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“Hello! I am a single mother, I live in a rented apartment with a disabled child. The child has cerebral palsy.WE WERE SCHEDULED FOR AN UNSCHEDULED SURGERY ON OUR LEGS.
MAP 2200 02 1901 3796
I am very grateful in advance to everyone who will help us.
Please help us…
I beg you very much…”

Hello.I’m asking for help.I am a disabled person of the 2nd group.I rent a dorm room.The debt is 7,600 tr. Please help me pay.My card is 5599 0020 2352 5183 . My Yandex money wallet (yu money) 4100 1180 4422 8750 Thank you so much for your help.It so happened that my mother died in September and I had to take out loans and a loan to live and my grandmother is sick, she needs care, I really need help, I really hope that at least someone will help me because I have no relatives anymore, I am practically an orphan, I do not work, I have a son, we live on my grandmother’s pension, but of course this money is not enough, the total amount of credit and loans and my grandmother needs medicines and groceries, we all get a thousand together. my card number is 424290103620 and 2200300106190109, please help someone ????I believe that there are still kind people with kind hearts. Thank you in advance and God bless you

Hello.I’m asking for help.I am a disabled person of the 2nd group.I’m renting a dorm room.The debt is 7600 rubles. Please help me pay.My card is 5599 0020 2352 5183 . My Yandex money wallet (yu money) 4100 1180 4422 8750 Thank you so much for your help.

I need help to fulfill my dream of studying and getting a car license, I need 35,000 rupees to save up myself, there is no strength for a family of 5 people and I constantly need to buy something. I will be glad to receive any amount from you in advance, thank you very much

Нужно 10 000 ₹ Food

I got from some scammers to others, the latter are Living Money LLC, signed documents with them secured by the only housing, the appointed lawyer thought through the protection, all savings were spent on paying legal aid, the court is coming soon and for a positive decision I need more money to pay the state duty of 60 thousand, which I do not have time to borrow from creditors or get a micro loan, there are options, I’m studying, I need time and I’m afraid I won’t make it. Please help me, I will return it

Нужно 30 000 ₹ Flat and utility bills

My wife and I lost our jobs because of the pandemic.It weighs a lot of credit.My daughter is nine years old. We need money to build greenhouses.I can’t take a loan. I can’t do it anymore.I am looking for sponsors and not indifferent people.

Нужно 9 000 ₹ Paying off loans and mortgages

Hello, I decided to come here out of desperation! I do not know what to do or how to live on. I got entangled in credit debts and a difficult life situation. Something happened to me that is very difficult for many people to go through. I will describe my situation. Until recently, I lived with a man in a civil marriage. We had known each other for about two years, communicated well, were friends, worked together. We always helped each other and supported each other. Then they began to live together as a family, they planned to sign. I will make a small digression and tell you about my life before I met him. I lived like many other people, I had parents who gave me a good upbringing and education. In my youth, I was involved in sports. After graduating from high school, I entered a technical school, then graduated from it and entered the institute. This is where my first love happened. My future husband was older, I was a young girl who fell in love, as it seemed to me once and for all. My parents didn’t approve of my choice, but I didn’t care. I got pregnant. I will make a reservation, there were a lot of problems in my relationship with my parents, my mother did not understand… It was hard, I grabbed my future husband and thought this was the road to happiness. I left my hometown and got married. But before that, my parents set a condition for me, either I have an abortion and continue to study further, or I get married, but my parents leave my life once and for all. I chose the latter. I didn’t know it was serious…. I haven’t talked to them for more than 20 years. Later, I learned from my grandmother that I was their adopted child. My marriage collapsed a few years later. And since we were running a joint business, there were debts from this marriage on loans that we took out for the development of our company. I lost everything, the children stayed in that family, I signed off on part of the business, real estate. The loans turned into debts from the FSSP. I still can’t pay them off. I lived in a fog for many years, and it wasn’t easy either.. but she lived.. I tried. Then I got this job and met Him. We lived happily for half a year. I began to believe in life and happiness. But, everything collapsed in an instant, in one hour, my life stopped and for this minute I can’t come to my senses. I don’t know how to live on and what to do. I quit and stayed at home, because my beloved wanted me to take a little rest from hard work and take care of the house. It was not easy to live, my debts, payment for rental housing, but he tried to work. He was arrested. They were locked up in a pre-trial detention center. As they say, do not renounce the purse and prison. This disaster has affected us too. Now I am left all alone, without help and support, with debts and loans, plus in order to get him out, I need the help of a lawyer, and I have no way to pay for it. I got a job, but it’s a penny. To somehow make ends meet and pay for a dorm room. He has only a disabled mother and an underage sister among his relatives.. There is absolutely no one to turn to. I am desperate how to live on, how to help a person. Please, if there are people who are not indifferent. Help!! I am ready to borrow money and pay it back. But help is needed here and now. Please, I believe in bright people. I’m not disappointed in people. I live in the hope that one day I will find my happiness. It’s funny to think, but the price of my happiness is measured in monetary terms. Sadly… Help me find peace.

Нужно 3 000 ₹ Family and relatives

I am 36 years old, have two children, the youngest is 1.5 years old, on maternity leave, I raise my sons alone. I have a loan for a considerable amount, I have been paying regularly for 2 years, it is already hard now, I live on child benefit, payments have stopped from work. We really need additional, legal income!!! I’m an accountant. I really need to work remotely, due to the fact that the youngest son has a heart defect that has not yet been eliminated… I can’t go out for a full day yet. If there are people here with their own business, I will be glad and grateful for job offers. Anna.

Нужно 8 000 ₹ Study and work

Hello, I need financial assistance, I need money for a ticket from Moscow to Chita. I got into a difficult life situation, went on duty to earn money, but in fact they did not pay the money, they did not take it from kago and borrow it too. There are 2 children at home and an unemployed wife. Who can help please. 5536 9137 5476 2835 Tinkoff Bank

Нужно 3 000 ₹ Medicine and health

Happy New Year to all!!!

I’m just a mom, I gave birth late. I am 52, my son is 12 years old. Divorced, her husband brazenly and responsibly does not help in any way. I have been infected since 1995.It’s a long story.
I’m afraid for my son if something happens to me. That’s why I want to go faster, but I can’t, and life is getting harder and harder. We bought a house in the village with our son, but there is not enough money for repairs, we urgently need to move out of rented housing. The salary is 6000 rubles., you will not accelerate. The son of a smart boy is an excellent student. I really want my own place, and then we’ll see. Please help me if you can.

Нужно 90 000 ₹ Household goods

I am raising a 12-year-old child alone, I pay a mortgage, a consumer loan. I work as an accountant, but I’m constantly short of money. I borrow, then I give it back, I take it again, a vicious circle. I want to start my own business in order to become financially independent and pay off my debts. But there is no money to open it. Our city is small, there is no such type of sales yet, I would like to develop the trade in household chemicals specifically for bottling, people will be able to save on purchases and pollute the environment less with unnecessary plastic jars. I figured that it would take about 500,000 rupees to open a store with rent, goods and equipment. I really want to develop, but I can’t do it on my own. I hope for any help!

Hello, I am a mother of two children. I will not write long and tedious. I dream of buying a bunk bed for my children. I want the kids to sleep in their beds. My salary is not enough, my husband is not there. If there is such an opportunity, I will be very grateful. 2200 7302 4777 0767

Нужно 7 000 ₹ Clothes and shoes

I am 16 years old, I want to give my mother an expensive anniversary gift.

Please help the disabled person with money and an apartment

Hello, my name is Yuri. I used to work on shift. But the organization has closed. There is a debt hanging on Please help

I am a mother of 6 children who lost her husband, after he left debts they demand from me, there is no money, I am deaf and dumb I can’t speak I got a stroke

Hello, I am a single father, it so happened that I was very ill, I was fired from my job and my child and I were left without means of livelihood.5536 9138 9917 5034 .As many as you can, sorry to bother you.

Нужно 8 000 ₹ Flat and utility bills

They were fired from work and the salary was never paid, I turned to them for payments, it turns out they were fired for some kind of article and there is no money for appeals and everything else. I ask you to help me very much. All you have to do for food is cook yourself potatoes, that is, cook bread and onions with carrots. Nothing else

Нужно 90 000 ₹ Paying off loans and mortgages

There is not enough 8000 thousand rupees to pay for the rent of a room. There are not enough guys to rent an apartment, who can do as much as they can, please do not blame me for the first time. 4276600050444302 Sberbank. Thanks in advance

Нужно 1 000 ₹ Food

My mom has a broken leg, she can’t walk. I can’t leave for a long time, as I need help with cooking, care and needs.

Нужно 9 000 ₹ Family and relatives

Hello, my name is Olga, I don’t have money for the operation, we don’t have any money at all and we can’t buy medicine.please help me in advance.

Нужно 6 000 ₹ Study and work

I have a dream – I want to meet a person dear to me, but he is 3 hours away by plane.

I want to make a surprise by flying to him unexpectedly, but I earn little, I need money for flights, accommodation, food. The amount may not be that big for someone, but it is unaffordable for me.

Please, if someone can, help me raise 29,000.

Нужно 60 000 ₹ Medicine and health

I live in a rented apartment with a 5-year-old child and my husband, I stayed in a difficult situation this month, there is no money at all, tomorrow is the last day of payment for an apartment of 10000rupi and a kindergarten of 3200 rubles, otherwise I will move out. We have nowhere to move, and there is nowhere else to ask for help. They don’t give loans. My husband’s PO is barely enough for food. I work for 9,000 which goes to pay the loan. Please help me! The total amount is 13,000 rupees. Sberbank card 2202 2006 3947 8609

Нужно 70 000 ₹ Household goods

I’m from a small town and I really want to open my own tattoo parlor to fulfill other people’s dreams

Нужно 40 000 ₹ Clothes and shoes

Good afternoon, I’m Dmitry, my son is 5 years old and my daughter is 3 years old, I pay 4 loans, I work as a locksmith, the salary is certainly not enough. I spent too much on a credit card and now my salary of thirty-four thousand will go almost all (thirty thousand seven hundred rupees) on loans. I already borrowed from someone, I need to go through a difficult month, but I don’t know how…. I can barely find the strength to smile at the kids. I’m not asking you to cover all the loans, I’m asking you to help out twenty thousand rupees. That would be enough for me to do a lot. Thank you who responds, may you multiply in twos. Health to all , take care of the children

Hello! I am a single mom living with children in rented housing, more than half of the benefits that they receive go to pay for housing.To feed myself, sometimes I go out to work part-time at a car wash every day I can’t work, I can’t leave the children. The civilian husband left us and left. There is not much furniture in the apartment that I rent, we sleep in three on an old sofa. I would like to buy my own cots for the children, a locker for things, a dining area for them, lay the floors with the cheapest carpet, the floors are very cold, they often get sick. I don’t have enough money to rent expensive housing where everything has all the amenities, and so we live from penny to penny. Please help me create comfort, who has how much I will be very grateful to you.

Hello, the Holy Land Foundation.
Collects funds for the formation of pilgrimage groups of 40-50 people. To an Orthodox camp in Crimea.

The Holy Land Foundation is Russia’s first Orthodox foundation for the spiritual and moral development of a person, which provides an opportunity for people to travel free of charge to Holy Places and significant Orthodox shrines as part of pilgrimage groups.
It is important for us to educate young people in the spirit of Orthodoxy, to form a deep moral foundation for the development of a personality that is proud of its roots, observes the cultural traditions of its people and lives according to the canons of the Orthodox faith.

Святая земля

Hello. I have three children, my salary was barely enough for food, utilities and a minimum set of clothes.

My brother was in the hospital for a long time, I had to help. There are debts on loans, communal services. We need to feed the family. A desperate situation has developed.

I ask all those who are not indifferent to help.

Hello, please help me get out of the debt pit I took for treatment. Now only in MFIs this month 100000 UAH and 300000 UAH cash loans are needed. Who can do as much as they can. Please help me in advance thanks 4441114413585066

Hello, I know that there are good and kind people. I dream of closing the loan and solving my difficulties. I live with my mother, who constantly scolds me for this. I was looking for ways to make money, but with no result. Also, because of my searches and mistakes, I work on paying off debts. All funds received go to other people. I want to finally close all this and just leave. Find a good job in another city. All that remains is to live on 2 thousand a month. In my place, people would either get drunk or hang themselves. I’m tired, I want to close the loan that has already passed into the collection calls.

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Ratings of charitable foundations in India

Фонды помощи Тип организации Рейтинг Средняя оценка Отзывы
1. UniHelp International Charitable Organisation Help for children
2. Dobra Tut Charitable Foundation Поддержка домов-интернатов
3. Belarusian Children's Fund "Republican Public Association" Help for children
4. Children's Aid Foundation "Chance" Help for children
5. Local charitable foundation "Soul Movement" Helping children and people in need
6. Venerable Euphrosyne of Polotsk Charitable Foundation Humanitarian assistance to all segments of the population
7. BlagoDarim Charitable Public Association Help for children
8. Search and Rescue Squad "Angel" Assistance in locating missing persons
9. Belarusian Children's Fund Help for children
10. Public organisation "Roads of Kindness" Helping those in need
11. Public organisation "Understanding" Help for children
12. Life Yes Charity Organisation Развитие спорта и помощь одиноким пожилым людям
13. White Stork Foundation for Children Help for children
14. Public organisation "Response" Protection of women and children
15. Charitable Foundation "Foundation for Mercy and Health" Helping those in need


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