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Svetlana Nikitina
Svetlana Nikitina
Updated 08.02.2024
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We need to 30 000 ₦

Give money for nothing. Hello! It so happened that our family was in an unfavourable financial situation. My father needs an operation on his arm, at one time he was in an accident. The whole family budget is spent on medicines, procedures, visits to doctors. Doctors did not immediately diagnose the disease, and after a while everything worsened and now only surgery will save. The mother needs to close the loan, now she has taken a credit holiday. She is working 3 jobs to get some money. Next year I have to go to school and I need money for my studies, but I can’t get it from anywhere. Our Payeer details: P1036170837 A sum of 400-450,000 naira will help us to cure my father and close most of our loans. Apart from you and your charity, no one can help us. You are our only hope! Please don’t ignore us and give us a helping hand because you are our last hope and there is no one else to turn to. With respect! Dmitry D.A.

We need to 90 000 ₦

Give money for nothing! Hello, need help, already hands down, I am 27 years old, I am married, have a child 10 months, all would be well but got into a difficult situation, a month ago dismissed from work, or rather not dismissed and with the company ended the contract and we just blocked the pass, for 5 years I work in construction, despite not high wages we always had enough, it so happened that we have no housing of their own, we have to live on rented flats, my wife is 20 years old, she is studying, at home with a child sits, I always work, every kopeck to the house, in general, after I said goodbye to the factory, I started to work on shabashki and look for an official job, and then like a black streak, they don’t pay, they feed me breakfast, I started getting into debt every day, moonlighting here and there, I couldn’t afford the apartment on those pennies, and then, as luck would have it, there was a fire on the balcony, they haven’t figured out yet whether it was a cigarette butt that flew in from the window or whether I’m such an idiot, the firemen broke down the door, the balcony didn’t burn down, everything is fine, the door was not cheap, I borrowed money to pay the rent, I’m still in debt, I have to borrow money every day to find a job, I can’t always manage to get a normal job, I just don’t have time to wait for the first salary, we are already sitting without bread or food or formula, the child is in debt, they don’t give me a loan, who knows who can lend me at least 20 thousand against a receipt or whatever to get an official job, tomorrow again run to look for a job, there is not a penny, to the child mix yes bread wife at least vermesheli to buy yes run to look for a way out, tell me where to turn who can at least 52r send to the card (27 for bread 27 for travel) can find tomorrow shabashku for mix before lunch will ask out, on the phone number 89824339413 much do not need, you can contact me tomorrow may be someone and 500r in the loan will give, I will return, I am wildly sorry, I do not know where to turn.

We need to 40 000 ₦

Hello. Due to my stupidity and gullibility I got into loans. More precisely, withdrew funds from credit cards. Now I can not make payments on them. The family is cracking at the seams. My wife wants to move on. Three kids. Nothing to feed them. All the money is spent on loans and not enough. The amount of debt is 560000. Please help.

We need to 800 000 ₦

Hello, I would like to appeal to people who care about financial help. I am now in a difficult life situation, bring up two children alone, my husband kicked out of the constant drunkenness. Worked in a state organisation, but in 2018 made a spinal surgery and had to quit, gave 3gr disability. I tried to get a job, but only with part-time work. And children need to feed and clothe, and also want to look good. Here I turn to you as there is no one else. I want to try myself a master manicurist at home, but for this I need start-up capital, like the amount is not large, but alas I do not have it, credit also do not give, y. as I do not work. I ask you very much to help me. I am even ready to return the money back at stability. Very ashamed to address, but I already have just such a situation, thank you very much in advance!!!! Who can help as much as you can please help. Thank you very much again!!! My son’s card number is 4276673327673292 Access Bank Plc Danil.

We need to 800 000 ₦

Hi everyone, the new year is coming soon and I want to smile again as in 2016, I remember how I met with my family and was happy. I am so tired, I write here knowing that even a ruble will not get, but I want to believe in a miracle. I’m 25. I’m studying (resident) and working in Abuja. Caught in a debt hole, credits, and loans I do not have a quiet life for a long time. Before the crown, tried and coped and after as cursed money is not enough for anything, arrears, threats, calls. Not to study, not to work quietly is not possible. I want to close everything and live on his even though a small salary, develop and want to live again. Please help. I’m sorry if I’m whining too much.

We need to 250 000 ₦

Hello, I have fallen for a scam, I am now in debt of 400,000 naira. I have absolutely no money for groceries and need to pay my rent. I am begging for help, even a small amount will be helpful! I thank all those who responded in advance! In the shortest possible time we need material help! Access Bank Plsa card number: 5469180015114229.

We need to 90 000 ₦

Everything started in 2015, when my son was in intensive care. During a physical education lesson, he was hit in the head with a moulage gronata. The boy underwent surgery and went into coma for a month. In order to save my son, my husband and I took out a loan, one after the other. They shout that medicine is free, but our reanemotologists don’t hesitate to ask for money. Well, God has brought us together. Then rehabilitation for a long time. At first we tried to pay everything on time, but now we have enough to live on until the next salary. If I had been lucky enough to close all my debts, I would never have taken out a loan. I just want to live in peace.

We need to 100 000 ₦

My name is Igor, I am 22 years old and I suffer a lot because of my debts, I needed them not for entertainment, but to realise my parents and the whole family good gifts for the new year, but everything went wrong as I wanted, I had to buy my girlfriend expensive drugs to maintain health and in the end I was left without anything, only with arrears on my loans which totalled 160000 naira, and I was made redundant at work and on my last chance to take a loan and cover it all, I was ditched by brokers, I don’t know how to live, I don’t sleep, I hardly eat, I am under a lot of pressure, I have no one to help me with this amount of money, this may be my last chance.

We need to 50 000 ₦

Hello, I went to another country to earn money, eventually when I worked, I was cheated and not paid Now I have no money and no place to live I don’t know the language I have 3 days left before my visa expires and I can’t buy a ticket that costs 80,000 naira I don’t know where to turn 2200700748773248 Fidelity Bank Plc if there is any way I can get my money back when I get to Nigeria ?

We need to 30 000 ₦

There is a large family living in the village. Only the mother is raising the children. They live on one allowance, because there is nowhere to work in the village, and the children are very young. New Year holidays are approaching, and, of course, the children will be waiting for presents.

I ask wealthy people for financial support. The children will be very happy.

We need to 100 000 ₦

Hello, my name is Ludmila, I am 60 years old. I ask for help as I found myself in a difficult life situation. My daughter took out a lot of loans for 200t.r., I agreed to become a guarantor. Money she does not give, and collectors began to come to me. I live on a pension of 15t.r., I try to give at least some part of it, because I love my daughter, even though she did this…and there is practically nothing left for life. People kind, please help! Now any penny will be important! In advance I express my gratitude!!!! My tinkof-bank card – 4377727817038859.

We need to 100 000 ₦

Hello! I’m in a desperate situation. I study in college and at one time worked in the night shift. Thereby, not to miss couples and get money. But my health problems took their toll. I got tachycardia, arrhythmia, pyelonephritis, leg cramps, migraines. I had to quit. And now I don’t even have money for bread.

We need to 70 000 ₦

Need help. Help in a loan or who how much can. I got into debt to the mfos because of my health. While I was lying motionless for a month, I lost my job. I spent a lot of money on doctors and medication. Health more or less returned, but debts must be paid. Seeing no other way out I took another loan to extend the existing loans, and it turned out that the debt does not decrease but only grows like a snowball. Now I got a job, but not able to repay all in different places. Help obyedivanit all in one loan to pay off. It comes to the point that I regret that I was treated. Help who can. You can make a transfer to the card IBC 4324 9800 3886 9719.

We need to 100 000 ₦

I’m in trouble – after knee surgery I can’t work for two months. I have loans that I have to pay. I sent my family to my mother-in-law, where they will be fed.

I myself am looking for work at home, but they always ask for prepayment, because I am afraid to get on unscrupulous people. Very much asking for help to hold out.

We need to 900 000 ₦

Hello, I need your help urgently. The thing is that I took microloans and for health reasons I could not pay had to take new payment bases. I work as a teacher and my naira salary is not even enough to pay interest on all my debts. Help me please. Decided to earn money on the Internet but got caught by scammers and they vymonil the last funds. Now without money and with a lot of loans. Card number 2202200160718993

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