pesos of the amount of 7300pesos I can not afford anything now, need painkillers, my legs are sick. I am a widow and live alone.Please help me, who can.My details: Yandex purse 410019114780550 Rauer purse P1026892225.

Нужно 600 000 ₱ Medicine and health

Hello, sorry for the disturbance, there was a vital situation in the acquisition of housing in Simferopol or near the city, my daughter has a diagnosis of atypical autism, she is 4 years old, need constant classes with specialists, unfortunately in our area there are no such. I have two children, the second son is 2 years old, I do not have my own place, we live in a rented house. For the sake of the future of my children, I ask for financial help.Card number 2200 0202 2668 2286.

Нужно 700 000 ₱ Household goods

Hello kind people who pomagaet everything that can this good to you will return do not sovnevativayut my daughter a year ago fell from the third floor good luck alive half a year of resuscitation another half a year in the hospital as a result of the status of polyative injuries were severe open skull fracture now in low consciousness breathes only ventilator trachiastoma and gastronoma need help for rehabilitation at least a little bit to improve the condition of my child would like the least that- to understand us and responded. Rehabilitation is very expensive please help, it is very difficult for us three children I and my wife work alone wife and daughter on medicine was not enough and medical pre, borrowed money from whomever I could now even for the flat to pay nothing for two months has not paid the landlady understands a good person but still give must people are very in a difficult situation we found ourselves please help.

Нужно 400 000 ₱ Clothes and shoes

Today 16.02.21. And do not know what to do with pondemia worked a whole year for the promise of payment of wages and salaries, but in January they reduced and dismissed without fulfilling not a penny now I sit at a broken trough there is a family with whom we live in a rented flat tomorrow after tomorrow we will be evicted during this time has grown loans and already the first banks sell to colectors begin to receive calls in general I am just in a hopeless situation kind people please help who can I and my family all my life will be grateful to everyone for help. Sber. 4276 3800 5161 0454.

Hello. I ask kind people to help me in my problem.

I live in a village, we have little work, almost none, I am raising two children, alimony of 1 thousand pesos. I have three professions, but I can’t find a job yet. I need to connect gas heating, but I don’t have the money.

I really hope for help from people who care.

Hello.I am 50 years old.My salary is small a lot to earn a lot I can not as very high blood pressure and very often dizzy.The thing is that I am panic-stricken of dental offices.Please help me to remove rotten teeth under general anaesthesia(To fall asleep and then wake up and teeth are made). I beg you to help me please with teeth.Teeth very painful it is necessary many to pull out then to treat gums and then to insert a false jaw.I beg you to help me with money.Who how much can.In advance the huge thank you with gratitude.May the Lord God will thank all those who will help me.Need 100 000 – 150 000. Card number 2202 2015 4439 0376 BDO

Hello. I am a young single mother of two children. The father of the children promised a good life and much more. But, these are just promises. To feed myself and my children, as well as to provide a roof over their heads, I took microzaymof. The young man promised that he would close, but no. Now we are separated, debts remain, and I can not take a mortgage on a flat for myself and the children. Almost all the money goes to pay for a rented flat. The children are small, I can not work( and 4 months) Help, please, who can do what…. 4279 3806 2332 6149

Нужно 900 000 ₱ Gratuitous Financial Assistance to Davao

Hello! My name is Tamara, I am 75 years old, I am a pensioner, I have a disability. I address with such a problem – I have no teeth left, and I am still a living person and want to eat normal food, not sour. My pension with disability is 11,000 pesos. I went to the dental hospital, and they charged me a huge amount of money – something like 300,000 pesos, because I need to do the whole mouth. I asked for help from the Social Security Office, I wrote a letter to the Government asking for financial assistance.

Нужно 90 000 ₱ Gratuitous Financial Assistance to Cebu

Hello. I am now in a very difficult life situation. I do not have enough money to live on, I have nothing to eat as my pension is very small. I am a disabled person of the second group.

I will be glad to receive any kopeck. If necessary, I can work off this money. I know how to do massage. Thank you in advance.

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6. Venerable Euphrosyne of Polotsk Charitable Foundation Humanitarian assistance to all segments of the population
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