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Hello, kind people. I am a pensioner with a serious chronic illness. I have a small pension with my wife divorced, I pay alimony for two children. Now I am in a difficult life situation. There is a large debt on housing and utilities and on loans – at least hang yourself. If possible, I ask for your help. Money is needed for the registration of bankruptcy. Until the end of my days I will be grateful to you and pray for your well-being. Regards Kamil.

Good day to all who read this, I am 29 years old, my name is Stepan I dream to make an operation on intervertebral hernia and cruciate ligaments, I can not work normally begin to numb legs and invalids now nobody needs I do not like to beg and never did it, but since I have no mother or father I am alone hard.

We need to 20 000 AU$ Gratuitous Financial Assistance to Pert

Hello. The situation is very difficult. I work, I still work part-time. Gained debt on the mortgage loan. My husband refuses to help, we are in the stage of divorce. We have four children. I’m terribly afraid to lose my only home. I can’t get a loan, they won’t give me one. History is ruined. I’m not discouraged, I’m trying. But groceries, utilities, spending money on the kids. That’s all I have enough for. Sometimes I earn something extra. But the debt is urgent. I’m asking for help, but not for free, but for a loan. I will give as much as possible.

Hello, I want to ask for your help. I am a disabled person of 2 group on disease multiple sclerosis and it is hard for me to live on a pension in 9500dollars a lot took earlier credits that now in the black list, there is a mortgage, took a room in a hostel, it is necessary to live somewhere. And now all in debt, and I do not help my children, they are under guardianship. I’m restricted for health reasons. I have nothing to buy food with. I ask you for help to get out of this situation. Card Alex Bank 2202 2009 7778 6118 Christina Sergeevna P. I ask whoever is not difficult at least any penny.

We need to 10 000 AU$ Food

My name is Xenia and I am 18. I really want to work on the internet. No matter how many jobs I found everywhere was hell and to save up for something worthwhile is extremely difficult …. I want to change my life and help my loved ones. I don’t want to ask for just money, because just money for entertainment I don’t need. I really want to become a specialist.
Anyway, I found courses on smm, targeting and website development. On this you can earn good money, but the customer to find a customer who will pay a person without courses and experience is almost unrealistic, because now every second wants to do it, but the real specialists are not found day with fire. I want to be a specialist with a capital letter. The course costs 34.900r (if you pay immediately) or 44.900r if you take instalments. Neither me nor my mum are given instalments (me for obvious reasons, I have no official income, and my mum because of the credit load). The course will start already on 28 September and even if I find a part-time job I will not have time to save up until that date. I am embarrassed to write all this, I have never done such things, and the site came across by chance, because I was looking for where to take money. I am ready to return the money to the one who will help. After all, thanks to the courses I will start earning. Therefore, if someone responds in my heart to help me, I will be grateful. Thank you for reading.
Sberbank: 4276 1629 9838 3175.

We need to 30 000 AU$ Flat and utility bills

Hello, we live on semnyh flats, as once threw us sister with housing. Now aunt in the hospital in Sochi 4 gor hospital, she is 83 years old, but we trusted without any writing on the word of honour, she apparently long prepared for this. My wife and I have three infants, no one cares about us, where I was not everywhere, everywhere they wave away. Please help me at least what you can, maybe at least in the mountains somewhere to buy an abandoned plot, there is even for 600000dollars salary is enough only to rent a flat, food. Children are first of all clothed, fed, tidy. Relatives all turned away from us, we are poor, they are all rich now. Here is my phone number 89184074345, the number of the card gold crown svyaznoy plus ;5254 7702 2934 0930, I will immediately write, this is a huge request, we are very much in need of housing, very tired in other people’s corners to lie down and get up knowing that at any moment can evict. Please do not pass by, I love my children, I often look at them and sometimes tears inside me, I can not show my wife that I cry because I can not do anything. I’ll be in touch at any time. Thank you. And I apologise if anything is wrong.

We need to 9 000 AU$ Paying off loans and mortgages

Good afternoon everyone! I am 16 years old. I want to make a small tattoo, for memory.

But I have no money at all, I do not work, and my parents have their own problems, they just do not give on the allegedly, not necessary at all. Help, who, how much can on realisation of a dream, in fact you can make me really happy.

I’m waiting, I need 5000. Your Valentine.

We need to 3 000 AU$ Family and relatives

Hello, my name is Igor, I am 41 years old! After moving to Australia and obtaining citizenship Australia started with my family (wife two children), life completely from 0, because the available funds went to move and subsequent formalities, etc. I managed to get a good job, did not sit and do not sit, but due to circumstances, the work is changing, during the pandemic income has been reduced and working several jobs do not pull the amount to pay off loans (5 loans and credit cards total debts of 5.5 million) and basic expenses. To cover more and more climbed into credit cards and loans while the banks gave, now they do not give and income does not allow them to repay. My own housing was not rented flat, but while there was an official job managed to take a mortgage, as well as the car on credit (the car allows you to buy food and feed the family). Now there is a minimum official income, but unfortunately does not allow to repay the necessary payments. At the moment I decided to study for myself the direction in the construction industry and to connect further professional life in this direction. There is a clear understanding of how and what should be done in this direction, but the result will be at least in 5-6 months, which will allow not only to pay off all monthly payments, but also to begin to systematically close the main debts. Also there is a plan to downsize the flat, but again time is needed. In my environment people who will be able to help me now to help such a sum unfortunately there is no, friends periodically help who can, but I understand that their help will not be able to last such terms. I am sure that I will be able to return the money if someone can help me with the whole amount without %. Now I need finances, which will give me time for a calculated way out of the situation and the purchase of franchises to start working in the chosen direction. I thank in advance all who will help gratuitously and who will help on a repayable basis! To whom it is necessary I can give all documents confirming a difficult situation (the statement from KBI), the plan of the way out of the given situation. God bless you!!!

We need to 8 000 AU$ Study and work


We need to 3 000 AU$ Medicine and health

I came here a year ago. I was in shock – my son died, I lost my job, my house. Friends called me here. I am sick myself, I had my stomach removed twice, now I have an ulcer again, I was in hospital four times during the year, I had pneumonia. My friends are having problems. And I have nothing to go back on, who can, help! I’m in despair. On tickets need 8000, to move from station to station about 2000,: on the road three days, something to eat. Please help me leave. Halva card 5536 0909 6935 4979. I will pay back with kindness, money or honey. Just help me to leave.

We need to 90 000 AU$ Household goods

Good afternoon! All my life I dream about my house, but the opportunity to buy no. Mortgages will not pull, as I support my family and parents. If anyone has the opportunity to help, I will be very grateful. Together with those who provide assistance, we will choose a house and I will report on what I did in it.

We need to 7 000 AU$ Clothes and shoes

I am 15 years old, I really want to help my mother with money, I know that it is not beautiful to beg, but I would like to please my mother very much, we have three children, the salary of my parents is very small, I would like to help, even 100 dollars will be a great thanks, I will be able to buy products home, if there are opportunities, I will be very grateful, thanks to everyone?

I live in the village of Chegdomyn, I am 20 years old, I dream of going to study in Vladivostok in FEFU. Very much I want to go there, because it is the only chance to live, not survive.I work two jobs, save money for the first year of study. Credit now can not take as the official earnings are small and therefore refuse, and the loan will not pull.Never thought that I will be so appeal to people on the Internet for help, but I have no other choice.If anyone responds will be. very happy and grateful.

Hello! I need help in closing the writ of execution! After a work injury knocked out of payments on the loan, after the injury as could pay, the bank filed a lawsuit, the result and bailiffs sent to the work of the writ of execution. I live with a minor daughter in a rented flat, deducted from the salary of 50%, the funds are not enough, an additional job to find no possibility not with whom to leave my daughter for a long time, if possible help to get out of this bondage, in instalments will return. It is not convenient to ask, but there is no other way out, other financial organisations to solve the problem do not go. Under the pledge of the flat I do not have, only a piece of land and a house in the village.

I study at the paid department at the university. All the time paid for my studies myself, moonlighting. Now with work all very difficult. My parents live in the village and are not able to provide financial support.

I am looking for people who can lend money. If I don’t pay for my studies, I will be expelled and I won’t be able to get my favourite profession.

Hello, it is difficult to write the truth, because the fault of my troubles – only myself!!! I am 31 years old, God has given me many talents and has blessed me over the years. I was a talented hairdresser, a happy father of 2 daughters, but all this beauty and gift of fate and changed for alcohol. First I lost my family, then my job, started another business….. Bottom line, I wasted my whole life, which God gave me. My mum once told me – that everything can still be changed as long as a person is breathing. Now I realise that I can’t sleep and live peacefully. Nerves make me think bad thoughts, but that’s not the answer. I know and most importantly a terrible sin, and I hope to go to heaven. At the moment, the sum of my debts about 2 million, and this is my only dream to wake up in the morning and not be afraid to live. To not be afraid to be threatened. I’m not asking just to help me, because it’s my own fault that everyone turned away from me. I’m willing to do something in return. I don’t know what it is. If there’s anyone who can share my mistake with me, let me know. Thank you. I believe that life does not end here and someone will believe in me …. I will send you all the information on request, I can meet you.

Hello!!! Please help me, I got into a labour life situation… In 2015 I took a credit card in the bank MTS in the amount of 5000t.r, I thought that it was repaid by me. The bank MTS sold over time my debt to the collector’s office LLC,,FILBERT, which did not warn me about any of their actions and through the court, which took place in another city gave me a debt to pay. …Transferred to the bailiff in Balashov from g…Bailiff with his actions arrested all my bank accounts and property…I am a woman who is divorced, office work do not have, raising a young son on whom I do not receive alimony, the ability to pay the entire debt at once do not have, I fear further actions of the bailiff…Please help please!!!!

We need to 8 000 AU$ Flat and utility bills

I recently divorced my husband and now I’m horrified to learn that just before he left, the scoundrel took out a $65,000 microloan in my name. Of course, I don’t have that kind of savings.

They don’t want to listen to me. The answer is always the same: The data is yours, so pay”. Where the ex lives now, I don’t even know, and the interest is growing. Help me cope!”

We need to 1 000 AU$ Food

Hello to everyone who sees the need to help with the repair of people who are in a difficult financial situation for various reasons, but the repair is necessary, ready to make it with their own efforts and to report for the work done. Sponsorship can be of any kind. Repairs will be made from the needs of the person and the amount of money, to repair. Email address for contact: @

We need to 90 000 AU$ Paying off loans and mortgages

I moved to another city, with minimal savings across the country, got a job. But my employer turned me down as a hustler, first he gave me not much and then he threw me out. Dialed debts, barely make ends meet, the last pair of shoes and that in the holes …. Help me out of this situation. You can help by transferring to the card at 89937725489 (AMP Bank).

We need to 9 000 AU$ Family and relatives

Good day! I ask for financial help, I need money for 4 drips a year. One course of drip 3 days costs 45000, it is necessary to make 4 in a year, it turns out 180000r. Disease polymyasitis, I am treated with hormones, I tolerate them not very well, remission does not last long. The doctor advised to drip drip human immunoglobulin normal. The hospital has no money to buy this drip. I ask for help from those who are able to help. Thank you. Alex Bank card number 5336 6902 2618 9639

We need to 6 000 AU$ Study and work

Hello, it happened so that our father died, and I with the child was left alone, all that we had when my husband was alive, his relatives took away, I work, I still receive a loss allowance, but it is too little to buy their own housing, I ask for help at least some in buying their homes, I will be very grateful and thankful to you, because I think the world is not without good people.

We need to 60 000 AU$ Medicine and health

Hello) My name is Elena I am 33 years old. I am from the city of Dnr, came with a child in Tatarstan received asylum… managed to get a job with a salary of 18t.r. 2/2 more disappear I have no opportunity as the child is 3 years old, to live somehow, gave the child in kindergarten (paid) turn in the state garden is not soon possible. I rent a flat … In general, I have all that was surrendered in scrap bard, a bunch of debts accumulated and just in confusion what to do next and where to go(((( I know that I have everything will get better and it is for something I need!!!! However, this situation has brought me here to you…I’m really trying, I’m not sitting still, but I can’t cope at all. Debts more and more and already thoughts to sell a kidney!!!!!))))) joking, but thoughts not joyful … Please help me if it is not in severity, and I am very uncomfortable that I am a healthy young woman asking people. I am in a very difficult situation and this is my next hope for salvation) thank you in advance to those people whom the universe has sent me!) Alex Bank 2202 2023 7148 3912 Blagodaruyu!

We need to 70 000 AU$ Household goods

Hello. My name is Julia.I live in the Krasnodar region, in st.Dinskaya.Our family is now in a difficult situation.broken heating boiler and gas workers we will not connect heating.We have a family of 5 children, one child is disabled.My husband also need constant medication from diabetes and maintenance of the pancreas.And drugs for pressure.I work alone.The cost of the boiler 50 000 dollars along with installation. I can’t collect the whole amount in such a short period of time.Very much I ask you to help me to collect the necessary amount.I am grateful to you in advance.Goodbye.

We need to 40 000 AU$ Clothes and shoes

I very much ask for help from people who are able to help, I have three children I’m on maternity leave, the situation is just unbearable (MFI MUST), I understand that there are children who need more, but I’m afraid for my own, because I just want to hang myself, the amount to be contributed in total is 50000, yes it may seem a little, but I am on maternity leave all spend on children and communal services, I do not drink, I’m telling the truth, just want to cry wolf!

I offer private financing of citizens for the amount of up to 3,000,000 dollars with a low annual rate.Help in closing debts. Without enquiry to the BCI, without collateral and guarantors. Any credit history! Favourable conditions and individual interest rates. Region of residence does not matter. Receive face-to-face decision on the application – from 5 minutes! Apply for a real private loan to a serious investor I will consider any applications from potential customers from 18 – 78 years old Send to e-mail Vatsap:89601275657 Mail: [email protected].

Dear well-wishers I want to appeal for help to you I am in a difficult life situation as I was released recently from prison I want to start a new life but while I am looking for a place of employment I need for food any convenient for you amount will be a pleasure to me who can help I have a number sber 5336690368193290.

Hi everyone I just don’t know what to do everyone who could help helped but it’s not enough I cut my hand at work through no fault of my own they fired me retroactively and started threatening me I tried to turn to the authorities but they made it clear to me that I and my family I thought the 90’s were over but no Simply put I’m left with the problem of whether to lick my hand or buy a prosthesis to work and support my family I don’t think they will help and believe even though I have documents from the hospital but it’s worth a try.

We need to 90 000 AU$ Gratuitous Financial Assistance to Pert

My name is Valeria, I am 31 years old. I am a professional trader. I was left alone with a small child, in maternity leave without means of subsistence with credits which I took for my husband on business development. My husband left, the loans remained. I learnt trading in order to earn a living. The training was successful, I have been trading on the currency market steadily for several years. But in the spring-summer of 2020 I lost a huge amount of money on oil and put the whole family in debt. Now I continue to work on the currency market, but the deposit is very small, not enough even to pay debts monthly. I dream of a deposit of $5,000, so that I can earn enough for both debts and food.

Hello, dear benefactors! I have a problem. I have health problems. I borrowed money for treatment. While undergoing treatment, I lost my job. I have only 46 thousand dollars left to pay back, but I have nowhere to borrow it. I need to repay the debt by the end of October, otherwise they will take away my computer – the only connection to the world. I ask your help. Phone number +79514153626 KIVI

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Australia's Charity Rankings

Assistance funds Type of organization Rating Average score Testimonials
1. UniHelp International Charitable Organisation Help for children
2. Dobra Tut Charitable Foundation Support for residential care homes
3. Belarusian Children's Fund "Republican Public Association" Help for children
4. Children's Aid Foundation "Chance" Help for children
5. Local charitable foundation "Soul Movement" Helping children and people in need
6. Venerable Euphrosyne of Polotsk Charitable Foundation Humanitarian assistance to all segments of the population
7. BlagoDarim Charitable Public Association Help for children
8. Search and Rescue Squad "Angel" Assistance in locating missing persons
9. Belarusian Children's Fund Help for children
10. Public organisation "Roads of Kindness" Helping those in need
11. Public organisation "Understanding" Help for children
12. Life Yes Charity Organisation Development of sports and assistance to elderly people living alone
13. White Stork Foundation for Children Help for children
14. Public organisation "Response" Protection of women and children
15. Charitable Foundation "Foundation for Mercy and Health" Helping those in need


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