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My boyfriend has a debt 300 000 took from a man almost a year ago paid every month on 10 000 as a postponement and now it is necessary to give the full amount but we have no money to give, credits do not give at relatives also do not have such money he threatens to kill him. I am very afraid for him please help who can.

Hello, I have an extremely difficult situation now, because of the loan my mother can not move to another country and start earning normally, I am shaking because of every penny and quietly can not buy myself normal clothes or eat, the loan is at least 3-4 years to pay back, so I hope for your help

We don’t have a dad, my mum is raising me and my sister alone. I am 11 years old. Our mum works, but receives little. All her salary goes on us and food.

I love my mum very much and I want the smile to never leave her face. She’s tired at work. Her birthday is coming up soon.

I decided to write here in the hope of raising money for at least a bunch of flowers and make my mum happy. I believe I’ll get help.

Hello I have such a story, I live with a girl for three years, signed, she has problems on the female line, can not get pregnant … and it is unlikely to get it.But the hospital said that there is a chance, through artificial insemination, the amount is unfortunately not underground for us, but if suddenly there are not indifferent people who want to help, of course weakly believe, but still …

Нужно 30 000 CA$ Apartment and utility payments

I have been ill for 8 years, brain lesions from lack of blood, every day I have a headache and neck pain, I can’t bear it, I work, I have two children, I found a clinic where they promised to help but I don’t have such an amount and I can’t save up with this disease, I have enough money to support my family and pay for the loan I took for the forced repair of the house in the countryside, I ask for help as soon as I get well, I promise I will be doubly happy, I will provide all the statements and the conclusion on the disease.

Нужно 10 000 CA$ Foodstuffs

Hello, I never thought it would be possible to ask for help, but everything happens in life! I, the mum of three children, lived with the husband 19 years, from them last 8, as in hell.The husband drank, because of drunkenness on work it was not taken, began to loose hands, and I pulled children, all three cadets.In December last year, I left from it, rented a flat.It was necessary to take a credit on clothes to children, to buy dishes and. the most necessary. At that time, I worked for a fortnight, (because of the pandemic Boarding house, where I work, was transferred to conservation), earnings were good, I thought I would pay everything, but since June to open, transferred as before, in the usual mode, ie, at 28000 dollars I go more on subrobotki when the weekend, but it is only 10 days of other work, + 10000 thousand. There are people who have more trouble, but believe me, I do not prochlazhdenya, I want to rest at the weekend.

Нужно 9 000 CA$ Repayment of loans and mortgages

Good day dear friends, I need help in closing a debt of 30 000 thousand dollars. Banks know their business and impose a loan ostensibly at a low rate, and then raise it. And it came to this debt. If there is an opportunity to help me in this situation I will be very grateful to you, because on the salary of a preschool teacher is not possible to pay all at once. I have RBC mobile bank +79149550933 Maria Sergeevna. Л

Нужно 3 000 CA$ Family and loved ones

Hello, at one time accumulated a lot of loans and debts, lost my job, now I sit at home with my son in maternity leave. I want to pay off all loans and debts and live in peace and do not think about where to take money. Thank you all ? If there will be any questions write me in vatsap, I will answer all. If anyone wants to help you can transfer by phone number 89053091092 Anastasia Vladimirovna M RBC.

Нужно 8 000 CA$ Study and work

I used credit cards even before pregnancy, always managed to pay on time. Now to pay for a flat, food and medicines things go all the money, to pay for loans does not remain. I worry every day. Screens, photos can provide that it is true. Tired already in this state to live ?if you have the opportunity to help. Card 5469450014023832

Нужно 3 000 CA$ Medicine and health

I am 37 and I do not live but exist as the debts are suffocating. No husband or children, only my mother who is retired.Caught in a difficult situation and can not get out there is a debt for the flat, which must be paid within 10 days in the amount of 138 thousand as well as debts and loans that total 650 thousand. At the moment I am afraid that they can evict from the flat for non-payment as it is in social rent. This will kill my mum in her old age. I work, but with my debts katostrafitskogo not enough. For God’s sake help me, I don’t know what to do.

Нужно 90 000 CA$ Household goods

We’re on our own with the little one, we have no one, no man, no relatives. A little bit did not reach the children’s payment. left only cereals from the groceries.And the little thing puzataya, meat requires. In general, I ask 1500, 2000 dollars to us to the tenth day to live…card number 2200 0210 6005 3154 I will be insanely grateful)))) card familiar, our children’s unfortunately arrested housing and vodokanal((((.

Нужно 7 000 CA$ Clothes and shoes

Hello, I live in Kazakhstan I have an extremely difficult situation all overdue loans, and pay nothing, owed in banks 1400000 dollars. Accumulated loans for 2-3 years for treatment of my daughter took. To pay the monthly payment on loans went to MFI, and further on delinquencies went. I beg you to help me to get out of the debt pit, to save myself from the threats of creditors. With my wife was looking for money, no one gave, no help to wait from where. . . My daughter has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Disabled until the age of 16. My wife takes care of my daughter. Daughter does not walk, does not speak, only lies down. I work with a small salary, but the money for food and utilities is barely enough. My bank accounts have been seized. I didn’t think life would turn out like this. Like my situation, God, I don’t wish this on anyone in my life. Please help me to get your charity, help me, my daughter’s row. Last hope please help me, I have nowhere else to turn. Yandex money 4100115915766207

Hello, our family started to renovate, but, not calculating the money, we did not have enough for heating.

There are three children in the house. My husband with two children sleeps in the kitchen, and I with the little one in a separate bedroom with a heater. But it is still cold, and soon there will be severe frosts. We can not take a loan, they do not give.

Please help me.

Hello, my name is Anastasia, I am 22 years old. I live in the city of Tyumen. I suffer from such a problem as bumps on the thumbs. I work at work for 12 hours, the salary is not large .At the end of the shift I have a very strong pain in my feet because of these bumps. Over time I began to notice that they became bigger and because of them the toes began to go to the side. I am very embarrassed to walk in open shoes.I feel incomplete or something.I understand that there are people who have problems 100 times worse.But I will be very grateful to you if you will help me to save up for surgery on laser removal of bumps on my feet…..Thank you very much.

Good afternoon
I appeal to you with my son from Kaliningrad.We live modestly, I work alone, my son is a schoolboy, my mother is retired, the pension is small, in 2012 we were in an accident and my mother began to have problems with vision Yucatan act.The cost of surgery for two eyes 50 thousand dollars, for our family it is not strong.Please help that my mother saw how her grandson grows, he is alone!? My son and I still believe in Good magicians !?? Thank you

A wooden semi-detached house for two families burned down, from our side there were me, my husband and a 6-year-old child, from the side of the neighbours a woman, a man, two minor children and a grandmother.
Destroyed all household appliances, furniture, documents partially.
Please help to build at least a small house without any frills, the authorities do not want to help, only by collecting things. Husband’s details.

I’m a single mum. No bad habits. I work a lot. But rented accommodation takes all the money. My father doesn’t help. He hides from alimony. I’d like to save up for my own at least a small place. But even 1 sq.m. will be 3-4 million. It’s unaffordable for me. I can’t expect any help, unfortunately. I’ve already settled down to work. On the background of which I recently underwent surgery. My health is failing. But earned enough vokurat on rent and a little bit on food. I will be glad to any help on the way to the dream. 2200 4803 4617 9144

Нужно 8 000 CA$ Apartment and utility payments

There was such a situation that where I bought a flat and we left there with children to try to start a new life, but it does not work out anything for this time accumulated a large debt and need to make repairs that the children were cosy, please help me I was working part-time and also receive benefits credit do not give income is small and I work not officially, help me with brushes I will be very grateful

Нужно 1 000 CA$ Foodstuffs

I am a single mother with two children, the youngest is not even two years old, in the garden are enrolled in September, until then to go to work Nemogu.allowances I receive only 978dollars for two children.payments for the second child from the mat capital, and I have plans to buy housing.therefore, from these payments, I disconnected, so that the mat capital was at least a little bit.sber.4276130018741938.

Нужно 90 000 CA$ Repayment of loans and mortgages

Hello, please help with finances or help in refinancing. I fell into a debt hole and I really want to get out of it. Very high interest, REFINANCING does not work, although the credit rating of 800 points. I want to find a kind person who will really help me out of this hole. I am already in despair. Please help me. Card number 2202202106837465 ,[email protected]

Нужно 9 000 CA$ Family and loved ones

It turned out that the expenses are higher than the income. There is nothing to pay for the flat, all the money goes to pay the loans. But all would not be nothing if not stolen money. As a result, the debt. Need 170 thousand to settle debts and no longer live for loans. Or at least 50 thousand to pay off the debt. At the moment there is no money even for clothes, food and just for travelling. I will account for any kopeck. I will not take myself a ruble. Visa card 4276700016232443

Нужно 6 000 CA$ Study and work

Hi, everybody! I’m not gonna be verbose. It’s a dream to close my debts and finally settle down…. My problems(debts) are very disturbing to both me and my family. Calling me and my parents, relatives, which makes it much worse for me. I ask for help, I am tired very much, my salary is still not enough for everything, debts are growing, my hands are down. I feel sorry for my relatives because of my stupidity. I want to close debts and at last to do so that everything was quiet….

Нужно 60 000 CA$ Medicine and health

For some reason, I feel like talking to you all. I’ll try. My life, until recently, was wonderful, although I sometimes did not think so, but after what happened – turned upside down, namely – mass registration of loans in full adequacy, but with an interesting disease “ludoman”. That you would understand, my dreams were not from the row of “cars, girls and complete independence”, but from “to help my sister in payment for higher education, to buy my mother a sewing machine, my father usually does not need anything, but would help with the repair of the car”. I will not lie, for myself first of all – I dream about a flat. Personal life has not turned out in the best way, and money is not spoilt, but I have never envied those who have it in abundance. And to this prosperity I was rapidly moving, and even not badly turned out. But, there came a series of failures, and further, loan after loan – were left to bookmakers. Very worried now, not so much for myself, as for my mother, who God forbid will know what amount (2 million), and how many loans, and this is not taking into account the overpayment. It’s too late to realise now. What I’ve done. I’m getting closer to 30, no kids, no wife. Judging by my financial situation, not even soon. In general, the load for me is very heavy, I want to put my hands down, I try to smile at everyone around me, but even that is hard to do. There is no one to turn to, I am afraid and even I know that it will hit my parents’ health very hard. I want to go back to my old life and be with this bitter experience that I would pass on to anyone who has been or is in a similar situation. Objectively, I’m not a bad person, I haven’t even had to clean up my karma much. But here, I’m a freak who didn’t even think of the consequences, now afraid of any hint that might give me away in front of my relatives. People, I’m sure someone’s been in this situation and knows roughly what it’s like. I hope it hasn’t affected you again and it never will. (I won’t give out names as I’m afraid relatives will find out) Anyway, thank you reader for taking the time, it’s even nice to know you’ve read it. I realise there are more serious issues here, but for me personally I don’t see any others, I don’t even fear death as much as I fear publicity. For a second it seems as if I’ve spoken out, but even then it’s already 1% lighter on my soul… Thanks for your attention….

Нужно 70 000 CA$ Household goods

Good day to all! I understand one thing that I am guilty that I got involved in MFIs… it is very difficult.when you do not work and try to help something to my mother… I have a loan of about 200 thousand… worked… in connection with the virus lost my job…. My life has become… there is not a large additional income from the Internet but it is not constant …. Please, kind people. I am sure that there are good people in the world, but only how and where to find it I do not know… My mother’s pension is not large receives money barely herself nezvatet…in the house of stove heating…for light on 2-3 t only pays…firewood too we live around the forest and they cost us colony 7.5 t it is more than half of her pension… please help help at least as much as possible to pay the loan… and mfo…and I pray to God that faster to live this nightmare… do not want to just live… and I’m only 37 …. I believe in good deeds. Thank you all very much! I think the world is not without good people!!!

Very please help need money for a flat. To date, I live with two daughters without a husband in a rented flat. There was such a situation: this year in the summer sold their flat to move to another city, but the money from the sale of this flat was not enough to buy in another city. An acquaintance offered to invest the money in a “reliable business”, where supposedly you can earn good money. In the end, the money ended up in the hands of fraudsters. A police report was filed and now it turns out that the money back is not real. And now I can not think how to find a way out of this situation: loans do not give because of arrears, to collect such a sum is simply not represented on one salary, and even in the sold flat was a share of children and guardianship requires that I bought the flat and allocated a share to children. On the ground of disorders I can neither sleep nor eat became constantly sick, children also very worried about this. If there is a possibility to help, very much ask for help as myself do not see a way out of this situation.

Нужно 40 000 CA$ Clothes and shoes

Hello dear people. I appeal to you with a huge request for help to my daughter. my daughter has a problem with her eyesight. She needs an operation. Her eyesight is getting worse every day. She often complains that her eye hurts. Some people tease her in the kindergarten and she cries. They said they’ll take her to the school if they fix the child’s eyesight. It’s a serious problem. We live in a rural area, there is almost no work. Money is barely enough for food only. We have 4 minor children. Very please help to collect the necessary amount for the operation of my daughter.

I dream to do my business, and for the soul, and for self-realisation, learned to make handmade soap, mastered kanzashi from ribbons, also learned to make lamps from isolon. To earn on this need to invest well, the material to buy, not a little bit and more, as well as their premises, it takes money, I do not have, so I turn to this site, someone can help, I like to work, a lot of skill myself, but without investment does not work. There is also a dream, a house, so that it could have peacocks, and more animals, my dog and a Bengal cat.
For someone it’s not a problem, for me it’s a dream.
Also there are problems with loans, I want to earn and close them.

I ask for help – urgently need money for surgery, namely, brain trepanation in Vladivostok for my younger brother (Dmitry Vladimirovich Gulyaev). The operation is expensive (about 250 thousand dollars), so everyone who will respond, I bring gratitude. Money should be sent to Sbercard: 2202201788902845, or on the phone +79143262021 Oleg Vladimirovich tied to the card.

Hello, I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer.I have undergone a lot of analyses.Histoscopy, cystoscopy and a lot of things.The pain is terrible.I rented a place, worked and then babah.I can not work, I live temporarily in the CCC.The ambulance can not help, they do not even come when they find out the diagnosis.I was told by the oncologist that I need an MRI, without it they can not prescribe me chemotherapy or surgery. I have no strength, I am in despair, I don’t want to live.I am not an alcoholic, I am 46.Soon they will ask me to leave KCC and what will happen next, I am very scared.People are nice, good people, please help me or give me some advice on what to do next? You are nothing and nobody without money.Lie down and die alive.But I know that we have more good people anyway and I hope that those who care will find people to help.

Good afternoon. My name is Egor. I am 19 years old. I was born in a poor family in a small town called Nevel. Until I was 18 years old I received a survivor’s pension. At the moment I am studying at the Russian State Academy of Agricultural Sciences on a budgetary basis. It is hard to combine work and study, but I try not to strain my mother. In this regard, almost all this money is spent on food and payment of the hostel. No matter how hard I try to save up for my dream of having a computer, it doesn’t work out. My savings are never enough. I chose this dream because I want to become a good programmer, which is impossible without a computer

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